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By Byron J. Richards, CCN

October 1, 2008

Update 10-4-08 at the bottom of this article.

On Monday, Sept 29, the American public witnessed firsthand the utter ineptitude of the United States House of Representatives, hitting Main Street directly in the pocketbook. While leaders try to figure a way out of an impending economic crisis, it is now clear for everyone to finally see that we have an equal crisis in political leadership.

In my efforts to help secure health freedom for all Americans I have had a number of interactions with Congress in the past few years and have reached the following conclusions:
1) The Senate is made up of multi-millionaires who maintain power by accepting and granting favors. Those with large amounts of money, such as the Big Pharma lobby, mostly get what they want even though the American public is typically shafted in the arrangement. Senators don’t need their paychecks; they get high on brokering power and facilitating deals to the highest bidder, based on whichever political party is most in control and who their friends may be.
2) While the House has some entrenched multi-millionaires who operate like those in the Senate, most members of the House are not the cream of any crop and could not make as much money in the private sector as they are being paid by their position in the House of Representatives (which includes a retirement plan that would be the envy of every American). Most of these people desperately need their paychecks and will do almost anything to keep them coming.

Collectively, Congress behaves more like a high school click with a cult-like method of keeping its members in line, than representatives of the people.

As the House vote on the economic bailout plan failed, it was plain to see that the members of the House of Representatives, collectively speaking, are not very bright. Many smart people on Wall Street and Main Street were left scratching their heads. If the plan was not good enough to pass, then why didn’t they come up with a solution that could pass, rather than send a shock wave through an already teetering market?

The answer is two-fold. Collectively, they don’t have enough economic skills to come up with such a plan. Most of them could not run a successful business if their life depended on it, so how could we expect them to solve a real economic problem? And, an election is coming up and a majority of those in tight races put their position as members of the House ahead of everyone else in the country, self-serving to say the least but par for the course.

Our society has something terribly wrong. It is a dark day indeed when talking heads on business cable channels have far more average intelligence than the men and women being counted on to make tough leadership decisions for our country and take effective action.

Within the next 10 years, most likely sooner than later, a costly health care crisis will come front and center and threaten the U.S. economy at least as much as its current problems. Working on a solution based on identifying the actual problems would ease the pain, and give us time to implement better solutions than waiting until the last minute when hundreds of billions are then needed just to put a Band-Aid on a totally broken system. Like the current economic crisis, the handwriting is clearly on the wall. Unlike the current crisis, the taxpayer billions will simply be poured down a drain with no chance to recover anything. The problem is far more serious than either presidential candidate cares to acknowledge, as talking about it or how to actually solve it would cost lots of votes.

Big Pharma fraud is rampant and not only needlessly killing Americans on a daily basis, but racking up tens of billions of dollars in pointless taxpayer expense. Will the government bail out Big Pharma as its sales eventually collapse, putting taxpayers on the hook for more failed businesses? Millions of baby boomers, many of whom by choice have not taken good care of themselves, are entering the world of taxpayer-subsidized health care known as Medicare. The younger generations cannot possibly foot this bill. At the same time equally massive numbers of low income people, many of whom suffer from self-induced obesity, are clamoring to be covered by “socialized” health care. Once again, hard-working Americans cannot possibly foot this bill. Currently, middle class Americans can hardly afford health care for themselves and their families – much less pay for all the people wanting a free handout. Where is the money going to come from? The “rich” can’t pay for everything.

Where will our society draw a line between self-induced health care costs and the obvious need to cover individuals who experience serious accidents or medical problems beyond their control? Only in America can politicians talk about health care while successfully ignoring every elephant in the room. It is no surprise that the Big Pharma sponsored media gives them a free pass. Politicians certainly can’t upset seniors, baby boomers, or minorities – how could they win? Even worse, how can they stay in power? It is a sad comment on the decline of the moral fiber of a society when candidates pander to drooling constituents with a plethora of free handouts – rather than debating actual issues with all the cards and elephants on the table. We all need to be more productive, not more entitled.

Another aspect of this issue is that of health freedom, as your free access to dietary supplements and natural remedies teeters on the brink of extinction as CODEX, regional trade agreements, the FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter, and other “one world government” ideologies based on “free trade” that isn’t free at all threaten to undermine effective ways for you to take care of your own health.

Then we could talk about how big business has nearly destroyed the quality of our food supply. This scandal runs deep and has for decades. We have the makers of junk food. We have the mass market farming operations and food traders, which have destroyed family farms and communities, while massively polluting the environment. These companies are delivering disease-producing food to the American public and school lunch programs. I’ll bet you can’t wait to eat a cloned-meat hamburger.

We have chemical contamination of food with toxic and often experimental pesticides. We have the Frankenfood movement, which genetically alters food in a grand experiment on the nature of food itself – splicing toxins into the essence of the food that everyone is supposed to eat (all for the financial benefit of the biotech industry).

The FDA and EPA are puppet organizations, utter failures in protecting the public health, and little more than unelected government officials (often on the take) acting as economic gatekeepers for those wishing to sell toxic compounds as food or those wishing to further contaminate the environment.

These issues are intimately involved with the cause of cancer and heart disease in this country – and would cost billions to fix – yet must be fixed. Otherwise, we will end up spending the same billions on health care.

These are the kinds of issues we need government to solve, so as to improve the health of all Americans. We do not need any more stupid public health programs telling people to eat less and exercise more – everybody already knows that. Our government could help by having guidelines that force food companies to put real quality food on the table for Americans to eat, while banning the sale of disease-producing additives that permeate our current food supply – and doing its best to actually clean up our environment to get nasty pollution out of our food supply.

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Alas, all you need do is look at the ineptitude of Congress to solve any problem, even when it hits them in the face as a crisis, and you can see that you have little choice but to take your health and the health of your family into your own hands. Congressional “solutions,” at least those currently existing and those on the drawing board, will do little more than create another huge economic crisis while pitting Americans against Americans in class and generation warfare. Your best plan is to not need any healthcare because you are healthy. This requires a lot of hard work and doing the right things more often than not. There is no easy path to staying healthy as you age – but there is a path.

We already know those in Congress can point fingers; can they look in a mirror? Will any real leaders please stand up?

Updated on October 4, 2008
After the House and Senate passed the bailout, with the following:

It is anyone’s best guess if the Band-Aid bailout placed on America’s bleeding economy will provide enough temporary relief for Americans to get busy and work our ways out of this hole. The weak underlying fundamentals in our economy indicate this could be a couple of years of tough sledding.

You would think the very first priority of Congress would be to cut back unnecessary spending. Instead, we saw the Senate “solve” the gridlock in the House by turning the bill into a Christmas tree of favors to all their wealthy friends (as I mentioned above, that is how they operate). Every well-funded lobby in Washington had its hands held out, creating what turned out to be pork-barrel gone wild. Such a once in a lifetime package of handouts was clearly more than the House could resist.

A bill based on the merits of the issue was not passed. Instead, a 700 billion dollar taxpayer check was turned over to Henry Paulson. On Friday the New York Times reported that in 2004 Paulson, along with four of his other top banking friends, were responsible for manipulating the SEC into relaxing standards for the amount of money in a bank’s reserve that has directly caused this crisis. Bush confided in July, when he mistakenly thought he was not being recorded, “There's no question about it. Wall Street got drunk – that’s one of the reasons I asked you to turn off the TV cameras – it got drunk and now it's got a hangover.” And it was Bush, in 2006, who hired the drunken Paulson to be Treasury Secretary, the man who will now oversee the bailout.

I can’t help but mentioning the 100 billion dollar bailout given to Big Pharma as a totally unnecessary addition to this bailout. Big Pharma is an industry teetering on the brink of collapse from its own fraud and criminal behavior of many of its executives. It made me sick to my stomach as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle praised the Mental Health Parity addition to the financial bailout, presenting it as benevolent and helpful to the disadvantaged (what a joke). Over the next five years this will keep Big Pharma going, as they will be able to sell their injurious and deadly brain medications to elderly and children at taxpayer expense. 90% of Big Pharma sales are fraudulent, inflating the cost of health care for one and all. The Big Pharma lobby runs the Senate, so what would you expect.

The cancer within our government runs very deep. At the core of the disease are unelected bureaucrats in positions of financial power. Elected officials are all too eager to pass laws and delegate authority to people who have no right to be making the kinds of decisions they do. This cancer permeates the SEC, FDA, EPA, and most likely many other aspects of government. We used to call this the “revolving door,” when managers within these government agencies would do favors for those they are supposed to regulate and then go on to take high paying jobs in those companies later.

The cancer has spread and it is no longer just a revolving door, it has become a revolving chair. The head of the FDA is busy working deals for Big Pharma and Big Biotech while pretending to be interested in consumer safety and shooting consumers in the back on legal rights. The EPA management has cleansed itself of scientists daring to suggest the clean up of anything, like the perchlorate that injures babies across the country on a daily basis. And the Treasury Secretary will be doling out favors to all his drunken friends, while pretending to watch out for the tax payer. Scum no longer has to switch jobs, swiveling in a chair to a different phone is all that is required. Don’t count on Congress to investigate anything beyond a hand slap, as we would quickly discover the true Kings of the revolving chair.

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Collectively, Congress behaves more like a high school click with a cult-like method of keeping its members in line, than representatives of the people.