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By Debra Rae
February 7, 2014

In working their New Year’s resolutions, many ponder what 2014 will look like for their families, state, nation, and world. Prognostications are indicators, imperfect ones at that; but evidence backs reasoned forecasts. Carl Teichrib of Forcing Change fame compiled a tangible list of 2014 religious, geo-political, and socio-economic change events that, in essence, provide a sort of road map to the future.[1]

US of A

Stateside, midterm rounds of the 2016 election will clarify American political sentiment, rendering US politics somewhat predictable. With foreclosures declining, 2014 will mark the first time since the housing market's collapse for growth to reach the three percent mark (historically, a dividing line). No one predicts herculean growth, but stocks (as usual) are expected to rise by eight- to ten- percent.[2]

The budget deal signals no government shutdowns, but the debt ceiling will need to be raised; and partisan spin over the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, and unemployment benefits will continue. Time will tell if the Tea Party wins the Republican Civil War.[3]

With roll out of the first round of widespread Common Core-aligned testing, Massive Open Online Classes, and huge overhauls for AP and GED exams, the potential remains for high-profile cheating scandals.[4] Significant Supreme Court cases will determine use of sectarian prayers at civic events and free exercise of religion threatsposed by the Affordable Care Act.[5]

2-Pronged Global Thrust

Ours is an increasingly united, albeit complex world. Some accept that US engagement with Iran, coupled with the chemical-weapons deal with Syria, will reduce threat of a broader Middle Eastern war. In fact, 2014 is overly optimistically, yet officially earmarked a Year for Middle East Peace.[6] Moreover, 2014 launches a decade of “sustainable energy for all.” Conferences, summits, forums, events, and vigils worldwide will emphasize co-existence, human-nature co-evolution, regional security, and partnerships.[7]

• Common Good

Consistently, our shared future prioritizes the common good, but not without a fight. In April, Australia will host the largest Marxist conference and film festival ever. Complete with a School of Rebellion, featuring radical coursework for kids, Marxism 2014 will showcase the New Revolutionary Left.[8] Similarly, the Chicago district of the International Socialist Organization will sponsor Socialism 2014, a summer conference to bolster activism on behalf of unions, the LGBT community, Native Americans, and Palestinians.[9] In Oxford an annual conference of the Globalization for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) promises to temper hostilities by introducing interfaith spirituality and “wisdom” teachings.[10]

Global Governance and World Parliament

Through major economic-transformation and religious-dialogue change events, leaders from Kazakhstan will work hard to transform its capital (Astana) into a wannabe mecca for internationalism.[11] The end goal is global governance, whether accomplished by consent or conquest.[12]

Through the Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance, new macroeconomic realities will emerge.[13] This June, Dublin and Istanbul will host academic gatherings to sort out security and economic challenges to world federalism—for example, inadequacies of the International Monetary Fund, the G8, and the G20.[14] At the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia, heads-of-state and ministerial-level representatives from the top twenty world economies will push global trade agreements and International Monetary Fund reform. Escalating “hacktivism” will justify need for global soft law that effectively trumps national constitutions.[15]

Turkey’s annual meeting of the Academic Council on the UN System, a professional research organization will assess the current health and vitality of global governance.[16] Come spring, thousands will gather in Columbia to explore the role of major urban centers; young professionals in Rio de Janeiro will address Latin American issues; and South Koreans will strengthen international environmental management.[17] Thereafter, a Global Week of Action for a World Parliament will lobby aggressively for world government designed around a democratically elected, international parliamentary system.[18]

• Global Commons

A United Nations trusteeship, the Global Commons includes outer space, the atmosphere, non-territorial seas, and environmental systems that support life. Freedom therein is said to bring ruin to all; therefore, radical environmentalists demand stiff enforcement of international law. Among advocates of ocean governance include presidents, princes of Wales and Monaco, and dignitaries from Nature Conservancy, the UN Environment Program me, the World Bank, and International Union for the Conservation of Nature.[19]

This summer, the world’s largest social science research network is scheduled to meet in Norwich, UK to relate human rights, risks, and responsibilities to global food and water, climate and economic systems.[20] In Thailand, the Sustainable Development Conference will consider strategies for global environmental management.[21] While inspiring and preparing leaders to meet unprecedented ethical challenges, Seattle’s Hope for the Common swill advance sustainable relationship between humans and the planet.[22]

Religious Reconciliation (Syncretism) and Transformation

Today’s “inner voice of humanity” purportedly begs for “a pure moment of one” whereby the clear boundary between physics and metaphysics is obliterated; and scientific study of the universe (cosmology) defers to its worship (cosmolatry). In ritualistically re-aligning with natural and cosmic cycles, the global transformation festival movement—with Wiccan, pagan, New Age, and eco-feminist influences—encourages primordial awakening.

In supposedly sacred outdoor spaces, illumined participants will experience transcendence within psychedelic, or visionary-mystical organic communities. Earth-honoring encounters will invite a new reality—namely, rising into one’s own divinity (self-god). Creative, sometimes clothes-optional encounters will feature techno-music, ecstatic (trance) dance, yoga, co-creation exercises, “prayer-formances and share-imonies.”

A standard-bearer of transformation events, the Burning Man inspires similar festivals worldwide.[23] Examples include the Rainbow Serpent (Australia),[24] Tribal Gathering (Panama),[25] Wisdom 2.0 and PantheaCon (North America),[26] and BOOM (Portugal).[27]

Global Internet Governance

This year in Tianjin, China, the World Economic Forum will host the foremost global gathering on science, technology, and innovation. For this Annual Meeting of the New Champions, some 1,500 young, professional “global shapers” will join governmental leaders, key members of academia, economic gurus, and representatives from strategic foundations;[28] and Brazil will host officials to hammer out rules for the international digital age.[29]

International Law and Justice

Promise of a new world order cannot be left to chance. Collective wisdom must be pooled to ensure international law and human rights for all—including (more accurately, favoring) Indigenous peoples, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgendered and intersex folks, queers, the 2-spirited and/or questioning crowd along with their allies. Scheduled conferences in New York,[30] France,[31] and Ontario[32] will draw together high-powered diplomats, politicians, and leaders within faith communities to apply pluralism to a reformed legal framework, globally.

Evolutionary Transhumanism

In a world where hugely popular fantasy movies hold captive audiences, the dream of human-machine integration thrives. Cutting-edge futurists would morph the vision of a perfect man into a post-human,human-machine complex. Enabling complete control over mind and emotions, eternally young and healthy demigods experience novel states of consciousness. To study extreme life extension, and even the directed evolutionary revolution of becoming a new species, cultural trendsetters—futurists, transhumanists, and immortalists—will gather throughout 2014 for events in San Francisco,[33] Orlando,[34] and London.[35]

Green Consciousness

Passage of Agenda 21,[36] the Rio Declaration,[37] and the Convention on Biological Diversity[38] at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit[39] mobilized shift from man-centric realities to earth-centric values. Inescapably linked to eco-religion, Green consciousness leverages social change.[40] For exploring interplay between science and spirituality,the Hindu Environment Week will serve as a launching pad for a united world response.[41]

In March, Focus on the Future in San Jose, Costa Rica, will empower agents of change to affect values, ethics, and behaviors.[42] Toward this end, UNESCO is sponsoring an invitation-only World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Okayama, Japan to address climate change, biodiversity, and disaster risk reduction.[43] Thereafter, the UN Climate Change Conference will convene in Lima, Peru. This pressure-cooker event will lead to a highly charged global management framework—specifically, a 2015 Kyoto successor treaty.[44]

Sustainable Economics

At the January World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the planet’s most influential leaders from government, business, industry, finance, and banking met with civil society and academia in the effort to reshape our world.[45] In its wake, global management tools are being refined and applied to the value of “social wealth”;[46] and an academically-based, pro-socialist/ Marxist Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences will address global economics in light of sustainable development goals set by the UN.[47] New York’s UN Climate Summit 2014 will be an intense one-day conference to activate the global Green Climate Fund, a holding/lending institute poised to elevate the United Nation's political clout.[48]

Earth Day Eco-justice[49]

To identify solutions and then tackle global crisis, the International Conference on Sustainable Alternatives for Poverty Reduction and Ecological Justice will meet in Madagascar, and Strategies for Hope will convene in Belgium. Campaigns for global wealth redistribution, climate change, and eco-justice will provide needed groundwork for leading up to Earth Day on Lenin’s birthday, April 22.[50] Toward global transformation, Earth Day will be celebrated as a show of the Marx-Leninist concept of “earning one’s keep on Planet Earth.”

In the words of the first secretary-general of UNESCO, Julian Huxley (1957): “Operationally, God is beginning to resemble … the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat.” Indeed, Social and ecological justice necessitates a “new story” of our origins, culture, values, and beliefs.

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Prophetic Link

Change events should come as no surprise.[51] Last-day theology is a major theme throughout the poetic books,[52] major- and minor- prophets,[53] Pauline- and general- epistles,[54] gospels,[55] and the book of Revelation. Signs of the times are as birth pangs—ever increasing in intensity.[56] They are earmarked by political-economic upheavals,[57] armed conflicts engaging nuclear weaponry,[58] racial unrest,[59] drug abuse,[60] breakdown of the earth’s ecosystem (natural calamities),[61] consensus (political correctness),[62] and totalitarian world order[63] enforced in the bogus name of peace, but destined to mass destruction.[64]

Religious deception (Earth worship and self-god delusion)[65] will spring from animosity toward, and undermining of,biblical ethics[66] —thereby resulting in abounding lawlessness,[67] even persecution.[68] Though with access to limitless information,[69] clueless global citizens will eschew Truth;[70] and unwary believers will apostatize. In a race toward World War 3, Israel takes center stage.[72]

Bleak as this picture is, those with “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” will overcome. Theirs is “a more sure word” to which all have open access. “Whosoever will” may take the road to transformation on God’s terms; and now is as good a time as any.[73]

� 2014 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved


1. Carl Teichrib. Forcing Change, Volume 7, Issue 12! December 2013. Please note: Endnotes are drawn from this online publication.
2. Along with the recovery in real estate pricing, home improvement and new home building are reviving. Each new home built creates about three new jobs, and new construction is expected to exceed 1 million units for the first time since the crisis. More borrowers are qualifying for loans as business and consumer balance sheets strengthen.
3. If interest rates don't rise too far and fast, the economy will continue to improve. Unemployment is declining, but prospects aren't comforting for The Affordable Care Act. If 15 percent of the economy runs through health care, then 15 percent of GDP is in chaos. The consensus among forecasters surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics is that U.S. gross domestic product will actually expand a bit slower than the average rate of growth since 1930. The Fed stated it will start raising rates only after unemployment falls to 6.5%. Even if job creation picks up, that could take over a year. Despite occasional bumps, momentum in the US economy is beginning to build. Abroad, China and various emerging markets face challenges. Russia remains a wild card, and Venezuela could be headed for an economic crack-up. While Europe continues to heal, its recovery remains brittle.
4. The Washington Post declared 2013-2014 the school year that the Massive Open Online Classes“truly goes mainstream.” If MOOCs are the most polarizing issue in higher education, Common Core is the K-12 equivalent. This spring, more than 40 states will administer Common Core-aligned exams for the first time.
5. Argued in 2013 and decided in 2014, Greece v Galloway addresses sectarian prayers at civic events. The Affordable Care Act requires employers with religious objections to provide contraception coverage at no cost to their employees.
6. A large, influential association of socialist political parties, Socialist International (SI) has designated 2014 the Year for Middle East Peace, built around the Declaration on Peace in the Middle East.
7. A workshop in Vatican City (May 2-6), Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility, will examine human-nature co-evolution, overpopulation, climate change, extreme weather events, protecting biodiversity, globalization and democracy, and international governance of the “global commons.”

To consider global priorities and solutions, the G8 Summit will celebrate its 40th anniversary in Sochi, Russia(June 4-5)bybringing together heads of state from the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and Russia.

At the Tallberg ForuminSweden (June 13-14), 300 social, political, and cultural leaders will brainstorm on global social evolution, world harmony, and interdependence. “To generate collective political will,” the Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations will convene in Bali, Indonesia sometime in August.

September 17-18, the13th session of the Congress of World Religions, Secretariat Session will assemble recognized experts from variedreligious traditions (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Taoism) inAstana, Kazakhstan to partner for spiritual improvement of sustainable society. On September 21, the[UN] International Day of Peace and Vigil will attract interfaith groups to celebrate world harmony.
8. To advance Marxism in the Asia-Pacific region, Marxism 2014 – Ideas to Challenge the Systemwill gather Marxists musicians, unionists, feminists, anti-Israel activists, environmentalists, and community organizers in Melbourne, Australia (April 17-20).
9. To bolster activism, strengthen the ranks, and pursue Marxism, domestically and abroad, Socialism 2014will convene in Chicago, IL (June 26-29). Hundreds of students and activists will attend the annual summer conference of Chicago’s International Socialist Organization to address challenges of the revolutionary left and struggles of the LGBT community, Palestinians, First Nation and Native American peoples.
10. The annual conference of the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (“the UK's leading progressive think tank”) will meet August 31-September 4 at Oxford to address The Value of Values: Spiritual Wisdom in Everyday Life specific to “whole-systems” consciousness of our common humanity and destiny.
11. May 19-23 the Astana Economic Forum and World Anti-Crisis Conference in Kazakhstan will discuss “new macroeconomic realities.” Concurrently, the World Anti-Crisis Conferencewill implement a roadmap to create a new “global financial architecture.” On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods agreements (which created the International Monetary Fund and World Bank), a roundtable will address “the future of the International monetary system” at a “Dialogue of the Continents.”
12. James Warburg (CFR) in addressing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 17 February 1950
13. In Spain (January 9-10), the Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance will network for international oversight. Speakers will include the former NATO Secretary General, Javier Solana.
14. In Dublin, Ireland (June 18-20), at an annual gathering of the British International Studies Association, attendees of Global Governance: Engaging New Norms and Emerging Challenges.will addressA Crisis of Global Governancewith focus on (1) lasting peace in Iraq and Afghanistan and (2) inadequacies of the IMF, the G8 and G20.
15. An information security services company from the US (Mandiant) has accused China of international hacking from a restricted military area in Shanghai. Stolen data include important information regarding mergers and acquisitions.
16. A professional research organization advocating global governance through the UN, the Academic Council on the UN System will convene for its annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey (June 19-21) to evaluate global governance in the face of emerging security and economic challenges.
17. The UN World Urban Forumin Medellin, Columbia (April 5-11) will draw some 10,000 participants to explore major urban centers within the global system. Nominated by senior government officials, heads of multinational corporations, and presidents of major universities, young professionals will continue the discussion at the Latin American Forum on Global Governance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (April 6-16). To strengthen international environmental management, Incheon, South Korea will host government representatives, academic figures, personnel from think tanks, and members of civil society at the UN Sustainable Development Transition Forum (April 9-11).
18. A Global Week of Action for a World Parliament will be hosted by the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (October 17-26) to advance world government designed around a democratically elected international parliamentary system.
19. The Economist and National Geographic will host thehigh-level World Ocean Summit in San Francisco (February 24-26) to address international ocean management as part of the “global ocean sustainability initiative.”
20. At the University of East Angliain Norwich, UK(July 1-3), the world's largest social science research network,Earth System Governance,will partner with the UN University, the International Council for Science, and the International Social Sciences Council to target global water/climate/economic systems and to correlate them with human rights, economic risks, and collective responsibilities and duties.
21. In Bangkok, Thailand (July 5-7), the Sustainable Development Conference, 2014 (Green Technology, Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection) will consider Green energy systems, corporate responsibilities, management strategies, andrecommended campaigns/ regulations toward achieving global sustainable development.
22. At Seattle University (August 7-9), Just Sustainability - Hope for the Commons will forge an ethical, sustainablerelationship between humankind and planet Earth.
23. The Burning Man (August 25-September 1) is a massive, transformational festival and clothing-optional counterculture celebration of inclusiveness, radical self-reliance and expression, and community. Building a temporary utopian community in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada, some 68,000 attendees engage in bohemian living, “self discovery,” sexual adventurism, pagan encounters. At the end of the week, a wooden effigy is ritually razed to the ground.
24. Part New Age festival, part social experiment, and part entertainment, the Rainbow Serpent (January 25-28) in Victoria, Australia is among the most influential transformational festivals in the Southern Hemisphere.
25, At an “uninhabited” beach on the Caribbean Coast, Panama, the psychedelic transformational festival for “tribes of the world” (Tribal Gathering,February 10-17)will connect the global mind to the “spirit world” (energy of the Earth).
26, Over 2000 people will attend Wisdom 2.O inSan Francisco (February 14-17) to explore alternative spirituality. In San Jose, CA (February 14-17), pagan and Wiccan practitioners from across North America will gather for PantheaCon.
27, A world-renowned, psychedelic-transformational BOOM Festival in Portugal (August 4-11) will draw tens of thousands to experience attunement with Mother Nature.

To build a world of tolerance, justice, faithfulness, and peace, a World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation will convene in Detroit (January 26) where the Jewish shofar is blown, Hindu dancers will perform, and the Muslim Call to Prayer will be chanted.

To service pagan/ Wiccan communities, a national Phoenix Phyre festival will transpire in Lakeland, Florida (March 19-23). Another Phoenix Festival is slated for October.

At the Occult Conference 2014 inGlastonbury, UK (March 22), five occult traditions will network through ritual encounters, as the Gnostic Mass and OTO “Mark of the Beast” ritual.

The Beltane Gathering – A Sacred Sexuality Eventis an adult-only, pagan Celtic, fertility festival to be heldin Darlington, Maryland (April 30-May 4).

On May 1, May Day will be celebrated globally with obvious references to its pagan origins, fertility rituals/ rites, and fire celebrations. Also, the International Workers' Daywill align with an association of Marxist and socialist political parties, the Second International,to support unions and rally against capitalism.

A May Queen and Green Man (representing the fertility spirits of the season) will be honored at the pagan festival Beltaniain Florence, Colorado (May 8-11).

In Melbourne (May 26-29), the Australian Catholic University will host an international, interfaith theological conference, Paths to Dialogue in our Age, aimed at religious cooperation, world unity, and peace.

One of the oldest and largest Pagan Spirit Gatheringsin the US will hold its annual, weeklong pagan festival in Earlville, Illinois (June 15-22).

In Mendocino (June 29-July 6), witches will gather for California Witchcamp, a weeklong “magical journey of spiritual and personal growth.”

Pomeroy, Ohio will host the influential New AgeStarwood Festival (July 8-14) to celebrate diversity.

To support humanism as a worldwide intellectual movement, the World Humanist Congress will meet in Oxford, England (August 8-10).

To pursue interfaith cooperation and equality,the North American Interfaith Network will host Bridging Borders and Boundariesin Detroit (August 10-13)
28, The World Economic Forum will hostthe foremost global gathering on science, technology, and innovation at the Annual Meeting of the New Championsin Tianjin, China (September 10-12), where 1,500 young, professional Global Shapers from 90 countries will gather along with governmental leaders, key members of academia, economic gurus, and strategic foundation partners.
29, The Future of Internet Governance in Sao Paulo, Brazil (April 23-24) will address web privacy, national surveillance via the Internet, and new rules for the international digital age.
30, The UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples is a high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly to advancerights of Indigenous Peoplesand Mother Earth (New York, September 22-23).
31, In Strasbourg, France(April 8-10), the Conference on International Law and Human Rightswill reform the global legal framework.
32, At the world's largest public gay gathering In Toronto, Ontario(June 20-29), over two million will celebrate World Pride. In autumn (exact date unknown), theWorld Religions Conference will meet in Waterloo, Ontario to promote pluralism, the brotherhood of faiths, and internationalism.
33, In San Francisco on February 1, futurists, “biohackers,” transhumanists, “immortalists,” and cultural trendsetters will meet for Transhuman Visions to explore future directions in technology, bio-medical breakthroughs, extreme life extension, and directed evolution toward a new species.
34, The World Future Society’s annual event, WorldFuture 2014, willtake place in Orlando, Florida (July 11-13) to support global unity and human advancement.
35, Hosted in the UK (March 22-23), Anticipating 2025will explore transhumanism, visions, and nightmares.
36, Serving as the blueprint for forthcoming global eco-socialism, Agenda 21is one of five major documents negotiated at the UN Rio Earth Summit (1992). It was elaborated in Turkey at the 1996 UN conference, Habitat.
37, Its goal being to redistribute the world’s wealth, the Rio Declarationis one of five major documents negotiated at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.
38, The UN Conference on Environment and Development was the largest and most ambitious international conference of its time. At the Rio Summit (1992), five world-transforming documentswere negotiated.
39, Significant for establishing legal standing to powerful NGOs, whose decisions override elected legislatures, the Biodiversity Treatyis one of five major documents negotiated at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit..
40. Anthropocentricity ascribes humankind its rightful position as crown of God’s Creation, over which man has dominion. Biocentricity puts humans under subservience to the planet. The former reflects the biblical world order; the latter defines a New Earth [Global Civic] Ethic.
February 17-23 marks Hindu Environment Weekin India. Promoting green consciousness, it serves as a launching pad for conferences, seminars, and other activities worldwide.
Sponsored by the Institute of Global Educationto shift values, ethics, and behaviorsin sustainable society, Focus on the Future: Empowering Agents of Change will convene in San Jose, Costa Rica(March 3-4).
UNESCO’s invitation-only World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development will convene in Okayama, Japan (November 10-12).
The UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru (December 1-12) will lead up to the highly-charged 2015 Kyoto successor treaty. In Varanasi, India (February 1-2) 700 scientific, spiritual, and academic global leaders will discuss interplay between science and spirituality at the All India Students’ Conference on Science and Spiritual Quest, To inspire a united world response, hundreds of US religious leaders will speak out at the National Preach-In on Climate Change (February 14-16), coordinated by Interfaith Power and Light.
The planet's most influential leaders from business, government, banking, civil society, and academia met January 22-25 for the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland—its theme, Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business.
In Dubai (February 1-2) Strategies for Sustainable Economic Development in the Green Era will address Green industries, the value of “social wealth,” and pivotal roles of the World Bank and national central banks.

Also in Dubai (March 4-5), the First Global Conference on UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy will follow Rio+20 and review progress. Four UN agencies will pioneer pilot projects in 30 countries
A pro-socialist/Marxist, academically-based congress, Borders Without Boundaries: Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences will convene at Brock University, Ontario, Canada (May 24-30).
Hosted by the Secretary-General in New York (September 23), theUN Climate Summit 2014will forge a new, powerful legal global agreement on climate changeand make operational the global Green Climate Fund, a holding/lending institute that elevates the UN's political clout with national governments, regional groupings, and other international entities (e.g., World Bank).
Held at MITin Boston (February 11-12), the Global Forum: From Ego to Eco-System Economics will foster big-picture economic transformation from individualism and capitalism towards “shared ecosystem prosperity.”
Among the planet’s most recognized “secular holidays,” celebrants of Earth Day (April 22) will continue to advance anovertly anti-Christian and anti-family Green agenda.
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Big government will be controlled by world financiers who, as “kings without kingdoms,” rule in concert with a dictatorial, global prime minister for a predetermined, bounded time span (Daniel 2:19; 21; Revelation 13:12-17).
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Biblical salvation involves recognition that I am a sinner (Romans 3:23) and therefore under condemnation of death (Hebrews 9:27; Romans 6:23). God requires a moral change of attitude (repentance, Acts 17:30; Luke 13:5), belief and receipt of Jesus Christ as personal Savior/Lord (Hebrews 9:22; 1 Timothy 2:5; Acts 4:12) for me to embrace, by grace through faith, the freely given gift of salvation (2 Corinthians 5:21). Public Confession of Jesus Christ and water baptism follow (Romans 10:9; Acts 1:8 and 2:38 39); and a changed life, empowered by the Holy Spirit, demonstrates my newfound relationship with the Lord (Acts 19:5-6; John 3:3; 2 Corinthians 5:17). ...

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Having authored the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural -Isms, Debra speaks to Christian and secular groups alike. Her radio spots air globally. Presently, Debra co-hosts WOMANTalk radio with Sharon Hughes & Friends and hosts TRUTHTalk radio, plus she contributes monthly commentaries to a number of Internet news magazines. Debra calls the Pacific Northwest home.

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The budget deal signals no government shutdowns, but the debt ceiling will need to be raised; and partisan spin over the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, and unemployment benefits will continue. Time will tell if the Tea Party wins the Republican Civil War.