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By Debbie O'Hara
August 9, 2003

Judges and lawyers, once among the most respected of professions are now among the most feared. After the recent striking down of sodomy laws by the Supreme Court, that certainly comes as no surprise. Adding to our woes, California's Governor, Gray Davis, has just signed into law a CROSS-DRESSING BILL that will fine businesses and other organizations, including religious ones, $150,000 if they refuse to hire a "qualified" transsexual or cross-dresser. The State can now use the full power of the law to prosecute people of conscience. According to a commonly coined maxim, "As California goes, so goes the nation." Randy Thomasson, executive director of Campaign for California Families says, "Cutting off body parts to turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man is Frankensteinian science." How did we get to a point where Frankenstein is running the country? History has shown that once a civilization becomes morally corrupt, it cannot long survive. How did we come to this place in our history and will we survive it?

"Our political way of life is by the laws of nature, of nature's God, and of course presupposes the existence of God, the moral ruler of the universe, and a rule of right and wrong of just and unjust, binding upon man, preceding all institutions of human society and of government." The last nine words of this statement by John Quincy Adams are the most important. God's laws were in place before any human institution.

For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1:20.

The founders of this country believed that the moral laws that governed this universe were there to be discovered and were just as scientific as the laws of physics or any other science. They were testable, observable and immutable. Follow these laws and life gets better; don't follow them and life gets worse. One of our founders, Thomas Paine, who by no stretch of the imagination could be called a Christian, wrote, "Man cannot make principles, he can only discover them." Since law was scientific, you didn't have to be a Christian to recognize that there was a Higher Law.

The American founders' belief that there was a Higher Law than any human law was upheld even after World War II. There was no bigger proof of that belief in Higher Law than the trial of Hitler's henchmen at Nuremberg. The judges at those trials weren't going to accept the "I was just following the boss's orders" routine, even if you got your directions from the top.

A very large part of our history is our religious history, but legislation has erased it from our government school textbooks. Without our true history, we have lost the foundation for the legal system that created the freest most prosperous nation on earth. Richard J. Maybury, former Global Affairs editor for Moneyworld and author of the "Uncle Eric" books, hit the nail on the head in his book "Whatever Happened to Justice" when he stated that "certainly no one dreamed that the whole world would someday return to the arbitrary legal system of the Stone Age." But, that is where we are today. It is not so much that judges and lawyers are corrupt, though some certainly are, but that the law itself is corrupt.

The most important foundation of any civilization is its system of law, because law affects everything else. It affects the wealth, health, literacy rates and so on, even the very lives of the citizens who live under those laws.

Patrick Henry, in a speech against the Constitution on June 14, 1788, lamented that the Constitution should have declared the common law of England to be in force; after all the common law was declared when the government was first instituted in Virginia. He was concerned that the system of law that had protected them and their ancestors was being excluded. He warned that the Constitution had thrown away some of the best barriers of human rights.

It appears that Henry saw the future more clearly than most because rather than the common law, which was scientific and grounded in religious principles, we have drifted to what could be called "sociological law" or "political law". It has no foundation upon which to judge right from wrong. Political law doesn't have to be moral, just, or even make sense. All you need is some fool politician to pass it because he wants to garner more votes to stay in office. Political law guarantees no rights to protect the life, liberty, or property of the individual. According to our founders, protecting the rights of the individual was the main purpose of government!

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children. Hosea 4:6

Our lack of knowledge is costing us our freedom; and worse than that, we are selling our children and grandchildren into bondage.

We can see now how we got to where we are today in history. Most of us have relied on government for our education. They have erased our true history from the textbooks. Should that come as any surprise? After all, do you think a government-run school system is educating us and our children for our benefit or for their own benefit? Will this country survive as a free nation? I don't know. We are a nation that doesn't read and what little we do read comes from the highly controlled mass media. Unless we get away from the "boob tube" and our addiction to entertainment, I don't see that we have a chance. We need to educate ourselves as most of our founder's did on a continual basis.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson

Our founders were not the country bumpkins that many people claim. They were very scholarly men who knew the Bible and law well. The obvious answer to my title question of "who put Frankenstein in charge?" is "we the people". We put the monster in charge through our ignorance and apathy and there is no one to blame but ourselves. If we want to be a self-governing people again, then we must avail ourselves of the tremendous knowledge that is out there to be had.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull out your Bible and your law books and get going!

� 2003 Debbie O'Hara - All Rights Reserved

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Debbie O'Hara is a homeschooler and avid reader. She has held a position in management in the aerospace industry in Southern California. She left the business world to become a full time mother. Doing the research necessary to provide a comprehensive homeschool curriculum led her to a keen interest in the direction of our country. She has had numerous letters published in her local newspaper and she and her children are active in the political process both locally and nationally. She is a wife and mother of eight children. E-Mail:









"Our political way of life is by the laws of nature, of nature's God, and of course presupposes the existence of God, the moral ruler of the universe, and a rule of right and wrong of just and unjust, binding upon man, preceding all institutions of human society and of government."