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By Dr. Judith Reisman
October 10, 2009

The recent effort by President Obama to force Mr. Kevin Jennings upon all our children as Safe Schools Czar brings to mind Eric Rofes cult status book, Reviving the Tribe: Regenerating Gay Men’s Sexuality and Culture (1996). Here, veteran gay activist, PhD, sexologist and “tribal” celebrity Rofes writes of homosexuality as a tribal union, a bachelorhood of men and men and men and boys.

For an excellent background and discussion of Mr. Jennings I suggest Professor of Political Science-Emeritus, University of Illinois-Urbana, Robert Weissberg’s recent essay “The Long March of Kevin Jennings” at this link.

The “triggering incident” to Jennings expose as well, a special interest pleader really fir pederasty “would be Weissberg notes, “that he once counseled a boy of 15 “in homosexual sex with an older man to wear a condom versus reporting the statutory rape to the police.”

I received several angry emails to an article I wrote, claiming that the injured boy was not 15 but 16, so his rape was legal in mad Massachusetts. Not so. Of course a lowered consent age is commonly indicative of a powerful homosexual lobby. However, the research finds it debatable still that age 18 was a male “consent age” while male sodomy was of course illegal until 2003. That teachers were, and are, mandated to report such crimes renders Mr. Jennings additionally culpable.

Without entering the statistical fray about higher or lower rates of crime, I agree with Dr. Weissberg that due to the current promotion of sexual deviance in society and by school sex “educators, “added policing is a “correct response” to safer schools.

Like most homosexual leaders on record, Rofes was early victimized by “soft pornography” and sexual abuse. He reports first sex at sixteen when he “kissed mouths crowned by moustaches.” Rofes, like Jennings, is a major advocate for “school sex education.”

Rofes says that “safe sex” workshops did not prevent AIDS and other STDs because, “[i]s it desirable for gay men facing a future filled with [….infection, illness, deformity and death….] suffering and loss to embrace survival above all else?" He writes that his “tribe” continues to practice unsafe (masochistic) sex.

Therefore Rofes says the “tribe” must “create forms of life that are worth living. An emphasis on quality of life, rather than length of life, may offer a modicum of hope….We need to ask "How can gay men create lives worth living?"

Good question and one equally appropriate for any bachelor group absent marriage to women, fathering of children and family protection as their genetic charge or dedicating ones life to God or other pietous value. Under the heading of “bachelorhood” the Reisman and Johnson research on “Partner Solicitation Language as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation,” compared the views of heterosexual versus homosexual bachelors on “marriage,” fidelity, monogamy, sexual violence and several other key variables.

Rofes’ analysis of a “life worth living” was in agreement with the findings from “In Search Of” advertisements in the Washingtonian (largely liberal, urban, white mainstream, upscale, heterosexual bachelors) and The Advocate (largely liberal, urban, white mainstream, upscale, homosexual bachelors).

A representative random sample of 10,292 “In Search Of” ads, (7,407 Advocates, and 2,885 Washingtonians) from 1988-1992, were coded for the same questions of men seeking companions. Five key variables coalesced: bachelors seeking 1) time-bound relationships, 2) non sexual activities, 3) prostitution, 4) sadism and 5) sex with a teen age male or female.

86% of heterosexual Washingtonian bachelors identified “time” in ads to meet versus 2% of Advocates. Nearly half of Washingtonians versus 3% of Advocates mentioned non-sexual hobbies or interests (supporting the finding of low “gay” commitment to a time-bound relationship).

5% of Washingtonians versus 63% of Advocates identified prostitution in their ads. Under one percent of Washingtonians versus 25% of Advocates publicly cited sadism preferences. Almost no Washingtonian ads sought teen-age-girls; 15% of Advocates sought teen-age-boys. This supported the historical, biographical, travel, film, novel, pornographic and self report data on homosexual suborning of sex with underage, immature youths.

These facts are all well known to bi/trans/homosexual communities. That a deviant culture, overwhelmed by erototoxic pornographies is breeding epidemic sexual brutality by men, women and children is a given. Encouraging sexual conduct by promoting bi/homo/transsexual or heterosexual experimentation among youths is inexcusable.

The facts should be known to parents, legislators, judges, educators, doctors, mental health professionals, television reporters and talk show hosts, counselors, and others examining the answer to Rofes’ question, "How can gay men create lives worth living?"

Historically, sodomy laws were enforced largely to protect society from public sex and boy solicitations—both easily carried out under archways and in parks. Instead, by brainwashing school children into the Kinsey fraud, that “one in ten of you” are biologically “bi/trans/homosexual” and the like, children are seduced into what Rofes calls a future of “infection, illness, deformity and death,” for which we pay millions in taxes and to which millions lose their children.

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In Reviving the Tribe, Rofes calls for “Sex Education for the New Millennium” during which, “Sodomy Emerges Victorious.” Kevin Jennings, mainlined the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Alliance (GLSEN) and similar “community” groups largely to attain these ends. We now have, says Weissberg, “some 2500 local chapters,” and “annual Days of Silence” allowed, in my view due to our impotent religo/conservative legal “threats of litigation.” Such legal failure has fueled the creation of a “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Month” as well as a “Transgender Day of Remembrance” as our justice system, conservative and liberal along with “school officials stand idly by.”

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Dr. Judith Reisman, The Institute for Media Education, has written frequently on Alfred Kinsey. She is the author of Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme and the soon to be released Kinsey’s Attic: How One Man’s Sexual Pathology Changed the World.n.











86% of heterosexual Washingtonian bachelors identified “time” in ads to meet versus 2% of Advocates. Nearly half of Washingtonians versus 3% of Advocates mentioned non-sexual hobbies or interests (supporting the finding of low “gay” commitment to a time-bound relationship).