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By William Owens, Jr.
December 6, 2014

The current upheaval of race relations has caused America to face a time of transitions that could take a turn either for the better or for the worse. How we as a country chart, navigate and sail through this transition will be determined if we put our faith in God to captain our ship, or place our trust in the wisdom of men.

Nowhere in the history of men did man’s answer ever work the righteousness of God. In fact man best effort falls horribly short of God’s ways.

Let me keep it short and to the point.

When Israel was faced with internal conflict, it was never because of what others did against Israel, it was what Israel did against God. The Israelites disobeyed God, rejected God and worshipped other gods. The Israelites adopted the customs of other nations and even intermarried with them. A once unified Israel was split in the Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom. Several hundred years later, invaders conquered and the Israelites were exiled.

Let’s look at it another way. When any nation has internal conflict, it was not so much of what that nation is doing against itself, it was what that nation went against what made that nation great.

My point is that the trajectory where America is headed did not happen last week or last year or a decade ago. It happened when we removed prayer from schools. It continued when we legalized killing the unborn. It progressed when we equated same-sex marriage with traditional marriage.

All of these are important moral, foundational issue that brings the consequences of what we see taking place today. But disregarding the sanctity of life is tantamount to outright murder. How a nation values life is first determined how we view life. When we view life within the context of our own definition and not God's definition, we then define what is right and what is wrong.

Americans have ceased from seeing our country from a perspective of the biblical foundation on which it was founded. Our social, economic and spiritual foundation has eroded and the results are exactly what we are experiencing today.

The transitional future of America will easily be defined by one question: Will America return to God and repent?

Anything short of repentance, will not turn this mammoth tide that started on April 3, 1962 and was enacted on June 25 of the same year just a few months later. However, that’s just the beginning. I only bring this one specific rejection of God from our nation to simply identify one of the earliest acts that started the shift of America away from God.

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Regardless of how much police training our national police task force receives or who goes to jail, this form of justice does nothing to arrest the coming wave crashing against America because - she has rejected God.

The needed transition of our America can only come through repentance. It can only come if we are willing -- like nations before us -- to confront our error as a nation and yield to the God that made America who she is.

Shall we continue to insist that we can politicize race relations? The wave will eventually engulf, capsize and sink our nation to depths which we can never resurface.

I pray we repent and return to God.

William Owens is the Author of: Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts

� 2014 William Owens, Jr. - All Rights Reserved

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William Owens is a prolific author, having written seven books in the Christian literature genre, including Divine Protocol, Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts, and Warriors Arise. He most recent work; Naked Before God - Words that Express My Heart is a compilation of his poetry that debuts Christmas 2014. Owens has spent two decades in the publishing industry and is also a noted activist within the Christian and Conservative communities. His current project is Race to Reconcile, a coast-to-coast bike trek in the Spring of 2015. The journey, which will include stops at orphanages, veterans’ homes, soup kitchens and prisons, is designed to inspire acts of forgiveness that will lead to reconciliation to God and one another regardless of color, religion, political affiliation and other differences. Owens’ new book, entitled Race to Reconcile: A Christian Approach to Strengthening Race Relations in America, will debut at the same time and will feature stories and experiences continuing the message of forgiveness and reconciliation. He is also launching a series of panel discussions throughout the nation called, “Celebration Forgiveness”.





Regardless of how much police training our national police task force receives or who goes to jail, this form of justice does nothing to arrest the coming wave crashing against America because - she has rejected God.