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By Paul Proctor

August 22, 2008

�Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.� � Proverbs 27:20

Evangelist Todd Bentley and Bigfoot were both summer sensations this year � stealing the headlines and captivating both the curious and the critic with their 15 minutes of fame.

Bentley, a larger than life �miracle worker� from Canada, put on a big show here in the States that drew a lot of people and a lot of media attention down in Lakeland, Florida.

The Baptist Press had this to say about him in a July 23rd article:

A new faith healer is making headlines for his claims of supernatural powers, but conservative evangelical leaders warn that Todd Bentley is a fraud and a false teacher.

Bentley, leader of a revival that began in Lakeland, Fla., this spring, is known for his multiple body piercings and tattoos, his violent healing techniques, his claims of angelic visions and "holy" laughter and "holy" vibrating shakes. He even claims to have raised dozens of people from the dead.

In one YouTube video, Bentley, who is Canadian, can be seen kneeing in the stomach a man with stage 4 colon cancer. When the man bent over in obvious pain from the blow, Bentley said, "I had to be obedient to the Lord, sir, but I believe that colon cancer is coming right out of your body now." In other videos, Bentley explains how he kicked an elderly lady in the face, banged a crippled woman's legs on a platform "like a baseball bat," choked a man, "leg-dropped" a pastor, and hit a man so hard it dislodged a tooth -- all because God supposedly told him to do so.

Bigfoot, on the other hand, didn�t have to do a thing to amaze the masses but lay frozen in a freezer.

It didn�t matter how outrageous the claims � how preposterous the premise or how bazaar the behavior of those involved. Readers and viewers couldn�t get enough of either one. And most all the providers of news and information, both on and off the web, were happy to accommodate the insatiable appetite for more.


Because everyone loves a circus!

It�s why we go to the movies � it�s why we gasp at �magicians� and stunt men performing the impossible. Spectacle is what makes the crowds cheer and the registers ring.

When it comes right down to it � it doesn�t matter if it�s real, as long as it�s believable; because in the end, it�s really not about truth � it�s about experiencing euphoria � finding something, anything or anyone that can make us feel good or feel better fast.

In an story titled, Legend of Bigfoot: Discovery or Hoax, Sasquatch hunter and researcher, Tom Bascardi was quoted as saying this about the contents of the infamous freezer:

"I got to tell you, it was a euphoric experience for me," Biscardi said about seeing the body. What I seen, what I touched. ... Was not a mask sewn onto a body."

No, Tom � it was a gorilla suit.

Trick or treat!

Hey, but it was money in the bank folks � and we all had a great time being spoofed, didn�t we?

Well, didn�t we?

I believe salesmen call this a win-win situation.

Hollywood calls it entertainment � and that�s really what today�s �news� has become, hasn�t it?

Then, I came across another interesting article just this morning titled New facial animation techniques make face look real. It contains a short You Tube video of an animated character named �Emily� that looks convincingly human � at least to someone with my aging eyes.

In the article, FREE PRESS Technology Columnist, Mike Wendland, had this to say about it:

You need to look at the video accompanying this post. It's an animation using a new 3D technology that renders an image so real you will think you're looking at a real person. If I was one of those highly paid TV anchorpeople or a commercial actor, I would be very worried.

Remember, the "Emily" you see in this demo is not real.

The demo comes from a company called Image Metrics, a Hollywood outfit that has done animation and special effects for some of the Harry Potter films and popular video games like Grand Theft Auto.

The possibilities of this new animation technique are amazing. For starters, animated characters could replace TV commercial pitchpeople. They'll do it in one take, with no lunch breaks, makeup people or makeup needs.

Yes, the possibilities are indeed amazing.

Why, just imagine what we will soon be able to produce for our own amusement, amazement, pleasure and worship in these �last days,� as the Bible calls them?

The big screens are all up and ready in homes, schools, businesses, theaters, restaurants, clubs and churches around the world � all ready to experience the next big discovery � the next great miracle worker.

All this power and technology kind of makes The Revelation of John come alive, doesn�t it?

�And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.� � Revelation 13:15

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When it comes right down to it � it doesn�t matter if it�s real, as long as it�s believable; because in the end, it�s really not about truth � it�s about experiencing euphoria � finding something, anything or anyone that can make us feel good or feel better fast.