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By Investigating Journalist Jon Rappoport
July 15, 2011


re: FDA NIDA Guidelines 2011
re: Food Safety Modernization Act 2011
re: S.1310 Dietary Supplement Labeling Bill 2011

I just finished interviewing brilliant constitutional lawyer, Jonathan Emord, on my radio show. Emord has taken the FDA to court and beaten them eight times. No other attorney in America comes close.

So when Jonathan talks, I listen.

And I can tell you that the government is coming after your nutritional supplements. Again.

The radio interview will be archived in a day or two:
Scroll down to The Jon Rappoport Show and you'll find it.

You need to listen to the hour of radio and get the link out there to anyone who has a pulse.

The new approach to killing natural health is through the bogus issue of “safety.”

There are three vectors in the attack—the recently passed Food Safety Law, new FDA regulations, and a bill now in committee sponsored by Dick Durbin.

They are all draconian. They use the issues of “good manufacturing practices” and “potentially unsafe ingredients.” The intention is to drive nutritional companies into the ground via a bureaucratic nightmare that involves inspections, charged fees, red tape, denying the use of many nutrients, and prosecutions.

Nutritional supplements are safest ingested products in the world. On the other hand, the pharma-system kills 106,000 Americans a year with its drugs. (See Starfield, JAMA, July 26, 2000, “Is US health really the best in the world?”)

In the next three years, you will see nutritional products disappearing from the shelves of your health food store, and then you will see a sudden escalation of that process, as funding for these government attacks swells.

The nutritional industry has been asleep at the wheel, scared, blithely wishful, and deferential to government regulators. It has displayed egregious weakness, and the FDA, which is an owned and operated subsidiary of the pharmaceutical business, has moved in for the kill—to eliminate its boss's competition.

The trade groups that represent the nutritional industry are the most idiotic, fawning, and ineffective bunch of lobbyists Washington has ever seen. To them I say: if I'm wrong, prove it.

The only rescue and hope is a sustained and very aggressive grass roots campaign launched by millions of Americans, who want free access and free choice when it comes to their health.

There is at least one online petition circulating. I believe the best way to go is the old-fashioned way: letters and phone calls. Not emails. When they can delete anything delivered online with a click, they feel nothing. When they have to deal with phone calls and postal carriers delivering tons of letters, they are inconvenienced to the point where they know something is happening to them.

Flood them.

Make yourself known to your representatives, the FDA, and the White House.

In 1994, this worked. I was there. Slicker methods of communicating don't necessarily mean better ways of communicating.

The difference between what I saw in 1994 and what I see now is the difference between a tiger on the move and a tiger asleep in a zoo cage.

We also need at least one nutritional company with deep pockets to pour finances into this campaign, and to enlist celebrities who care about natural health to step up to the plate and speak out. On television. Celebrities who will be listened to. It isn't just a Twitter world.

Get the link to the Emord radio interview and this article out there.

In the last 15 years, since the explosive and partially successful Health Freedom movement, the public has been trained in Being Nice. This is operant conditioning. This is useless.

If you want continued access to all the elements of natural health, if you want the marketplace to reflect your needs and concerns, if you want freedom of choice, instead of a corporate statism, in which drug-based medicine will be the all-embracing, all-ruling monopoly it intends to become—step up.

To the degree that the White House has claimed it is an advocate for health, it is a complete and utter fraud. The president should make it clear these new FDA regulations and the Durbin bill will never see the light of day. And the DOJ should take steps to declare major sections of the Food Safety Law unconstitutional. Sorry, but one organic vegetable garden on the lawn of the White House is not enough.

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But don't hold your breath waiting for the federal government to bail us out.

If you're a consumer of nutritional supplements, write to those companies you buy from and ask them directly what they plan to do about this attack. Demand answers. And don't settle for “our lobbyists and trade organizations handle this for us.” That's like saying “we have no answer.” Make it clear that as someone who spends dollars on their products, you expect action now—otherwise, you'll take your business elsewhere.

If you know, or have connections to, celebrities who are advocates of natural health or rely on nutritional supplements, make every effort to contact them and alert them that their help is needed. Athletes are included as celebrities—many of them rely on supplements for health and performance.

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He is the is author of several books, including The Secret Behind Secret Societies and The Magic Agent (a novel).

Jon is the author of a new course for home schoolers, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS.


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There are three vectors in the attack—the recently passed Food Safety Law, new FDA regulations, and a bill now in committee sponsored by Dick Durbin.




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