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By Investigating Journalist Jon Rappoport
January 7, 2011

Some nights even six or seven martinis don't help them.

In their dreams, they imagine a sudden rise in the numbers of free people who know they're free and act like they're free and think like they're free.


People like this would be bad for business.

And what business would that be? Answer: people needing government to keep them from maiming and stealing from and killing each other.

Because, well, free people who know they're free don't steal and maim and kill. They have better things to do, and they have an innate moral sense.

Very bad dream for leaders. They're not invited to that freedom party. They're not needed. They're out in the cold with their frozen hearts and the rain is falling.

“If these monstrous free people grow in numbers, who knows what could happen to us? We'd be useless. We might have to look for jobs sweeping floors.”

I think, deep down, our leaders dream about these things. They shiver now and then in their sleep, as the consequences of freedom spool out in their minds.

And in their dreams, they hear voices, too:

“What were the Founders after? What were they driving at? The creation of a new federal government for its own sake was not really the point. The point was to invent a government that would be so limited it would stand aside for freedom. The genius was not the government the Founders constructed; it was the fact that the government they constructed would not impinge on personal liberty.”

More nightmare. Perspiration breaks out. Guilt floods in.

They also dream about the people discovering certain unpleasant truths--

All the business about political correctness, which is drawing around us like a syrupy cloud, is really nothing more than behavior modification designed to make the people accommodate themselves to a landscape of conformity. A way of making the loss of freedom seem acceptable—and substituting, instead, inoffensive groveling manners.

“I hope to God the people don't figure that one out.”

More sweat on the leader's face as he turns from side to side.

Sometimes, leaders dream about stories they've read in the papers. They're hoping these stories fly under the public radar--

For instance, in California, 80 cents of every tax dollar in the state budget goes into paying public (government) employees' salaries and benefits and pensions. This is government by the government for the government of the government. Despite the passage of a balanced-budget amendment demanding that the state spend no more than it takes in, the legislators in Sacramento keep pounding away at higher and higher budgets, as if they have no constraints upon them.

Our leaders, as they sleep, also dream about what they have turned into:

The deception of government giving everything to everybody comes clear. It was all a ruse. It was a pretense of altruism, a shell around narcissistic avarice.

“We can't keep preaching to the people like little popes on our thrones. We can't keep advancing plans for 'paradise'. It's all coming apart at the seams!”

Every sucker reaches a point where he becomes aware of the big con. The coins being tossed from the limousine as it cruises by, on the way to the castle, are no consolation. The game is up.

The political promise of Christmas on Earth has dirty coattails as the money runs out.

“No one had that Christmas in mind at all. We were simply buying off the people as long as we could.”

Now the bedsheets are soaked in sweat.

They dream about what happens as the system breaks down, and the people who know what real freedom is start to nullify the artificial context of big government like a bad play on Broadway:

Take down the lights, collapse the stage flats, expose the girders, dismiss the actors and the stagehands, shut the theater.

That's what nullification is. Cancel the illegal laws that built the bad stage play in the first place—revert back to the original set-up: the law of the land.

Then freedom exists inside a framework of freedom. Things fit.

Now the leader wakes up in the dark. He's crazed. He doesn't know what to do. He turns on the TV. A news head is droning about trillions of government debt and states going broke.

The leader wants to go back to sleep, but he's afraid of what he might dream next.

Worst of all, he might dream about his own lost freedom, the thing he once felt in the middle of his mind like a great dawn, the thing he left by the side of the road in his quest to learn how to deceive the people.

What about that?

Where did that feeling of freedom go? Where is it buried?

“And if I could call it back, what would I think about myself now, in this lunatic capitol city, gliding through days like a ghost talking to other ghosts, fattening calf after calf for the slaughter?”

Finally, the droning TV puts the leader back to sleep. And this time, he dreams he's sitting in his doctor's examination room, and the doc is shaking his head.

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“Your condition's serious,” he says. “That fake generosity thing you've been working all these years? It's gone. You've got no protection left. You're exposed. The strange thing is, I can't find your soul, either. The MRI shows a blank. I'm going to write you a prescription. Take three Tom Paines and call me in the morning. You might wake up screaming. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered...”

Soon after, in the night, like a siren, the screaming begins.

� 2011 Jon Rappoport - All Rights Reserved

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Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize early in his career, Jon has published articles on medical fraud, politics, alternative health, and sports in LA Weekly, CBS Healthwatch, Spin, Stern, and other magazines and newspapers in the US and Europe.

He is the is author of several books, including The Secret Behind Secret Societies and The Magic Agent (a novel).

Jon is the author of a new course for home schoolers, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS.


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I think, deep down, our leaders dream about these things. They shiver now and then in their sleep, as the consequences of freedom spool out in their minds.




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