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By Debra Rae
March 18, 2012

Throughout the course of recorded history, every culture has glommed on to some sort of goddess figure—Venus and Isis (fertility goddesses) and Morrigan (goddess of war), to name but three. Since the mid-19th century, goddess worship in Western society has developed into a distinct culture. Historian David Allyn characterized it as a time of "coming-out" when, in the 1960s, Eastern mysticism linked with America’s sexual revolution.[1] Rather than worship some distant deity, devotees often prefer terms as “spirituality” or “veneration.”

Case in point: Madonna. Now in her fifties, Madonna captured the spotlight at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. A week before the extravaganza, Madonna unveiled the spiritual underpinnings of her highly anticipated halftime performance—this, in an interview with Anderson Cooper.[2] Significantly, she likened the Super Bowl in America to a kind of Holy of Holies. Keep in mind that the “Holy of Holies” was the most sacred place in Solomon’s Temple. The High Priest alone was permitted to enter, but only on the Day of Atonement.

Why the Hullaballoo?

High Priestess Madonna’s entrance at the halfway mark of this “church experience” would enable her to deliver what she characterized as “a very impactful sermon.” To that end, Madonna prepared herself by engaging in rituals of yoga and meditation, prayer and breathing exercises.[3]

• Most Watched in History

Nielson reports some 111.3 million US viewers, representing over a third of the nation’s population glued to the screen at the initial broadcast. The game played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis was the most-watched program in the history of American television. A larger number of viewers (some 114 million) tuned in to Madonna’s thirteen-minute “sermon.”[4]

• Iffy Role Models: Madonna, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj

Among those who joined Madonna to deliver her historical homily was British recording artist M.I.A. who, while performing Give Me All Your Luvin’, indecorously flashed her middle finger while bellowing an unsavory expletive. This is the same woman whose politically charged lyrics landed her on the U.S. Homeland Security Risk List in 2006. At the time, she was denied an entry visa.[5]

And, then, there’s Nicki Minaj whose exorcism-themed performance at the 54th Grammy Awards drew mixed reviews. Strange, yes, but can she help it if her father drank heavily, took drugs, and attempted to kill her mom by setting fire to their house?[6]

Unlike the music video for Sexy and I Know It, performers remained fully clothed; but that alone hardly qualifies this unholy trinity as appropriate role models for America’s youth.

• Most Influential Performers Deliver “Impactful Sermon”

Not only are performers iffy role models; collectively, their influence packs a wallop. Having sold in excess of 300 million records worldwide, Madonna graces the Guinness World Records as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time; and Time credits her as one of the "25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century."[7] Similarly celebrated, Nicki Minaj has been nominated for awards sixty-nine times.[8] Time also named M.I.A. one of the world's most influential people, and Esquire magazine ranked her among the 75 most influential people of the 21st century.[9]

• Sermon in Lyrics: Path to “New Life”

By way of lyrical introduction, Madonna characterizes herself as “a different kind of girl,” one who “can say a sicker rhyme”—e.g., “Me it. Licks. I'm so swag sh-t.”[10] Though Madonna’s “sicker rhyme” is somewhat obscure, her sermon in lyrics sent very clear messages. For example, lyrics to Vogue proclaimed that, when all else fails to escape “the pain of life,” it takes “pumping music” on the “magical” dance floor to impart “new life.”[11]

One need only release her body to “groove and go with the flow”[12] and thereby Express Herself.[13] Whatever you do, she added, “do it good.” (In a You Tube interview, Madonna quipped, “If you can’t be good, be careful.” Wink, wink.)

After all, we’re Sexy and [We] Know It. Why not “pimp to the beat,” our “pants outta’ control”? Whether in a Speedo at the beach, or topless at a bar, we work out, so everyone “stops and stares” as we “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.”[14]

Featuring a football-cheerleader theme, the single for Give Me All Your Luvin’ debuted at the Super Bowl.[15] Its lyrics solicit unnamed “boy toys” to “forget about time,” drink “every drop” of a bottle of Burgundy, and give “all” their love. To be Madonna’s “lucky star,” one need only wake up from “dozin’” on her and “step into [her] world.” The sermon’s message is unmistakable. Aggressive women “get” their boy toys, and lucky lovemaking doesn’t require relationship.

Open Your Heart speaks of irresistible desire burning within, something nothing can stop: “What I want, I’ll get, so open your heart and turn the key to the lock I hold. Don't try to run; I can keep up with you. In the end, I’ll make you love me.” The message? Madonna’s omnipresent domination defies resistance.[16]

Even more, calling out Madonna’s name is likened to “a little prayer.”[17]Down on my knees,” she croons, “I want to take you (my muse) to a dreamlike place where there’s no end and no beginning.” Madonna’s inner goddess prompts—even demands—worship. Indeed, her “finest inspiration” toward superstardom is found as a spark of the divine within.[18]

• Sacred Synergy, Meditative Lovemaking, and Bisexuality

A tattoo on Niki’s left arm proclaims (albeit in Chinese characters): "God is always with you." Niki testifies that Roman Zolanski—in her words, a “gay lunatic” demon—was born inside her, and she transforms into him (one of her alter egos) when she’s angry.[19]

Niki’s not alone in courting dark spirituality. When interviewed in Brazil, Madonna likened performing to [spiritual] synergy acted out in “a sacred place” and “in a magical moment.”

“The theater,” she gushed, “is more magical than anything I can imagine.”

By means of meditative lovemaking (“tantric sex”), partners learn to channel potent orgasmic energies. Speaking of which, M.I.A.’s sister and she were both named after two of the Tantric goddess deities in Hinduism.[20]

Tantra teaches a woman to transform the act of sex into a sacrament, merging the dual nature of sexuality into ecstatic union. Once having harmonized internal masculine and feminine polarities, one allegedly realizes the blissful nature of “the Self” (capital “S” intended). On a You Tube video, Madonna admits sometimes to feeling feminine and at other times, masculine. Accordingly, bisexual themes season her performances.[21]

Nin-anna /Madonna; “Queen of Attack”/“Queen of Heaven”

For centuries, “living” goddess cults have venerated their fellows as deities. In ancient Egypt, for example, stateswomen such as Hatshepsut and Cleopatra VII wielded total power as living goddesses. Imperial families of China, Rome, and Japan promulgate the concept. In Nepal, even today, young girls are selected as living icons.[22]

In like fashion, throughout her Super Bowl service, Madonna captured the essence of a prominent female deity from ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq today). This deity (likewise known as Ishtar) is Inanna, the name taken from Nin-anna "Queen of Heaven.” Note the similarity in sound between “Inanna” and “Madonna,” also the fact that Inanna’s erratic movements are said to correspond with those of Venus.

Predictably, Ishtar is associated with the planet Venus, known as the Morning- or Evening- Star (attributed to Lucifer by occultists). In demonology, Astaroth is a Crowned Prince of Hell named after Ashtoreth (the equivalent of Inanna-Ishtar).

Madonna’s Kabbalist (as opposed to her “Christian”) name is Esther, or “star-Venus.” Reportedly, an Assyriologist discovered in Esther the great goddess Ishtar, known as Queen of Attack. Among her litany of weapons (and one of her totems) was the lion. On the prowl for sexual adventure, Inanna was the goddess of love, but not marriage. Hence, Inanna has become the subject of feminist theory and even sacred “prostitution.” She embodies independence, self-determination, and strength in an otherwise patriarchal Sumerian pantheon. Accordingly, her contemporary counterpart, Madonna, applauds the Kabbalah for making her master of her own destiny, fully responsible for “the chaos” in her life. She adds, “You pull in what you put out.”[23]

• Service Fit for a Goddess

For years, Madonna has been Kabbalah’s most high profile follower.[24] Rumor has it that she may be on the “outs” with Kabbalism, but rampant symbols throughout her Super Bowl performance affirmed Madonna’s unwavering allegiances.

Madonna’s horned crown mirrored the distinctive headdress worn by Ishtar, often depicted with wings, as seen on Madonna’s “carriage.” Pushed by hundreds of Roman soldiers, and welcomed by hundreds of women, Madonna’s entrance was an elaborate procession fit for a High Priestess or goddess.

Throughout her career, the pop singer has embodied Ishtar’s assertive, yet highly sexual qualities. It was as if Madonna’s halftime performance was a kind of “coming out” ritual attended by two new industry favorites portrayed as her minions.[25]

The opening song (Vogue) ended with display of a recognizable occult symbol, the Winged Sun-Disk, used by ancient Egyptian mystics for ritualistic magic and invocations—and present today in lodges of Theosophists,[26] illumined Freemasons,[27] and Rosicrucians.[28] The Winged Globe symbolizes the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in “the Elysian fields beyond.”[29] In ritual magic, the motif’s suspended in an easterly direction over the altar to invoke protection and co-operation of the mythological sylphs.[30]

Madonna closed her halftime sermon with Like a Prayer.[31] Cee-Lo Green and she entered the stage dressed in black robes suggestive of a black mass. As the song began, a massive eye motif appeared before the stage to symbolize occult illumination.[32] At the end of her performance, the floor opened beneath her; and Madonna tumbled into the underworld, which to her felt “like home.” Similarly, Inanna descended to the netherworld to return to the heavens, and Venus set in the West (and rose again in the East).

My Point?

For decades, family friendly halftime programs featured symphonic marching bands and drill teams, not to mention tributes to Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and the Big Band Era. No longer. The Gospel according to Madonna is laced with mystery, magic, passion, sensual abandon, attitude, militant feminism, self-aggrandizement, expletives, intoxicants, boastfulness—not to mention abysmal grammar!

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At this year’s Super Bowl halftime, a cacophony of pyrotechnics drenched in occult symbols attended Madonna, dressed as an ancient Sumerian-Babylonian goddess. Think about it. The most watched program in the history of television featured three of the world’s most influential performers who, by universal standards of decency, fail miserably at being stellar role models. Add the fact that the expressed goal of their performance was to deliver an impactful sermon.

Madonna’s unmistakable message was embedded within lyrics and arcane symbology. That precious few even picked up on it indicts American culture and, yes, the church. My message in response? Wake up and smell the incense!

� 2012 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved


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Not only are performers iffy role models; collectively, their influence packs a wallop. Having sold in excess of 300 million records worldwide, Madonna graces the Guinness World Records as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time; and Time credits her as one of the "25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century."