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By Debra Rae

September 21, 2007

One version of the charming children�s story of Chicken Little features an adorable chick eating lunch in the forest. Because an acorn falls on her head, she believes the sky is falling. Straightaway, in her race to warn the King, our fluffy little friend incites and, then, enlists to her cause the likes of Henny Penny and Goosey Poosey.

The "happy ending" version of our little tale may well speak to having courage, as opposed to panicking. On yet another level, astute adults who read the Chicken Little account may well view it as a cautionary political oracle. After all, once she jumps to an unfounded conclusion, Chicken Little unwittingly whips up mass hysteria. Finally, an unscrupulous fox manipulates the would-be crisis for his own self-interest.

Certainly, in the real world, not all fear is bad. For example, school-aged youngsters learn that a tad bit of �test anxiety� works to their performance advantage. Outmoded and ill-advised as disciplinary fear tactics might be, adults nonetheless concur that little children need to know enough �fear� not to touch a red-hot stove. In my parents� generation, no more than a threatened trip to the woodshed kept kids in line.

While sensible �fear� is protective, and feigned fear enhances pleasure, incited fear invites vulnerability to manipulation, deception and outside control.

The Latin motto, ORDO AB CHAO, meaning �order out of chaos,� works like this: First, one identifies or, if necessary, creates a problem. Fanning its flames prompts a predictable reaction, followed by a desired outcome or pre-determined solution. Case in point: Once Foxy Woxy became privy to Chicken Little�s would-be crisis, he aligned with it and accompanied her in spreading the word�but with one goal in view: his supper!

Given more sophisticated terms, the so-called �Law of Five� advanced by late Grand Patriot of the Jacobin Society Adam Weishaupt includes: first, chaos; then, discord, confusion and micromanagement; all followed by an aftermath of frustration and/or alienation. Indeed, in the mid-1940s, Fred Emery offered that, when confronted with various crises, folks simply go into psychological retreat (Theory of Social Turbulence). Fantasy and addiction that trail �cognitive dissociation� serve only to strengthen the grip of control.

More often than not, in the face of perceived chaos, forfeiture of control is deemed but a small price to reestablish equilibrium�that is, "order." (Ever hear of a New World Order?) Opportunistic control mongers lick their chops at the prospect of any old crisis�be it real, imagined or manipulated; therefore, we best recognize tell-tale signs in order to elude our nemesis� supper table!

The Perpetually Wielded �Big Stick�
First spoken at the Minnesota State Fair in 1901, �speaking softly� all the while carrying �a big stick� is a powerful concept�one forever associated with the so-called cowboy President, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt.

Today�s brand of �speaking softly� has steadily evolved into doomsday rhetoric crafted to intensify and magnify any and every concern�be it terrorism, biological warfare, environmental catastrophe (global warming, acid rain, water/food shortages), nuclear attack, aliens (some from outer space!), defective merchandise, genetically altered foods, health-care snafus, computer viruses, false advertising, new diseases, an imploding social system, rising crime, moral decay, a failing education system. You name it.

Energized by inflammatory language, and ever-flaunted by the media (inclusive of Hollywood), the �big stick��whatever it represents�threatens to choke, burn, infect, ambush, sicken, addict, destroy, offend, scar, maim, weaken, kill, hurt and/or wreak lives�that is, of course, unless �they� do something about it, and NOW.

When constantly brandished before an increasingly wearied public that is well conditioned to being warned, shamed, rebuked and mocked under pretext of becoming �informed� (actually, manipulated) by �those in the know,� folks more readily identify with sixteen-year-old Liesl von Trapp. Admittedly young and inexperienced, this teen of Sound of Music fame concurred that she was, indeed, in need of �someone older and wiser� telling her what to do (but definitely not a governess!). Boyfriend Rolfe (then, seventeen going on eighteen) waited in the wings, ever-eager to �take care of her.� Unfortunately, this nature-takes-its-course liaison served only to bring down Liesl�s once privileged world�this, by means of the 1938 Anschluss of Austria when Nazi Germany took control.

Fact is, countless threats are credible and, thereby, warrant alarm and action. Only the foolhardy dismiss as inconsequential global terrorism, genocide and even moral decay. Nonetheless, it requires discernment to sort, pinpoint, weigh and prioritize them while, at the same time, maintaining equilibrium in the face of �sky-is-falling� global hysteria.

Heinous Heat or Calamitous Cold?
What TIME has identified as a �global climate upheaval,� the NEW YORK TIMES paired with �endangered world food output.� NEWSWEEK magazine concurs that �ominous signs � and changes� threaten this pending drastic decline in food output.

Al Gore fingers manmade global warming as the culprit�in Gore�s words, the �planetary emergency� demanding immediate and drastic global intervention without which �we are capable of doing damage we�re not aware we are doing.�

Trouble is, the news magazines previously referenced were written in the mid seventies, at which time the sky-is-falling �catastrophe of choice� was a looming Ice Age. So what�s it going to be, heinous heat or calamitous cold? Lesson learned: The only constant about climate is that it�s in constant change.

One famous scientist noted well that "smart people � can come up with very good explanations for mistaken points of view." This isn�t all bad, for speculation has its place in the established process whereby scientists, collectively and over time, seek to construct an observable, repeatable, and measurable representation of the world.

Their so-called Scientific Method consists of observation, formulation of an hypothesis, quantitative prediction and verification. Any hypothesis borne out by experimentation qualifies as a �theory� or �law of nature.�

Keep in mind, however, that theories cannot be proved (only disproved). As long as key pieces to the puzzle remain at large, any science in question remains open to debate and further testing. It is by no means �settled.� Indeed, new observations or experimentation could topple even a long-standing theory.

In addressing guaranteed, manmade climate disaster, Gore references an �unequivocal� (that is, indisputable) consensus. It may well be that increasing numbers of credible scientists uphold this theory, but�contrary to Gore�s suggestion�unanimity within the scientific community is nonexistent, even unattainable. Why? Because all evidence in its support is circumstantial. Add to this significant unknowns (e.g., deep ocean circulation), and �Houston, there�s a problem��which may or may not be greenhouse gases.

Is the Sky Really Falling?
Contrary to politically-correct dogma, the science assigning human blame for catastrophic warming of the planet is by no means settled. This is true as long as �experts� continue to elude hard-hitting challenges to their theory, as posed by colleagues of equally impressive credentials. Some follow:

If we are in global warming crisis, how is it that 24/7 data-collecting satellites and weather balloons demonstrate imperceptible temperature rises, and why in 2007 were there 183 �cold records,� some 40-50 percent below the norm?

The more the CO2, the larger the cucumber, tomato, pepper, egg plant and squash. If CO2 threatens to endanger world food output, how is it that an increase in CO2 yields more (not less) bio-mass production?

If global warming can be blamed on carbon emissions due to human activities, how come distinguished scientists believe that CO2 generally lags behind temperature changes by some 800 years? How exactly are humans to blame for global warming evident on Mars and other planets, and why was the 15th century every bit as warm as the 20th when only the latter is held responsible for its industrial revolution blamed for it?

Since the McIntyre and McKitrick Report discredited the �hockey stick curve� due to a computer glitch, why continue to use it as �proof,� and why was the BH98 Report (or �hockey stick curve�) never audited?

In 1941, a plane crashed in Greenland. From the date of the crash to 1992, ice accumulated up to 268 feet atop a well preserved plane. Why so much ice if land mass sloughs due to global warming have dangerously escalated throughout the decades?

Why do studies challenging, say, ocean-flow data (its role crucial in global warming), appear on the tenth page of city newspapers when earlier studies (apparently not �settled science,� as the public is lead to believe) merit front-page status? (Zarembo, Alan, Los Angeles Times, 17 August 2007)

So, then, does a falling acorn really prove that the sky is falling? Foxy Woxy wants you to think so. Nevertheless, as long as challenges are offered, and knowledge continues to increase manifold, the science is by no means settled.

What Foxy Woxy Doesn�t Want You to Know
Back to Chicken Little: Given a perceived crisis, the messenger stirs mass hysteria, thus fanning its flame. Remember, though, that Chicken Little is duped�granted, by an acorn�but duped nonetheless. To her credit, she is sincere in worrying that the thump on her head represents grave danger for the entire kingdom. And so it is with many among us similarly awakened to what appears to be imminent danger of unthinkable magnitude. The alarm must be sounded, and sounded it is!

How fortuitous this perception of crisis, for it handily provides the �international disaster key� necessary to warrant global control. Enter Foxy Woxy�alternatively known as Mikhail Gorbachev and ilk. By integrating the Native American philosophy of Earth servitude into a new, sustainable paradigm, the sly fox manipulates Chicken Little�s feverish frenzy to his own liking.

That being the case, some contend that a more plausible sky-is-falling scenario involves enforced sustainable communities that restrict humans to high-density, easily controlled �urban clusters.� To merit the coveted status of �sustainable,� enlightened communities limit growth, eliminate suburbs, establish ethnic/economic equality, and curtail consumption patterns consistent with America�s middle class. Responsible global citizens agree to bike to work. Believing it�s this, or impending disaster, these give ear to Al Gore�s �inconvenient truth� by willingly renouncing frozen fast food, fossil fuels, refrigerators and air conditioners.

To be sure, the socialist principle of government-managed development demands autocracy as the only way to enforce laws ostensibly needed to prevent humans from messing with biodiversity. The crux of the matter is control�more specifically, human control. Trouble is, remedial mandates, once implemented, inevitably burden the less fortunate while advantaging the privileged few. There is good reason why Al Gore and John Travolta can boast of using pricey �green energy�: Both can afford what most of us can�t.

In 1853, Hillsdale College President Edmund Fairfield reasoned rightly that �the more the ignorance, the better the slave.� This, Chicken Little found to be true. As was the case with Henny Penny and Goosey Poosey, the chronically uninformed accept without question that sustainable communities �meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs� (1987 UN Conference on Environment and Development).

Whether or not the sky falls and Florida is engulfed in floods or rising tide, Foxy Woxy and his ilk are committed to a heavy dose of global order. Having followed the fox to his lair, our sincere, but duped little chicken will have learned, albeit too late, that �no good deed goes unpunished.�

Population Ping-Pong
President of the National Anxiety Center (New Jersey), Alan Caruba is an award-winning journalist frequently featured on Fox News Channel, CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC. To expose "deliberately false, mass media-driven scare campaigns," the Center recognizes their instigators. For example, fourth on a list for the NAC�s 10th Annual Chicken Little Awards was the ever convenient, food shortage scare. True, not all planetary citizens receive their share (due mostly to bad government); but, daily, God�s green earth generously provides to everyone at least 4.3 pounds of food.

Brilliant advances in 21st century agricultural science give rise to yet another crisis. Worldwide obesity called "globesity," no longer starvation, now leads gloom-and-doom newscasts. The World Health Organization warns that, if immediate steps aren�t taken, millions will suffer from increasingly serious weight-related disorders�this time, on the high-, not low- end of the bathroom scale.

Once again, ecological fatalist Paul Ehrlich has been proven wrong. In the 1970s, he prophesied an imminent Ice Age in which hundreds of millions would die of starvation (our countrymen included). But then, the US Census Bureau reported, to the contrary, that from 1990 to 1999, 24 million, mostly well warmed-and-fed Americans were added to (not depleted from) the US population.

If not death by starvation, what then? How about relieving our beleaguered planet of �Humanpox� by enforcing �planned parenthood� and bearing fewer and fewer children? Makes sense, but then decades of government-supported motivational programs to this end have resulted in �dreadful failure� for our European neighbors, and it�s not that folks failed to cooperate. "Below replacement fertility� has emerged the new �alarming crisis.�

So much for �smart-growth� families�now demographers encourage larger families. Furthermore, they propose government policies similar to incentives attempted by the Japanese in their effort to reverse record-low birthrates (NY Times/ABC News, 30 May 2000). But not everyone�s on board. Dennis Phillips of the Oregon Optimal Population Society insists instead upon dropping the human population from over 6 billion to about 10 million. In no subtle way, his �final solution� suggests no less than �planetary genocide.�

Bottom line: Be it starvation, �globesity,� over-, under- or optimal population growth�it�s planetary management (i.e., global governance) driving the fear.

�If It Bleeds, It Leads�
A recent guest of the Dave Ross Show on Seattle�s KIRO 710 News Radio, former employee John Procaccino chatted about his last three years at the station. According to Procaccino, every story idea he posed prompted the predictable question: What�s the fear element?

KIRO is not alone in milking the crisis angle to attract higher ratings. For good reason, Jane E. Brody poses provocative questions: �How often has your clock radio awakened you with the distressing news that something you eat, drink, breathe or do has just been shown in a new study to be a serious health hazard? And how often did it turn out to be a false alarm�?� (New York Times, 18 August 1998)

Founded in 1978 and directed by over 350 physicians, scientists and policy advisors, the American Council on Science and Health serves as a New York-based consumer advocacy organization to promote credible, peer-reviewed science. Its popular report, "Facts Versus Fears," elucidates what the council deems to be the most significant, but unfounded health scares of the last several decades.

In 1989, for example, "60 Minutes" linked childhood cancer to a chemical used to regulate ripening of apples. Understandably, millions of parents panicked; and its manufacturer pulled Alar off the market. Subsequent tests by the National Cancer Institute and the EPA negated that claim.

Children�s health scares are not alone. In the New England Journal of Medicine (1981), Harvard researchers published a link to pancreatic cancer with coffee consumption. To the delight of Starbuck junkies, that correlation vanished five years later when the study was repeated. Better yet, researcher Frank Hu, MD, now credits coffee for its large amounts of antioxidants and minerals; and rumor has it that that coffee consumption discourages tooth decay!

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So what�s a person to do? The simple among us yawn in the face of would-be calamity; however, many escape into a world of fantasy and addiction. Others herald planetary doom, thus attracting and drawing together the fearful, ever willing to surrender personal boundaries. All preclude living �happily ever after.�

Better to plan ahead should an emergency ensue. Add common sense to faith-propelled, proactive preparedness all the while maintaining unruffled trust in God, creator and sustainer of life. My guess is you�ll be glad you did!

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� 2007 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved

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While a teacher in Kuwait, Debra undertook a three-month journey from the Persian Gulf to London by means of VW "bug"! One summer, she tutored the daughter of Kuwait's Head of Parliament while serving as superintendent of Kuwait's first Vacation Bible School.

Having authored the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural -Isms, Debra speaks to Christian and secular groups alike. Her radio spots air globally. Presently, Debra co-hosts WOMANTalk radio with Sharon Hughes and Friends, and she contributes monthly commentaries to Changing Worldviews and Debra calls the Pacific Northwest home.

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In 1989, for example, "60 Minutes" linked childhood cancer to a chemical used to regulate ripening of apples. Understandably, millions of parents panicked; and its manufacturer pulled Alar off the market. Subsequent tests by the National Cancer Institute and the EPA negated that claim.