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By Investigating Journalist Jon Rappoport
February 22, 2011

There are many Americans who consider themselves citizens of the world. They are horrified at the idea that America should look out for its own interests.

Well, citizens of the world, consider this possibility—the current demonstrations and riots in the Middle East are not only being orchestrated by people who have no desire for democracy, the protests are being overestimated by the press and tied together as one linked wildfire.

Why? There are a number of agendas at work, but one is surely: raise oil prices. Then, claim that “alternative energies” are competitive in price, and bring on cap and trade and all sorts of “green solutions.”

This movement will pretend, against all evidence, that green energy can save and fuel the planet—and in the aftermath, the real wildfire will be an upsurge in planetary poverty and death, as it becomes apparent that solar, wind, geothermal are vastly inadequate.

Meanwhile, actual energy alternatives will go begging. Among them, decades-old forestalled plans to place turbines in hundreds of coastal inlets and let tidal water create electricity.

The present gushing about the awakening of the sleeping giant in the Middle East, and ensuing democracy, is a straight-out con. It's a fable for naïve kiddies.

What's happening in the Middle East now is a series of moves on the chessboard, designed to hasten the day when all planetary resources, under the rubric of necessity, will be allocated and dispensed from a central point.

European governments and their populations are more ready for this kind of control than America is. They already have many years of socialism behind them. Obama's appointed task is to soften up the US for this future. Given the agenda, he's done well in his first term. Quite well. He has a number of useful idiots working on his behalf, most of whom believe he is their man, because he expresses sentiments they agree with. What he doesn't express is the declining arc we are taking. He keeps that picture in his pocket.

To be fair, Obama follows in a long line of presidents who've been in the same camp. He isn't the first, by any means.

“Citizens of the world” are being used to further the agenda of global management. They are being played. Their earnest desire for a more humane world is being deployed to create the fiction of a Middle East yearning for democracy, and this is in turn is the cover story for continuing to ratchet up the price of oil.

For at least the last 60 years, it's been apparent that we've needed a real Manhattan Project to develop sources of American energy independent of the Middle East. Such a Project could only have been led by a US president. But it's never happened. Even though it would have been wildly popular with American voters, it's never happened. The federal government has subsidized the oil and nuclear industries in many ways, to the tune of a trillion dollars—but developing real, cheap, clean, and broadly available energy breakthroughs has been a non-starter.


Isn't it because having a choke hold on oil provides a way to control the planet? Cheap, expensive, available, restricted—whipsawing the population with this weapon is a winner for elite globalists.

The current riots throughout the Middle East are just one more sub-strategy in the overall plan. They provide a pretext for the next jump in oil prices.

Democracy in the Middle East? Are you kidding? We don't even have democracy in the US. We have a form of mobocracy being guided by corporate/banking/government forces. And democracy, of course, is already a gross distortion of the Republic and constitutional government. So let's not get crazy here.

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The yearning for self-rule that exists in the minds of some people in the Middle East will be ground under, like rocks, by the steamroller of a newer version of autocracy.

If the scientific sham called global warming can't convince everyone that we need to attack the world's industrial base, then escalating oil prices will.

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Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize early in his career, Jon has published articles on medical fraud, politics, alternative health, and sports in LA Weekly, CBS Healthwatch, Spin, Stern, and other magazines and newspapers in the US and Europe.

He is the is author of several books, including The Secret Behind Secret Societies and The Magic Agent (a novel).

Jon is the author of a new course for home schoolers, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS.


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The current riots throughout the Middle East are just one more sub-strategy in the overall plan. They provide a pretext for the next jump in oil prices.




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