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By Debra Rae
April 12, 2011

Most agree that national defense from enemy intrusion is more than advisable; it’s compulsory. That said our nation has always been immigrant-friendly. For good reason, my German- and Norwegian- born forefathers are grateful. I am, too. As freedom-loving Americans, we are compelled to respect the role of legal immigrants in our national culture and to welcome law-abiding newcomers. Nonetheless, to ensure national security, a balance must be struck to prevent illegal entry (or legal residence) of outlaws intent on doing us catastrophic harm.

Border Breaches

Logic dictates that the best way to know who enters and exits our country is through effective control of borders. Unfortunately, both the northern and southern borders of the United States include vast expanses of unguarded territory. A recent Government Accountability Office report found that, along the nearly four thousand mile northern border, only thirty-two miles has “an acceptable level of security.”[1]

Mexico’s two thousand mile border is likewise porous. Although US immigration laws allow for deportation, the political reality is that authorities are not going to round up some twelve million people to oust them. Law enforcement officials don’t enforce immigration laws consistently and, for self-interest, some partisans hope to gain votes and/or cheap labor by ignoring the obvious.

Several states go so far as to issue drivers’ licenses to foreign citizens and illegal immigrants, thus enabling offenders to open bank accounts, board planes, and use credit. Furthermore, needed databases and records are lacking, inaccurate, and/or easily forged.[2]

A discretionary form of relief, asylum cannot be "demanded”; however, as the crisis in Libya continues to evolve, so too does the possibility of escalating asylum in the US. In January of 2010, the government started releasing from detention many asylum seekers whose immigration cases have yet to be heard.[3]

Those let out must prove their identity, but many don't have official documents. In practice, countless obstructions preclude effective deportation of illegals, lawbreakers, and opportunistic tricksters who falsify documents or otherwise evade authorities. Even if one is cleared for legal entry, there’s no way to assess an immigrant’s intentions once here.[4]

Multicultural Malarkey

Alarmingly, a sharply growing number of OTMs (Other than Mexicans)—including those with large populations hostile to the US—are flooding America’s borders. In a year’s time, up to two hundred thousand can elude capture. For each one the border patrol picks up, at least three settle safely; among them are criminals and would be terrorists.

Unfortunately, the Doctrine of Political Correctness eases access to maleficent fundamentalists. In the PC mindset, to expose religious extremism among Christian sects is deemed mandatory; however, to do likewise respecting Islamist radicalism is somehow unconscionable. Even though some eighty percent of all Imams (spiritual leaders) in the US sanction the Wahabi movement, the mandate of political correctness—i.e., viewpoint discrimination—requires acknowledgement that Islam is a kind religion, one of peace and charity.

Multicultural malarkey suggests further that silencing Islam’s praise “reflects adversely” and thereby offends the god of tolerance. How quickly we forget that from AD 33-Y2K fully nine million Christians were murdered by fundamentalists of Islamic persuasion. Be sure the Islamic Doctrine of Abrogation rescinds an earlier conciliatory revelation of non-harm in favor of a later revelation sanctioning harm to infidels. Two million Christians were killed in the Sudan genocide alone. Add to that the same number of Armenians in Turkey; and, well, you get the point.

While only a small percentage of the Muslim population actually acts on abrogation, the few who do pose deadly threat to Americans, their way of life and governmental system.

Drugs ‘R Us

Authorities do well to acknowledge that, merely by entering, overcoming, and occupying a targeted place of refuge, extremists establish complete dominance. Hamas and Hezbollah operatives have found such refuge in the border area shared by Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay—now used as the central point for trafficking cocaine.

In January of 2006, the chief of operations at the Federal Antidrug Agency informed a US House of Representatives subcommittee of Islamic terrorist groups in South America that partner with narco-trafficking organizations of the region. From its center for transnational operations—specifically, the border area mentioned above—arms are exchanged for drugs (heroine, methamphetamines, and cocaine); then, drugs are trafficked to Europe and Asia.

Evidence of this collaboration is found in weaponry seized from narcotics traffickers. Said weapons (made in Europe or the Middle East) are the type used by Islamic supporters of the Palestinian cause. Sophisticated car bombs and intricate tunnels (as used in the Gaza Strip on the Egyptian side) manifestly come with expertise from the outside.

One of the trademarks of radical Islamist terror—namely, the practice of beheading—is a fairly new form of retribution now being used against rivals in Mexico. Yet another giveaway of radical Islamist influence is the cartel’s increased use of youngsters to carry out murderous deeds. Stone-cold, hands-on assassins torture and slaughter dozens of gangland foes. One such drug-gang hit “man” started as a twelve-year-old whose name means “the Cloak.”[5]

This is no new happenstance. Since the 1970s, US agencies have warned that Islamic groups established in South America are dedicated to arms trafficking in the area. Department of Justice intelligence documents show that Mexican narcotics traffickers made their first contacts with radical groups like the Lebanese terrorist group, Hezbollah, at the beginning of this decade—this, through intermediation of members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Columbian, Brazilian, and Peruvian drug dealers, and Venezuela (bordering Brazil).[6]

No Way, José!

Many in the media deny the strong presence of Hezbollah in South America; but verifiable data from the FBI, CIA, and DEA beg to differ. In fact, over the past few years, Mexican drug traffickers have become primary clients. Seventy-four investigations of the Special Operations Division of the DEA finger Islamic groups on the common border of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay that launder money, sell arms, and traffic drugs supplied by three or four major cartels that operate throughout Mexico.

Even more, the majority of these groups represented in South America are tied to Palestinians who finance their causes with gains from narcotics traffickers in Mexico and the whole of Latin America. A spokesperson for the military wing of Hamas in Gaza admits: “Our people love death.” Furthermore, he adds, “our goal is to die for the sake of God; and if we live, we want to humiliate Jews and trample on their necks.”

In a roundabout way, drug cartels in partnership with groups as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Front, and the Palestine Liberation Organization finance terrorism against Israel, if only indirectly and unwittingly. The Great Satan is likewise targeted. One can follow the money to Iran (a key supporter of Hezbollah) and its hundreds of millions of dollars tied to the Global Cocaine Trade that feed Hezbollah around the world.[7]

Camel-in-the-tent Phenomenon

Though Texas Minutemen are leading an all-volunteer assault on a migrant wave of crime that border-crossing federal agents can’t or won’t stop, Hezbollah and ilk successfully use the same transit routes into the US as the drug cartel from Mexico and Columbia. From 2007-2010 the Department of Homeland Security captured some 180 thousand OTMs; the number not captured remains unknown.

With less than forty percent of our borders secure, Hezbollah’s influence is spreading from South- to Central- America through Mexico and on to the US.

Empowered by billions of dollars in fees charged for transit, Mexican drug lords control most access routes. Drug- and people- smuggling are now interchangeable. From anywhere in Mexico or Central America, Illegals fly or board busses en route to an industrial town like Altar in the North. From there, they are driven to the Arizona border; and, after walking a few miles, are picked up by shuttle buses and transported to Tucson or Phoenix—no citizenship ID required.

It’s no exaggeration to suggest that, in addition to illegal drugs, people, radioactive materials, foot soldiers, suicide bombers, and WMDs can (and likely will) enter the US through these highly mechanized routes.[8]

Hasta la vista, Mexico

Mexico is inexorably linked with the US through trade and investment, migration and tourism, environment and health concerns, family and cultural relationships. Arguably, no country is more crucial to the US than Mexico, our second most important trading partner. Together, we share a two thousand mile border and extensive interconnections through the Gulf of Mexico, as well as a wide variety of mechanisms for consultation and cooperation.

Our jointly enforced “grand bargain” works to regularize the status of undocumented Mexican workers and to assist Mexico economically—this, within the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In turn, Mexico cooperates with US efforts to control illegal trafficking of drugs, people, and goods.

A Government Accountability Office report suggests that the northern border poses an even greater terrorist threat due to its size and limited law enforcement; however, should Mexico become a failed state, threat from the south would be exponentially exacerbated.[9]

Wake Up and Smell the Anthrax

By no means are problems limited to isolated states as Texas, California, and Arizona. Sarah Carter (FOX News) rightly warns that this is an issue of national security (not local law enforcement), and it involves a criminal syndicate—an army, if you will (not merely “gangs”).

In Bible tradition, crimes against a righteous nation are not dismissed lightly. Punishments include (but are not limited to) banishment, confiscation of property, and even hard labor. Remember the Philistines, who dominated the Israelites until the time of David. Deliverance came through Shamgar, Samson, and Samuel. Jonathan defeated and David subjugated them.[10]

Today, we need a new breed of Jonathans and Davids to deter Goliaths from seeking entry by means of our northern and southern borders. True, Texas Minutemen are leading an assault on the migrant wave of crime; still, ever-increasing vigilance is required of a fully informed, engaged citizenry. Even more, the US needs to qualify as a “righteous” nation before God Almighty. To that end, much work must be done. But I digress.

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Not Just Time, but High Time

This past February, the FBI arrested Texas resident Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari (here on a student visa). Charged with attempted use of WMDs, this Saudi national wrote in his journal that he was inspired by Osama bin Laden, that 9/11 had caused what he characterized as “a big change,” and that it is “time for jihad.”[11]

To the contrary, it’s not only time, but high time Americans wake up and smell the anthrax. Our very existence depends on it.[12]


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� 2010 Debra Rae - All Rights Reserved

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Daughter of an Army Colonel, Debra graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa. She then completed a Master of Education degree from the University of Washington. These were followed by Bachelor of Theology and Master of Ministries degrees-both from Pacific School of Theology.

While a teacher in Kuwait, Debra undertook a three-month journey from the Persian Gulf to London by means of VW "bug"! One summer, she tutored the daughter of Kuwait's Head of Parliament while serving as superintendent of Kuwait's first Vacation Bible School.

Having authored the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural -Isms, Debra speaks to Christian and secular groups alike. Her radio spots air globally. Presently, Debra co-hosts WOMANTalk radio with Sharon Hughes and Friends, and she contributes monthly commentaries to Changing Worldviews and Debra calls the Pacific Northwest home.

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Logic dictates that the best way to know who enters and exits our country is through effective control of borders. Unfortunately, both the northern and southern borders of the United States include vast expanses of unguarded territory.