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By Debra Rae

September 13, 2008

Along with Baskin-Robbins “31 flavors” came the slogan "Count the Flavors. Where Flavors Count.” Leaning toward an ice-cream favorite dwarfs in the bigger picture, but some choices really do count. Every bit as varied in outlook as “31 flavors,” rule of law actually matters; and we best “Count the Consequences. Where Consequences Count.”

America has sampled its share of legal flavors from biblically-grounded Constitutional law to international “soft” law, and of late she has sampled extremes of self-law, on one hand, and Sharia (Islamic Law) on the other.

Laws of Change and Collective Consciousness

Dean of Upper Manhattan’s so-called “Green Cathedral,” James Morton once described David Spangler as "a highly regarded advocate of spiritual empowerment" who is "both down-to-earth and a genuine mystic."

Although best known for his work as co-director and spokesperson for the Findhorn Community in northern Scotland, Spangler likewise is known in New Age circles as “the Great Invocation”—this, in reference to a prayer used for letting “light, love and power restore the Plan on earth.”

In Spangler’s view, the “world of darkness under God-given law” is destined to disappear. Concurrently, as more and more “see the light,” an inevitable planetary shift promises to birth a New Age of Aquarius. Given the cosmic change, earth’s enlightened masses will become uniquely empowered to “co-create reality.”

In the cosmically-correct world of ever-emerging new spirituality, this law of collective consciousness takes front-and-center stage.

Law of Transcendence

Notable leader of Theosophy and co-Masonic hierarch, medium Alice Bailey coined the term for “Christ consciousness.” Achieving what she called “Christhood” is all about self-transcendence.

To ascend the evolutionary ladder from embryo-godhood to full-blown Christhood, one must let go of ego. In fulfilling the law of transcendence, mystics allegedly undergo multiple, upward mobility reincarnations, as needed.

Acclaimed author, award-winning consultant, expert intuitive, futurist and trance- channeler Kevin Ryerson draws from the Bible, but in error. Each soul, he declares, has “responsibility for its own behavior” and in “realization of its own divinity.”

While personal accountability is a biblical necessity, discovering one’s “Higher Self” is not. In fact, the latter mirrors “the sacred secret of lawlessness,” at work even in the apostle Paul’s day and all the more today (2 Thessalonians 2:7).

International Law/ “Soft” Law

To the Cosmic Humanist, everything in life is spiritual. Moreover, to enable “light, love and power” to restore the Cosmic Humanist’s plan on earth, God-given law must bite the dust.

In its place, “soft law” addresses ecologist Garrett Hardin’s overarching contention that “freedom in a commons brings ruin to us all.” To avoid this inevitable fate, citizens of the world are held accountable for achieving rapid transition to community sustainability. Unfortunately, sustainable development demands totalitarian control—this being the only way to enforce laws needed to prevent humans from messing up biodiversity.

At the global level, “soft law” represents unenforceable agreements between nations. By appearing to represent global consensus, these have a way of evolving slowly into enforceable international law in the form of agreements, conventions, declarations, executive orders, pacts, summits and treaties.

Historically, US power was vested in government solely through a legal conveyance from the people—i.e., the Constitution. Of late, progressively more international agreements are being used to control even domestic matters. Already, state law has been invalidated by using words of United Nations’ international treaties. This judicially renders the UN Charter the supreme law of our land.

Even more, it has become apparent that old international treaties can be resurrected years and even decades after taking what attorney Phyllis Schlafly calls “a knockout punch.” One such example is the old UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. LOST created the International Seabed Authority (ISA) which exercises total jurisdiction over all the oceans and everything in them—fully seven-tenths of the world’s entire surface.

Were the US to ratify LOST, her vote in the ISA would equal that of Cuba’s. Furthermore, the treaty empowers the restriction-free ISA to levy international taxes under the guise of assessments, contributions, fees, payments or permits; to impose production quotas; and to restrict intelligence-gathering missions by US submarines.


As is the case with most “soft law,” LOST is more about international control than it is about stewardship.

Sharia Law

As more and more Muslims make their way to the West, yet another rule of law is weighing in: Sharia (Islamic Law) means “way” or “path to the water source.” It is drawn from the Qur’an and from sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Along with the Sunnah (tradition), the Qur’an constitutes Islam’s immutable basic code. In contrast, Sharia refers to principles behind ever-evolving interpretive law; it addresses prescribed religious and secular duties, along with punishments for disregarding them.

Said punishments include public hangings and flogging for wine- and alcohol-drinking. In the case of adultery, the guilty are stoned to death. Highway robbery and theft are punishable by the amputation of a hand; and if the crime results in a homicide, the perpetrator faces execution—no “ifs, ands or buts.”

Rooted in local customs, Sharia provides a legal framework for dealing with politics, economics, banking, business, contracts, family, sexuality, hygiene and social issues, as those listed above. In reality, however, this system of consensus—featuring debate, interpretation and precedent—deals mostly with marriage, divorce and inheritance policy.

Islam’s legendary “revolt against the modern world” defines five categories of action—first, that which is obligatory, such as “redeeming holy ground” for Allah. Meritorious action allows the weak among believers to fake peace while awaiting a more opportunistic time to strike back. Permissible actions for Muslims include female genital mutilation, giving aid to jihadists and polygamy. While child abuse is deemed reprehensible, it is seldom, if ever, reported. Finally, forbidden actions include adultery and conversion to Christianity.

Sharia Law is spread by either of two approaches. The Mecca conciliatory strategy is employed when Muslims are perceived to be in the minority and, therefore, weak. In contrast, the Medina Approach of war-mongering is implemented when Islam’s enemy is perceived as weak. Wahibis of Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Mullahs of the Iranian Revolution and the Taliban of Afghanistan use the latter approach to spread Sharia Law.

Islamic Invasion

Think about it. All the while Christians are being driven from the Middle East, Muslims by the thousands are moving West and bringing with them commitment to Sharia Law and Islamic exclusivity. That being said, the line between East and West is fast blurring.

In postmodern America, our tendency is to disguise imposition of Sharia Law in terms of civil rights. Case in point, an ACLU District Court law suit purports that prison policies around mealtimes violate a Muslim’s Constitutional right to practice his religion in that mandated consumption of food within twenty minutes of delivery conflicts with prescribed prayers and breaking the Ramadan fast.

Speaking of which, even the White House now observes Ramadan. Islamic clerics lead Congress in prayer; and unwitting taxpayers in Minnesota fund a Muslim charter school boasting its own mosque and Islamic studies curriculum.

America is not alone in her accommodation strategy. In refusing to enforce Sharia, Canada necessarily adjusted its own laws so as not to appear discriminatory; and for some British Muslims, religious dispensation is crucial in matters of marriage and divorce. They seek rulings on family and/or property issues from Sharia councils that work cooperatively with civil courts.

Accordingly, the so-called Islamic Invasion already threatens to create a Muslim Europe by 2100. In Great Britain alone, up to seventeen thousand honor assaults are reported yearly. The dominant religion is fast becoming Islam, which grasps increasing influence in Parliament and British society.

In France, Brigette Bardot, now 73 years old, received a two-month suspended prison sentence and twenty-four thousand dollar fine simply for saying that the Muslim population in France is “destroying us by imposing its acts.” When it comes to political correctness, free speech is muted.

Keep in mind that an authoritative Muslim source claims that “thanks to your democratic laws, we will invade you. Thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you.” Make no mistake. The goal of jihad is clear: Conquer the world, literally, for Islam, circumvent international civil law and then usher in a supreme totalitarian Islamic government (a Caliphate) distinguished as one nation, one party, one Constitution (Qu’ran), one law (Sharia).

Life under Islamic Law

Author-educator Dr. Azar Nafasi characterizes Iran’s revolutionary regime as ruthless and “capricious as the month of April.” She recalls debilitating crackdowns interspersed with periods of relative tolerance.

Under Sharia Law, women especially are deprived of their legal rights. Within this system, it takes two women (count them!) to equal the worth of one man. Some courts refuse even to hear a woman’s testimony. Should a sister, daughter or wife somehow shame her family, a male relative is given license to hurt and even kill the offender.

When a child’s father dies, it’s the father’s uncle, not his mother, who generally gains custody. Under Islamic Law, no widow (or divorcée) is awarded “community” (or “marital”) property. Instead, a woman must entrust her family’s wealth to male relatives who may or may not have at heart her best interest.

Separate sections for men and women are required in all public venues—even when lining up at fast-food outlets. Put this in your pipe and smoke it: It wasn’t until May 2008 that Saudi Arabia sanctioned the first-ever, mixed-gender concert (featuring Mozart)! To this day, Saudi women may not drive, travel alone, or vote. If uncovered, women’s ankles beg to be hit with sticks—or spray-painted—as a show of disapproval.

Although Muslim men may marry whomever they choose, a Muslim woman may marry a Muslim man only; and then her virginity is subject to public verification. Under Sharia Law, a disobedient wife can be sequestered by her husband; and even now, women in Afghanistan set themselves ablaze to escape forced marriages.

The “good” news is that so-called “People of the Book” (Christians and Jews) may live, but only in subjection to Islamic Law. Even so, throughout the Middle East, Christian girls are known targets of public harassment and even rape. In Khartoum, more than a million Christians have been slain, displaced, starved and/or enslaved by Islamists.

Now, the “bad” news: Execution of Islamic Law is literal confiscation of one’s life—not to mention freedom of speech—especially for women and non-Muslims. For a Muslim to convert to Christianity merits the death penalty. His wife is divorced from him, and his possessions are distributed to heirs.

Law According to Secularists, Traditionalists, Reformers

Iran and Saudi Arabia claim to implement Sharia fully in all areas of the law; however, secularists in the Muslim world believe that the law of state should be based on worldly principles, not Islamic theory as taught in traditional legal schools.

When Western-educated reformers advance new legal theories that align more closely with 21st century reality, they are met with resistance. It’s no cake walk to confront an uncompromisingly rigid system that muzzles any criticism of Muhammad and issues a fatwa (death sentence) to outspoken feminists.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan the late Benazir Butto identified what Islam most fears—namely, America’s modernity, diversity and democracy. Simply put, Sharia Law is incompatible with a democratic state. If you don’t believe it, consider this: Legally, a Muslim court can issue a decree of divorce even to an unwilling secular couple brought to its attention by a butt-insky third party!


Constitutional law mirrors biblical law in its “perfect law of liberty” propelled and superintended by “the royal law of love.” In contrast, cosmic lawlessness upholds the defunct evolutionary imperative of becoming a law unto oneself; and any seasoned first-grade teacher knows how well that works!

In stark contrast, Islamic Law thumbs its proverbial nose at Western values and privileges, yet Muslims by the thousands are moving West and bringing with them commitment to Sharia Law and religious exclusivity.

Reflected in intrusive international “soft” law, laws of transcendence and collective consciousness advance the Gaia-centric Law of Biomimicry, naturally leading to earth servitude and global domination of elitists.

As we’ve established, the stakes are high when it comes to rule of law. For good reason, God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans do well to educate themselves and to remain vigilant. Otherwise, they risk forfeiting what they hold dear—not least of which are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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Daughter of an Army Colonel, Debra graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa. She then completed a Master of Education degree from the University of Washington. These were followed by Bachelor of Theology and Master of Ministries degrees-both from Pacific School of Theology.

While a teacher in Kuwait, Debra undertook a three-month journey from the Persian Gulf to London by means of VW "bug"! One summer, she tutored the daughter of Kuwait's Head of Parliament while serving as superintendent of Kuwait's first Vacation Bible School.

Having authored the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural -Isms, Debra speaks to Christian and secular groups alike. Her radio spots air globally. Presently, Debra co-hosts WOMANTalk radio with Sharon Hughes and Friends, and she contributes monthly commentaries to Changing Worldviews and Debra calls the Pacific Northwest home.

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Reflected in intrusive international “soft” law, laws of transcendence and collective consciousness advance the Gaia-centric Law of Biomimicry, naturally leading to earth servitude and global domination of elitists.