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By Paul Proctor

March 19, 2005

�And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.� � Luke 4:4

She looks so much different now than she did twenty years ago. Her aging caretakers, who have been there for her day after day, do everything they can to keep her alive. Those who claim to love her from a distance, in reality, abandoned her many years ago for someone new and now contend with the aging caretakers over her willingness and ability to survive in the 21st century while advancing the absurd notion that her passing is really for the best.

�We�re not asking anyone to kill her,� they insist; �just don�t keep feeding her! Instead, give her something for the pain and let nature take its course so we can all get on with our lives. We have others to tend to. What purpose does her continued weakness and suffering serve? We all know she�s unable to speak for herself, much less feed herself; so let her die with dignity and don�t delay the inevitable any longer! I�m sure she would want it that way.�

You see, in recent years, she was �plugged in� and �connected� to every new fangled gadget and device that came along and fed every fancy formula and silly solution the experts could conjure up in hopes it would somehow improve her quality of life. But, it was not to be. It�s as if she was set apart to suffer through the sins of a cold and calloused world. While claiming to know what was best for her, the experts actually profited from her debilitating condition when all she really needed was to be fed and protected from those who would do her in.

Her tragic tale has now captured the attention of the world; a world holding it�s breath to hear the latest ruling on her rights in society. Still, at their own risk and expense, the aging caretakers press on and remain with her through it all to do what no one else will, forever fearing that knock at the door from authorities sent to carry out another death sentence and remove her food and water.

Pray, my brothers and sisters that these so called �experts;� those offering up their professional opinions on her wants and needs will not be allowed to starve the Bride of Christ. No, she�s not as young, vibrant and pretty as she once was but her Groom is returning for her soon and will not look fondly upon those who have so cunningly sought her demise by withholding the Bread of Life and the Living Water that sustains her day to day.

Their counterfeit compassion and slick talk do not fool Him. He knows the wickedness in their hearts and the deceit on their tongues and even warned the Bride of their coming thousands of years ago and will not spare a one of them on Judgment Day!

Don�t sit back and let them chastise the aging caretakers and chase them from the sanctuary in the name of �passion, purpose, progress, health and church growth.� The Bride may have temporarily lost her appetite for the Word of God amid all the amusement and distraction; but her need for it now is greater than ever; and it is every shepherd�s sacred duty to see to it that she is washed, fed and watered until the Groom�s return.

�He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.� � John 21:17

� 2005 Paul Proctor - All Rights Reserved

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Paul Proctor, a rural resident of the Volunteer state and seasoned veteran of the country music industry, retired from showbiz in the late 1990's to dedicate himself to addressing important social issues from a distinctly biblical perspective. As a freelance writer and regular columnist for, he extols the wisdom and truths of scripture through commentary and insight on cultural trends and current events. His articles appear regularly on a variety of news and opinion sites across the internet and in print.









While claiming to know what was best for her, the experts actually profited from her debilitating condition when all she really needed was to be fed and protected from those who would do her in.