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By Byron J. Richards, CCN
August 6, 2010

A new independent report, F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2010, makes it plain that America is in the midst of a rapidly expanding obesity epidemic. Obesity rates rose in 28 states in the past year. 38 states now have obesity rates above 25% and 8 states have rates above 30%. If health care costs are to be spread amongst all Americans then this is everyone’s problem.

This obesity epidemic has been brewing for years. Over the past few decades it has been fueled by a dysfunctional government food pyramid which allowed the sale of garbage-quality nutrition to millions of school children all for the absurd guaranteed profits of Big Food. As I have said for years, if you want to look like a pyramid then eat like a pyramid.

The obesity problem is complicated by multiple endocrine-disrupting compounds that permeate our environment and food supply. It is made worse by the addition of GMO toxic and mutated food into our food supply. And it is locked in place by an industry that knows quite well how to create brand addiction by stimulating the subconscious brain with a variety of unnatural chemicals in combination with salt, refined sugar, and fat. Every step of the way is corrupt government officials acting as gatekeepers for profits at the expense of human health.

The bottom line result is a society that is addicted to food garbage.

Meaningless government-sponsored public health proclamations tell people to eat less and exercise more. Even this trite advice apparently cannot be followed by the groups leading the pack of this problem (African Americans and Hispanics), because too many cannot afford to eat better or don’t know what good food is or do not have enough safe places to exercise.

Our government is on the take from the lobbies of Big Food, as they have been for over 100 years when they first completely perverted what should have been a beneficial FDA. The problems of government corruption have only become more entrenched and far worse as time has moved along. The EPA and USDA, like the FDA, have contributed their fair share to the adulteration/contamination of the American food supply.


At the same time our government, using the FDA as a police force bully, does everything in its power to prevent people from understanding how their metabolism works and how they can use dietary supplements, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise, to recover their metabolic fitness and health. Our government, under the influence of Big Food, tells everyone that the weight loss issue is only about eating less and exercising more. While these basics are fundamental to good health, especially if you are eating too much and not exercising, they are only part of the picture.

The real solution lies in improving metabolic efficiency. Everyone can understand that an elite athlete has a far superior ability to metabolize calories than an obese couch potato. It isn’t just that they are exercising more – it is that they have better metabolic function. There are a thousand shades of gray when it comes to metabolic function, ranging from very poor to very good. When calories go into your body it is the efficiency of your metabolic car engines that determines what happens to them.

Individuals can easily take steps to improve metabolic efficiency. The first thing any serious student of metabolism understands is that snacking is killing America. I explain the science of this basic concept in my books on leptin – the key hormone that comes out of your stored fat that is central to regulating your metabolic efficiency. If you don’t understand the ins and outs of leptin, then you are lacking in the basics of how your body works. While the subject is complex, I have distilled it down to five simple dietary rules that anyone can follow. Doing so significantly improves metabolic efficiency. The Five Rules of the Leptin Diet are:

Rule 1: Never eat after dinner.
Rule 2: Eat three meals a day.
Rule 3: Do not eat large meals.
Rule 4: Eat a breakfast containing protein.
Rule 5: Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten.

In addition to following these Five Rules, eating higher quality food, and consistently exercising, a person can add various dietary supplements that enhance the function of metabolism and the actual fitness of your fat. This opens the door for solutions to even stubborn weight management problems. There are no quick fixes or miracle pills to take – but there is a common sense path to a workable solution for most people.

It takes some hard work but anyone interested can make changes. Keep in mind, at the root of really difficult problems are true addiction issues. That means that if you are trying to lose weight you should completely avoid any branded flavor that you regularly eat, especially the addition of any sweetener whether natural or artificial.

It is completely impossible for Americans to pay for the health care costs of an obese nation. We either make changes as a group or face a rather dire future. The obesity epidemic is gaining momentum and with it comes a considerable loss of freedom.

If the government wants to help solve the problem they can start by cleaning up their own house, which is the stench in the FDA, EPA, and USDA – and then cleaning up our environment/food supply (including stopping all GMO foods) and cracking down on the addictive substances in Big Food’s junk food.

Americans should realize that at a policy level the FDA is actively conspiring against Americans to make us subservient to international laws and agreements that are not in the best interests of any freedom-loving American. This is being done regionally through the FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico and internationally through CODEX. Representatives of your government are actively brokering away our freedom for their own perverse profits and control-freak agendas. By the way – quality food is a major aspect of national security – ask any European.

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Unless Americans learn to cook real food and even how to grow food, we are headed in the direction of a culturally deficient nation. We don’t need to waste any more money telling people to exercise more and eat less.

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Byron J. Richards, Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, nationally-renowned nutrition expert, and founder of Wellness Resources is a leader in advocating the value of dietary supplements as a vital tool to maintain health. He is an outspoken critic of government and Big Pharma efforts to deny access to natural health products and has written extensively on the life-shortening and health-damaging failures of the sickness industry.

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Unless Americans learn to cook real food and even how to grow food, we are headed in the direction of a culturally deficient nation. We don’t need to waste any more money telling people to exercise more and eat less.