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By William Owens, Jr.
November 25, 2009

Battles are won and lost within the corridors of the mind and reinforced within the commitment of the heart. Whatever the landscape of the battlefield might look like matters not. What does matter is your heart of hearts. It will reveal where your commitment lies because your commitment is directly tied to your resolve.

For starters, your commitment must not be to America, to liberty, or to freedom. It must not rest with a political party or even a religious denomination, movement or the noblest ideology including groupthink. Thank God for Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the many others who helped guarantee our liberties, shape our constitution, and establish rights that have set America apart. These realities were not borne out of the very realities of their own existence; they came forth from an allegiance to ideals that were rooted and founded in a Creator—namely, God!

The challenge with many Americans is that they have very little to die for. Therefore, they have very little to live for. In the epic movie, Braveheart, the lead character William Wallace said, “All men die, but not all men really live.” You cannot die for America because it is a noble or patriotic thing to do. If your commitment to God is your resolve, then your life will reflect its peaks and valleys, its victories and losses, even its very existence and death. The lethargic mindset that is prevalent throughout America today is a result of moral decay and godless compromise. Quite simply, we are experiencing a dearth when it comes to godly commitment in all spheres of our lives.

You must ask the tough questions in relation to God’s commitment in order to ascertain your resolve. How will you react? What will you think? Where will you go? What will you do? What will the outcome be? Resolve is paramount to taking on the day’s battles and having the fortitude to maintain godly commitment.

Think of the ordinary pilgrims who came to this country. They did not come for the country. The country wasn’t even established yet! The pilgrims came in pursuit of an idea by which America was birthed. They were compelled by a faith that defined their life, not by circumstances that threatened to destroy it. They possessed a godly commitment and therefore, were resolved in their hearts and minds when faced with perilous times, disease and death. And today, we are reaping the fruit of their resolve to forge ahead and not quit.

How many Americans today are faced with a fear they have never known? There are many. We exhibit a knee jerk reaction rather than being compelled by godly commitment that is steadfast regardless of the circumstances of the day. This can only change by ensuring that our commitment rests with God alone. All other commitments will not and cannot guarantee that our hearts will not be troubled even in the midst of perilous times and weak faith in the land.

Here is what the psalmist and King of Israel, David, had to say regarding his commitment to the Lord:

Psalm 119:5- Oh, that my ways were steadfast in obeying your decrees!

David was resolved—steadfast—in obeying the Lord’s decrees—commitment. He turned his heart to God and therefore, was able to stand in times of uncertainty:

Psalm 112:7- He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.

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Defeat is not godly ambition. God never fails. He is steadfast, immovable and sovereign. If our commitment is with God, whatever God has decreed, we also should decree to make certain that our efforts are not in vain. Winning is not interpreted as in a game of some sort that ends when the game ends. We must view winning as an eternal objective. If we do right, we win. If we speak the truth, we win. The outcome is not our measuring stick; that belongs to God. Our objective in America, in this hour, must be to never, ever quit because our call of duty is to God and for God. We must be resolved at all costs.

Arise to the battle and reinforce your passion with a renewed commitment to God alone.

William Owens is the Author of: Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts

� 2009 William Owens, Jr. - All Rights Reserved

William Owens is a husband of twenty-four years to Selena Owens, and also a father of their four young adult children. He is President and co-founder of the Multi-cultural Conservative Coalition, a non-partisan conservative coalition comprised of people of various ethnicities and cultures who espouse conservative and patriotic ideologies, and translate those beliefs within society through a variety of platforms.

He is the author of seven books including, Divine Protocol-The Order of God’s Kingdom, Warriors Arise – Spiritual Life, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Maturity, and the controversial work, Bastards in the Pulpit. His latest, Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts is Owens’ first politically themed work and is experiencing great success in this hour of political transformation in America.

William Owens is also founder of iTouch Publishers, celebrating sixteen years of publishing relevant messages through books and newspapers to specialized markets since 1994. His wife, Selena, is also an author. To date, they have published a combined seventeen titles, and will be releasing their national newspaper, Christian Life News, A Christian Worldview Publication on the West Coast prior to year’s end.

He is a sought after speaker both within and also outside the Christian arena, and is a speaker and political activist touring with The Tea Party Express for the second time throughout America.











The challenge with many Americans is that they have very little to die for. Therefore, they have very little to live for. In the epic movie, Braveheart, the lead character William Wallace said, “All men die, but not all men really live.”