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By Pastor Butch Paugh

January 14, 2011

Strange title for an article huh? You are probably asking yourself, “What is this fellow talking about?!” Religion can’t rule in America! It’s unconstitutional! There is a separation of church and state in America! That’s in our Constitution! Well, first I very much wish to inform the unlearned that nowhere in the United States Constitution is that statement made or even implied. It is in the Russian constitution, but not in ours. The only time this phrase was used was in a letter from President Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist preacher in which Jefferson assured him that the government would prefer one “Christian” denomination above another. The only ones who use that statement now is the news media and other heathens that are trying (and are succeeding in) to destroy America’s Christian Foundation. I will not endeavor here, to prove that America was, without a doubt, a nation founded on the Christian religion.

In this brief article, more than ample proof will be given, if you desire the truth that it is not possible to have a society (nation) wherein religion doesn’t rule! For all those who do not suffer the very widespread disease known as “Truth phobia”, this article will settle any questions on this topic. The lack of knowledge and the fear of truth have, and are still destroying what’s left of our “once” great nation. (Hos. 4:6, Pro. 16:6, John 14:6)

In order to comprehend why mans actions are what they are; you must first understand “why” he does what he does. There are no such things as random events in history. All are the result of mans “religious” beliefs. Each action taken by a single man, or a nation of men, is a direct result of the “philosophy” that motivates, controls his thoughts and directs his life. The very same process extends “naturally” to societies and nations. All areas of society, home, state or nation is comprised of “individuals.” Whatever the philosophy an individual has on and about life directs his thoughts and determines his actions. This naturally extends to every sphere this individual influences. And all men’s philosophies (thought processes) are based on, and actually are, the “religion” he practices.

When we are able to grasp the fact that every word spoken, action taken, and deed done originates in the heart (spirit, soul) of a man, we can more fully understand the scriptures. (II Cor. 10:4-6, Eph. 6:12)


The beliefs that an individual holds in his mind and heart are his “religious” beliefs. When enough people are influenced by an accepted “religion” in a society, then that religious belief system “controls” that nation. All aspects of life are then governed by that religion! The laws, morals, finances, education, music, indeed the culture itself, are the fruit of the dominating religious structure of that society. There is no doubt that history has proven this issue!

There cannot be, and there does not exist, in any sphere of man’s life, a religious void! Every man, society and nation, since the beginning, has been controlled and governed by their religion.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of “recognized” religions in the world. We must all choose one or more. The question is, which one have we chosen to “rule” us as individuals and as a nation?

Which would you prefer? One that has absolute, unchangeable, immutable moral laws? Or one that is based on man’s personal religion (belief system), such as humanism, atheism or agnostics to name a few whose “laws” change with his desires and perceptions of good and evil?

How about one that has “divine” commandments that demand justice and righteous judgments up to and including the death penalty, but that is tempered with grace and mercy? One that allows for the redemption and forgiveness for the criminal by the “Creator” of the divine laws.

Or perhaps you are one that recognizes immutable laws with punishment, but offers no mercy, grace or hope of forgiveness? Or, perhaps you prefer one where there is no definite right or wrong except what society (man) believes to be wrong or right at the time? Of course this “religion” will cause utter chaos and confusion. A “multi-cultural” society like we have in America today.

Folks, you would have to be a fool (Ps. 14:1) to desire a philosophy (religion) tempered with no mercy, or one with no set rules at all to govern by!

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There can be no doubt that individuals, societies and nations will be ruled (governed) by a religion! There is no way around this undisputable fact!

The only religion that offers immutable laws tempered with mercy, that secures liberty (freedom under law) (II Cor. 3:17) on a sound moral foundation is Christianity! There is no other.

History has proven that!

Point made, case closed!

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In order to comprehend why mans actions are what they are; you must first understand “why” he does what he does. There are no such things as random events in history. All are the result of mans “religious” beliefs.