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By Debra Rae
October 18, 2014

Laughable Legends Turned Lethal

The teller and listeners accept as likely, or plausible, even the fictional narrative of a good legend.[1] Arising from within a specific tradition of indoctrination, a convincing, evolving legend gains notoriety until, over time, its credence becomes nonnegotiable. In the case of political correctness, value-free, culturally inclusive, and gender-neutral language is memorialized in the Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook (1993).

Often laughable, politically correct (PC) terminology boosts bias favoring some veiled agenda that propels it. For example, a dead person is distinguished as “an environmentally-correct human” and a delicatessen, “a corpse farm.”[2] Unfortunately, the practice of sacrificing common sense on the altar of political correctness can turn lethal whenever folks accede to fantastical delusion—this, by: abandoning traditional ideals and moral law, forfeiting sound knowledge and principles gleaned from history, favoring appeasement, and embracing legends.

Abandoning Ideals and Moral Law

America’s founding fathers embraced transcendent ideals of law and liberty drawn from the ancient history of Israel, coupled with New Testament doctrine. In short, founders learned from the past—morally, ethically, and religiously. They understood that, whenever evil wins, it is by moral failure of those who compromise basic principles (Ayn Rand). History is replete with examples of entire nations weakened by compromise and moral failure.

Nazi Germany comes to mind. All recognize evil perpetrated by Adolph Hitler, but Hajj Amin Al-Husseini is less well known. It was he, who transported Europe’s Nazi genocide into the post-war Middle East. His brand of anti-Semitic, jihad-propelled, pan-Arab utopianism takes form in perpetual Islamic governance—that is to say, “One Arab-Muslim-dominated State under Sharia Law.” The brand of Islamic autocracy and imperialism espoused by the Führer’s Mufti typifies that of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda. Theirs is a holy (literally, bloody) war waged behind the unlikely, but amazingly effective mask of “tolerance.”[3]

Forfeiting Knowledge

Diversity is touted as tolerance designed to wipe out (1) Western culture defined by Judeo-Christian ethic and (2) national sovereignty, worldwide system of checks and balances based on nation-states. Democratic Socialists of America agree that “now is the time to press for subordination of national sovereignty to democratic transnationalism” (Eco-Socialist Review, Summer 1991). What more effective way than by means of the Diversity Visa program whereupon applicants from around the globe participate in an annual, random lottery?

Place of birth matters not; contestants quality from more than a dozen of the State Department’s officially earmarked, terror-enabling countries. Lucky winners in the tens of thousands snag green cards—i.e., permanent residency visas—toward securing American citizenship for themselves, their spouses, and unmarried children under the age of twenty-one. If a legal family member wins the jackpot, even illegal relatives share the prize.[4]

Lottery winners from “underrepresented” countries enter our country unimpeded and join some six thousand, possibly dangerous and currently unaccounted for foreign students. To disregard this fact is to float adrift in the sea of life minus the safety vest of common sense. Indeed, those who grasp the coveted Diversity Visa may well be terrorists and/or human catalysts for communicable diseases. Nonetheless, out of injudicious compassion for child aliens—some with communicable diseases—folks downplay the clear-and-present danger of wholesale open borders.[5]

In the interest of multiculturalism, common sense is sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Practical and medically sound policies that deter human-to-human transmission of blood and bodily fluids—i.e., enforced isolation (quarantine), sterilization, and protective gear—take backseat to an aggressive agenda destined to transform our country fundamentally.[6] While vigilant citizens stock up on facemasks and hand sanitizers, the PC crowd coddles a deadly plague—that of political correctness. In some ways, PC leniency poses greater threat to our nation than Ebola.

Ignoring Principles Gleaned from History

The 18th century statesman Edmund Burke wisely reminded us, “Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.”[7] Sadly, in the name of political correctness, we’re urged to ignore and/or skew history. Although no comparable word for democracy even exists in Arabic (the language of the Qur’an), President Obama thanks Muslims for “building the very fabric of our nation, in part responsible for the core of our democracy.”[8], [9] When the late, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto addressed Hillsdale College (September of 2002), she explained that America symbolizes modernity, diversity, and democracy—all among “the worst fears” of Islamic fundamentalism.

Despite evidence to the contrary,[10] Americans are enjoined to honor Islam as a tolerant, peaceful religion on a par with Christianity. Anti-defamation policies ignore non-Muslims, whom the Qur’an fingers as “the worst of creatures,” while indulging Muslims, whom the Qur’an exalts as “the best of people ever raised up.”[11]

How quickly one forgets that, from the 1930s on, radical pan-Arabism introduced Nazism into the Middle East—its legacy being totalitarian, socialistic governments, coupled with persecution of the Jewish minority. The word, “conciliatory,” contradicts central Islamic belief. This is demonstrated in demand for “death to the Jews” after the Arab Revolt (1936-1939) and, more recently, in the ISIS ultimatum to Iraqi Christians facing short-order expulsion from Mosul, huge fines, or death as infidels.

In tenor with the President’s PC claims, glossy tracts I gathered at an Islamic booth at our WA State Fair affirm, “The Glorious Qur’an says … take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law.” Slaying another is justified [only] “for murder or for spreading mischief in the land.” The tract further denounces compulsion in religion and insists that Islam prohibits a Muslim from forcing others to see his point of view.

These tracks conveniently omit reference to the Islamic Doctrine of Abrogation that rescinds earlier, conciliatory revelation in favor of non-harm for later revelation sanctioning harm. With tongue-in-cheek, David Wood reasons, “We don’t burn the Holy Qur’an because offended Muslims might go on a killing spree.“ But our military does burn Holy Bibles in war zones. Why? Because offended Muslims might go on a killing spree. Go figure.

The PLO makes no secret of its source of inspiration—namely, the Grand Mufti al-Husseini. Once on the Nazi payroll, Hitler’s ally reportedly urged SS guards to increase diligence in their work of extermination at Auschwitz. Today, the grandson of the Führer’s Mufti (Faisal Husseini) is the PLO’s top figure in east Jerusalem. His brand of Islamic autocracy and imperialism mirrors that of Hamas (whom former President Jimmy Carter would have us to “legitimize”).[12] Equally disturbing, Obama refuses to use the term "jihadist" to describe Muslims whose expressed intent is to kill us.

Favoring Policies of Appeasement

Astoundingly, Obama considers it part of his responsibility as President of the United States to ignore clear facts of history in “his fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” The United States, he adds, is not, and never will be, at war with Islam. Forget that Islamic Jihadists have declared war on us. To this, we turn a blind eye.[13]

Just as the British policy of appeasement furthered Al-Husseini’s murderous campaigns, contemporary policies effectively clear the way for radical Islam’s global march whereby, in alarming numbers, Middle Eastern Christians are being murdered; and women and young girls are kidnapped, raped, and enslaved.

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Appeasement simply doesn’t work. Now Libya is a safe haven for terrorists from Northern Africa to Syria, and jihadist militants control America’s deserted embassy in Tripoli. Some eleven stolen passenger jets are likely to be used in deadly ways. Indeed, Obama’s cordiality toward the Muslim Brotherhood and his removing stabilizing American troops from Iraq have emboldened ISIS, which boasts an even better position than al-Qaeda had in 2001. Disturbingly, many Obama-aided rebels against Bashar al-Assad are al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliated.

Embracing Fairy Tales as Fact

Seattle’s Islamic Presentation and Invitation Center points the proverbial finger at “exalted councils that choke millions of civilians to death by wielding the insidious weapon of sanctions.” Never mind beheadings of journalists and aid workers; sanctions are the real crimes against humanity.[14] By waving the white flag of surrender to such nonsense, gullible pawns of “collective opinion” face increased risk of deadly terrorism and perhaps even pandemics of biblical proportion. This is hardly the stuff of “happily ever after.”

� 2014 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved


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Having authored the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural -Isms, Debra speaks to Christian and secular groups alike. Her radio spots air globally. Presently, Debra co-hosts WOMANTalk radio with Sharon Hughes & Friends and hosts TRUTHTalk radio, plus she contributes monthly commentaries to a number of Internet news magazines. Debra calls the Pacific Northwest home.

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America’s founding fathers embraced transcendent ideals of law and liberty drawn from the ancient history of Israel, coupled with New Testament doctrine. In short, founders learned from the past—morally, ethically, and religiously.