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By Debra Rae
June 16, 2013

It’s that time of the year when a “by invitation only” roll-call of about 140 luminaries—corporate heads, major politicians, royalty, media moguls, and financial kingpins—meet behind heavily guarded, closed doors to chart the world’s course and then translate it into policy.[1]

The annual Bilderberg event is broadly viewed as a political version of the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum, through which high-society elitists discuss big business and the global economy. As the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg group likewise wields extraordinary power.[2] That the Bilderbergers are responsible for the single European currency is no small feat.[3] Collectively, “the cosmopolitan elite” hatch decisions on major wars.

“June is Bustin’ Out All Over”

For the first time in Britain since the Turnberry, Scotland event in 1998, the Bilderberg Group will meet June 6-9 at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, just north of London. No doubt by design, the Bilderberg summit is scheduled back-to-back with Google’s “Zeitgeist” Global Summit.[4]

Google’s “Big Tent” event gathers the world’s “best and the brightest” to peruse the “latest and greatest” big ideas. Participants observe Chatham House Rules, mandating strict confidentiality.[5] Both Grove Hotel summits share in common venues, conduct codes, and agendas, not to mention a near identical guest list; both opportunistically precede the June 17-18, 39th G8 Summit to convene at the Lough Erne golf resort in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Here’s the scoop: In all but name, the G8 meeting represents a global government operations meeting. Once ratified, Bilderberg’s 2013 agenda passes on to the G8 heads of state. With the likes of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in attendance, this single gathering represents the biggest police operation in Ireland’s volatile history.[6]

“Mum’s” the Word

Originally funded by the CIA, this ultra-secret, transatlantic steering committee potentially affects every business on the planet, yet were it not for veteran journalist, the late Jim Tucker, few would know about Bilderberg meetings, which, until last year in Chantilly, Virginia, were blacked out for decades by the American mainstream media.[7] A 2011 article in The Economist got it right: “The globocratic shindigs are opening up.”[8]

“Kings without Kingdoms”[9]

Boasting astonishing net worth, Google is poised strategically to manage global communications, commerce, workforce, social life, and world history—you know, pretty much everything. As kings without kingdoms, digital tycoons assume key positions in top steering committees of the Bilderberg group, not least of whom is Peter Thiel. Thiel heads the digital investment house that virtually financed online ventures like Paypal, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Friendster.[10]

Let’s Hear It for Global Taxation

This year’s series of global summits showcase global profit taxes. Accordingly, the UK government publically advocates “new, strong international standards to make sure that global companies pay the taxes they owe.” Already, a new global Google Tax is in the works for taxing collective profits of multinational firms and, then, dividing the revenues. One big problem: Global tax signals global governance.[11]

Yet Another Master

Make no mistake. Worldwide governing bodies have long been positioned to tackle administration of global taxation. The first such working model was unveiled in 2009 at the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen. At the last minute, however, clandestine plans for a World Bank-administered, global carbon tax were abandoned.[12]

Thereafter, the 2011 Occupy Movement[13] proposed a global “Robin Hood Tax” on financial transactions. However, dubious deliberations served only to further centralize power into the international banking community. Someone, after all, must oversee and perhaps hypothecate on enormous slush funds; but an elite, international “collective” of nations gathering and, then, dispersing tax revenues smacks of communism, does it not?[14] With no “vote of the people,” world citizens stand to inherit yet another master to serve.

Bilderberg Fringe Festival

On a lighter note, adjacent to the June 6-9 venue, a Bilderberg Fringe Festival (also called “Occupy Bilderberg” and “A Fantastic Party”) promises to attract hundreds, maybe even thousands of merrymakers, inclusive of alternative media personalities and press. Under auspices of a group called Passing Clouds, organizers consist of pro-transparency campaigners.

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Their weekend jam-packed with speakers, comedians, and musicians (jazz, pop, ska, soul, rap, reggae, and rock music—you name it!) includes “Bilderberg Bingo.” (Bingo cards will bear the likenesses of longtime Bilderbergers, as David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.)[15] Here’s where the fun ends: Local taxpayers help pay for a substantial security lock down that, in effect, restricts protesters and press from exercising their free-speech rights.[16] Adding insult to injury, locals have been asked to tote photo IDs in order to enter their own homes![17]


While new to uninformed masses, the Bilderberg Group boasts a long history of high-level power wielding. Neither an ordinary organization, nor a lobby, the group took its name from The Hotel De Bilderberg, its first meeting venue in 1954. This “secretive global think-tank” is but a node, albeit a very powerful one, in the Global Private Power Web that collectively runs entire countries. Free from being held accountable, superclass “globocrats” gather annually. Off the record, they masterfully steer world policies to their own advantage.[18]

Bilderberg’s their name; power’s their game.[19]

� 2013 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved


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Having authored the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural -Isms, Debra speaks to Christian and secular groups alike. Her radio spots air globally. Presently, Debra co-hosts WOMANTalk radio with Sharon Hughes & Friends and hosts TRUTHTalk radio, plus she contributes monthly commentaries to a number of Internet news magazines. Debra calls the Pacific Northwest home.

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The annual Bilderberg event is broadly viewed as a political version of the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum, through which high-society elitists discuss big business and the global economy.