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By Investigating Journalist Jon Rappoport
August 30, 2010

A hundred years ago, in America, an old idea was given new legs:

Help everybody.

It seemed like a simple premise, even if its implications would eventually shred every sentence in the Constitution, like a worm eating paper.

Most of the proponents of this idea have experienced a jolt of personal adrenaline from it—as in, “Why didn’t I think of this before, why was I so focused on Me, why did I imagine my small mind was more important than the collective mind, of course this why we’re all here on planet Earth.”

Good for them.

And of course, who would carry the freight of this grand “help everybody” premise? Government. No other body or institution would be up to the task.

Much of the growth of government over the last century has involved burgeoning bureaucracies whose purpose is to do good. Help everybody.

Now, that gigantic expansion is running into a brick wall.

The federal government and state governments can’t pay for the cost of saving every soul.

If you look at California and Illinois, you’ll see the state governments were in big financial trouble long before the financial meltdown of 2008. So were other states. And the budget woes of the feds have been the stuff of legends since the 1950s.

The point is simple. If you expect to give everything to everybody, it’s wise to add up the price tag, project future outlays, and check your bank account.

And if tax increases form the basis of your strategy, you’d also better nail down the percentage of wages you’ll eventually have to extract from working people. 50%? 60%? 70%?

It’s just common sense.

But almost nobody in government wanted to face that.

And now we’re here.

We’re at the crossroads where doing good for everybody and bankruptcy meet at the OK Corral.

But of course, when the army of “help everybody” plus those who are given the free stuff discover their system is irretrievably broken, they don’t like it.

They don’t care that there is no money to pay for “services.”

And what about the architects of this dream of endless financial altruism? What do they think?

The architects think the grand solution, up the road from here, is going to be a complete revamping of the present money system. That’s what they envision as the Final Bailout.

And not just in America. Everywhere.

They imagine, in other words, a permanent globalist intervention that will have repercussions far beyond a new form of money.

The means of production and distribution of goods and services will come under an umbrella of Central Planning. For the planet.

Whatever new incarnation money takes will flow from that superstructure of Central Planning. It will envelop the Earth and usher in a new age of Justice for All.

Therefore, in the meantime, borrow, borrow to pay the interest on the first loan, borrow wherever you can. Fall deeper into debt, it doesn’t matter. The cavalry is over the hill and they’re coming.

It has to come, because the noblest motive is Help Everybody, and nothing else really matters.

These architects are waiting until they think the present crisis is cutting deep enough—so that few people will object to a massive reorganization of society.

In such a society, individual freedom will be a word that is severely tempered by “what is best for everybody.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing signs of this shift for a long time. And I’ve noticed that in back of every sign is the same rationalization: “the common good.”


When I search the Constitution for evidence that this is what the Founders wanted, I don’t find any.

When I look around at society, I see more and more people who look to the government to save their souls. So why don’t senators and Congressmen and presidents just don the robes of priests and get it over with? Why don’t they burn incense and candles on Capitol Hill and in the White House and chant mantras for The Special and Sacred Cosmology of Everybody?

Let’s stop pretending.

As the Help Everybody mantra spread through the ever-growing bureaucracy of government, certain individuals inside the bureaucracy saw the mantra as a way to advance their careers. Individuals like Reid, Pelosi, Obama, for example. They could merge doing good with personal power. They didn’t even have to think about the difference between “my power” and “the good.” The two became One. When the occasion demanded, they could turn on either spigot.

They could sense the mantra growing and expanding, until it became “the idea whose time has come.” Then they could feel the thrill of riding that wave to victory.

“Help everybody get everything all the time” is now a bona fide religion, and it is omnipresent in government. The Founders may have been able to curtail the formation of a state religion when they wrote the Constitution, but they couldn’t stop the growth of this disguised religion.

Let’s use an acronym for the “help everybody get everything all the time” religion. HEGEAT. Bow down to the Faith.

There are certain principles or instructions or corollaries that flow from the basic premise of HEGEAT:

Give special privileges to those who may have been denied help in the past.

Allot special status to those who need the most help.

Take from those who don’t need help and give to those who do need help. Take as much as possible.

Exhibit tolerance without limit to those who are labeled as victims—even if they aren’t really victims. Extend this tolerance to those victims who want to destroy nations, because that impulse toward destruction arose only because they were denied, at some point, getting everything for nothing.

Offer as much free stuff as possible to those who emigrate to any given nation. There aren’t really any nations anymore. There are only places that are able to give more free stuff or less free stuff.

The priesthood of HEGEAT may offer everything and anything to populations, while at the same time leveraging this charity into a form of control.

If the ability of HEGEAT to keep giving free stuff diminishes because there is no money left to pay for it, change the game. Invent a new form of money that will allow the giveaway to continue.

Insist, despite advancing technology that can produce more with less energy, that there is only a finite amount of resources on the planet—and therefore the allocation of these finite resources must emanate from HEGEAT Central Planning, the spiritual headquarters of Earth.

Consider all business self-centered and self-absorbed and greedy and the enemy of HEGEAT. Find new and better ways to limit the ability of businesses to make and sell their products and services. Of course, in the long run, this strategy will severely curtail the capacity to give everybody everything all the time, but that situation is solved by redefining what is possible and lowering expectations.

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On and on and on, keep saying, “Children are our best hope.” And use any and all means to keep giving children Everything, because that will surely make them feel good about themselves, even if they haven’t earned or achieved anything. Just by being, by existing, the kids deserve everything that can be doled out to them. To make sure the children grow up to be all they can be, interfere at every turn with what their parents believe is the best way to raise them. Socially engineer, medicate, diagnose, protect, award, graduate, coach, monitor, celebrate, and elevate children.

In every way possible, induce amnesia on the subject of the FREE AND POWERFUL INDIVIDUAL.


� 2010 Jon Rappoport - All Rights Reserved

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Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize early in his career, Jon has published articles on medical fraud, politics, alternative health, and sports in LA Weekly, CBS Healthwatch, Spin, Stern, and other magazines and newspapers in the US and Europe.

He is the is author of several books, including The Secret Behind Secret Societies and The Magic Agent (a novel).

Jon is the author of a new course for home schoolers, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS.


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When I look around at society, I see more and more people who look to the government to save their souls. So why don’t senators and Congressmen and presidents just don the robes of priests and get it over with?



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