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By Pastor Butch Paugh, PPP
April 12, 2015

Sir, I sincerely want to believe that the comments you made on a you-tube video I watched with you, your sheriff and a couple of other gentlemen were made out of an innocent ignorance. I truly would rather believe this scenario than to think that you know the truth of Romans 13 and are intentionally misleading your flock and others. Mr. Webber, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I am going to assume that you just need a bit of a Biblical instruction.

So here goes:

Nowhere in Romans 13 are we instructed to “obey” evil civil authority! Since this passage was written from prison by a “law breaker” named Paul, then one would have to assume that Paul was an unrighteous man for disobeying the civil authority and a hypocrite! Of course, the same is true of the apostles and thousands more that were slaughtered by the civil authority of Rome for “obeying” their unrighteous laws. Right? How ignorant is it to teach unlimited submission to man’s government?

Now, we must not forget all of the unrighteous men who actually armed themselves against their government in 1776! Wow, what a bunch of sinners! How many more, Mr. Webber, should I take the time to mention, that knew your interpretation of Romans 13 is actually from being naïve (ignorant of God’s Word) or an outright false teaching used to mislead the people?

How about in Acts 5:29 when Peter and others told the ungodly “church” leaders of the day that they would obey God rather than men? They were just released by angels from prison where they we placed for preaching. They must have been truly unrighteous men for going against an unrighteous bunch of hypocrites and civil authorities! And even after being beaten, they still didn’t understand that Paul had taught them to obey man’s laws no matter what. Silly boys!

In Acts 17, Paul was accused of preaching there is another king than Caesar (civil authority). In col. 1:16-18, he also taught that Christ had preeminence over all things! That His laws, kingship, kingdom and authority are superior and above all thrones (spiritual and earthly), dominions (kingdoms – kingships – civil authorities), principalities or powers! Eventually Paul was killed for not obeying his own teachings! Right? How absurd, Mr. Webber!

We have many occasions in the old covenant where godly people were persecuted and prosecuted for not obeying the civil authorities! We have several occasions where godly people misled (lied) to civil authorities to further God’s will on earth. In Exodus 1, two righteous women lied directly to the king to save the life of Moses! In Joshua, chapter 2, you will find an instance where a prostitute misled (lied to) civil authorities to save two Hebrew spies to fulfil God’s will! Not only was she not condemned for doing this act of “rebellion”, her reward was being placed into the lineage of our Savior Jesus Christ! There are many more passages in God’s Word that disprove the false teaching you are promoting of Romans 13. Let us now examine briefly, Romans 13.

Even as Paul penned this epistle, he was in prison for not obeying civil authority. So obviously he was teaching this principle. Was he condemning himself, or was he endeavoring to teach us how to respect a “righteous” civil authority? . In Romans 13:1-2 he told us that we should subject ourselves to civil authority or face the wrath of God. If one were to stop reading there, Mr. Webber, then we could assume that you were right in your assessment of the scriptures. But to stop there makes a false teacher out of us. In verse 3, we find that civil authority is here to punish evil doers and reward the righteous! Evil doers such as thieves, rapists, adulterers, fornicators, murderers, homosexuals, kidnappers, and other crimes that are against the laws of God and that should be enforced by civil authority! Remember, Christ is to be the head of all authorities and powers! In verse 4, Paul says that the civil authority is to be a minister (deacon) of God to us for good! One should only fear the sword of the civil authority when we have committed a crime against righteous laws and statutes! We are to obey righteous government, kings, authorities and civil “servants” when they are fulfilling their role as a minister of God in enforcing His righteous government! When we obey any law or law system that is contrary to God’s laws we are committing a gross sin against God and damning our children’s future into a tyrannical world power. To obey man over God is idolatry. And yes, we are to pay them for their “righteous” services. When civil servant cease performing a righteous duty, they lose their authority!

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In closing, Mr. Webber, I feel it my duty to warn you, sir, that if your ministry is listed as a 501c3 tax exempt corporation, you are not under the authority of Christ, but under the authority of the Federal government and the IRS. Sir, I can prove this if you are interested.

When it becomes mandatory for you to perform marriages for sodomites and lesbians under the civil authority laws that you say we must obey, will you obey man or stand for Christ? Be very careful of your answer and decision, sir. Your soul depends on it! Matthew 10:32-33. Do not deny Him before men in not obeying His laws over man’s laws. Christ said He did not come to bring peace to earth but a sword, i.e. division, warfare and more. Matthew 10:34-39

Please Mr. Webber, correct your misunderstanding of the scriptures and correct the misdirection you have led many into.

In Christ’s service,

Pastor Butch Paugh, P.P.P

[Note: If you agree or disagree with Pastor Dennis Webber's stance on Romans 13, contact him at the following address:

Parkway Christian Center
229 NE Beacon Dr.
Grants Pass, OR 97526

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When it becomes mandatory for you to perform marriages for sodomites and lesbians under the civil authority laws that you say we must obey, will you obey man or stand for Christ? Be very careful of your answer and decision, sir. Your soul depends on it!