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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing?











By Kelleigh Nelson
February 27, 2016

Be not a witness against thy neighbour without cause; and deceive [not] with thy lips. —Proverbs 24:28

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaketh lies shall perish. —Proverbs 19:9

Yes, politicians are liars, and they get away with it time after time, but Ted Cruz really tops the cake. He lies with a straight face then hides behind the Bible. I don't believe I've seen a candidate be so absolutely blatant with lies as is Ted Cruz. They're becoming too numerous to list. Is Cruz a snake? You bet he is. Listen to Trump's poem about snakes. It is the perfect analogy of why we should not be allowing all these "refugees" into our country.

The Lack of Discernment by Christians

Matthew 13:15 well describes what has happened with so many in the church. "For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them." They can not discern evil from good.

How sad it is today that so much of the church has lost her salt and light. If they knew God's Word, they'd know an imposter when they saw one. Instead of truth and substance, today's church gives you entertainment like Rock & Roll music and do the Boogie-Woogie every Sunday while America is burning down. That's why so many are still believing in the likes of Ted Cruz and his crazy buddies, David Barton and Glenn Beck.

The Crazy Cheerleaders for Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck is Cruz's cheerleader, and David Barton has taken charge of the super PAC that supports Cruz. The super-PAC, Keep the Promise PAC, is the umbrella for a group of related pro-Cruz political committees that raised $38 million in the first half of the year, more than the super-PACs supporting any other candidate with the exception of Jeb Bush. [Link]

Glenn Beck's latest statement again makes it look as though he no longer has a grip on what is acceptable and what is outrageous. People are asking if Beck is on drugs. He said, "God allowed Scalia to die in order to highlight the importance of electing Ted Cruz." Here is the exact video where he calls into his own show and makes this disgraceful statement.

But there's even more. Beck was of course stumping for Cruz in South Carolina. He called on Christians during a rally at Dominionist Rick Joyner's Morning Star Fellowship Church to “fall to your knees and pray to God to reveal to you what the hour is.” Rick Joyner's church is considered a cult, there is nothing Biblical about what he teaches or what they do in their "church." [Link], [Link], [Link] Ted Cruz also attended a national security forum held at Joyner's Church in Ft. Mill, SC in January.

Beck's latest bizarre speech indicated that Cruz as president will get us through the rapture. So is he saying Cruz is a form of messiah? I think we've had enough of that with Obama, haven't we?

In January, Beck argued the "hand of divine providence" brought about the birth of Cruz. Earlier in February, Cruz’s wife Heidi told a crowd that her husband shows the country "the face of the God we serve."

The latest was Beck asking people to fast for Cruz after the loss in South Carolina. [Link]

During an interview with Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, Rafael Cruz Sr., said he told his son at an early age that "God has destined you for greatness."

In 2013, Rafael Cruz, who claims to be an ordained pastor, said in a sermon at a church in Irvin, Texas, that his son is "anointed" from high above to serve as a "king" to bring about the "great transfer of wealth" from the wicked to the righteous. Rafael Cruz and his son are Dominionists. They believe America should be governed by their interpretation of Biblical law, and exclusively by those who believe as they do. [Link]

The Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reports, Ted Cruz is defending his controversial endorsement from an abhorrent anti-Semitic pastor, Mike Bickle, who is head of the cultist New Apostolic Reform under the banner of International House of Prayer or IHOP. According to JTA, Cruz has employed other tactics, including talk of rival Donald Trump’s "New York values," even calling the popular Yiddish expression "chutzpah" a "New York term," which is totally false. [Link]

Flip-Flops, Embellishments, and Outright Lies

Apparently, the Cruz campaign believes it is fine to lie to reach your goal. He always plays the honest man, even when he's telling you the opposite of what he told you before.

Remember when Cruz said his wife, Heidi, was the lone dissenter at the Council on Foreign Relations when the CFR Task Force was writing the North American Union? Right Teddy, but her written statement belies that tale. On page 33-34 of the Task Force's report, Heidi writes, "I support the Task Force report and its recommendations aimed at building a safer and more prosperous North America." [Link]

How about the story where Ted recalled saying to his wife in the weeks before his Senate primary, when he was still behind in the polls, "Sweetheart, I’d like us to liquidate our entire net worth, and put it into the campaign. What astonished me, then and now, was Heidi within 60 seconds said, 'Absolutely,' with no hesitation," said Cruz, who invested about $1.2 million—"which is all we had saved," he added—into his campaign. Only trouble with this story is, it's a total fabrication. They received a low interest loan from Heidi's employer, Goldman Sachs. [Link]

Ted Cruz is bashing Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts, after years of praising him. "As an individual, John Roberts is undoubtedly a principled conservative, as is the president (George W. Bush) who appointed him," Cruz wrote at the time in the National Review. According to a 2005 Sun-Sentinel report, Cruz once praised Roberts as "one of the best constitutional minds in the country." With the decisions of the Supremes, Cruz is now back peddling big time on his support of Roberts. [Link]

Cruz has stated he's against amnesty, but even visited the southern border with Glenn Beck to welcome illegal aliens. [Link] He has flip flopped and lied about where he really stands on amnesty. [Link] Watch Megyn Kelly question him in the January 28, 2016 debate sans Donald Trump. Video Listen to his twisted response.

Two years ago, Cruz proposed amendments to a bill sponsored by four Republican senators—Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake—and four Democrats. The bill would have tightened border security and employee screening. But it also would have allowed undocumented immigrants to apply, eventually, for legal status. [Link]

Cruz Lies About Donald Trump

Cruz wrongly says Trump's only Supreme Court pick is his sister, a 'hardcore pro-abortion liberal.' [Link]

"Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have the identical position on health care, which is they want to put the government in charge of you and your doctor, according to Sen. Cruz. [Link]

"I have not insulted Donald personally," stated Sen. Cruz. [Link]

No Senator Cruz, Donald Trump does NOT want Single Payer health care. [Link]

Cruz says Trump will try to take away our second amendment rights, when Trump is one of the strongest proponents of the right to bear arms and he says so in every speech that he has made for years. He and his sons are members of the NRA.

In Iowa, Cruz told thousands of Ben Carson voters that Dr. Carson had left the race and to instead vote for Ted Cruz. He apologized when the race was over. He stated he was repeating what CNN had said, but they never said Carson was dropping out.

Likewise, his fraudulent voter violation forms sent to Iowa voters.

Donald Trump has issued a short response to presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Trump says Cruz’s recent television ad saying Trump "can’t be trusted" on abortion issues is off base. Trump says he is pro-life and has been for a long time. [Link] Sorry Cruz, wrong again, Trump said he'd sign a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. [Link]

Trump was the same in 1988 as he is today, and he's been listed as a Republican for a long time, unlike the stories Cruz tells. Watch this Trump interview with Oprah from 25 years ago. And yes, Trump has changed parties from Democrat to Independent to Republican.

Ted Cruz's Campaign Manager

Who is Jeff Roe? He’s been called "scum of the earth," "piece of shit," a creep," "no ethics," "soul-less" … among a plethora of other pejoratives. In a 2010 congressional race, Jeff Roe managed Billy Long’s campaign against Scott Eckersley. [Link]

A HOAX e-mail sent to news media outlets, and a "tweet" issued by a fake Twitter account, announced that Eckersley had suspended his campaign due to personal reasons. Eckersley blames his opponent, Republican Billy Long, for sending out the hoax days before the election. "You know this is dirty politics. This is Jeff Roe-style management." Does this sound familiar?

Jeff Roe is Cruz's campaign manager. Roe is the founder of the Kansas City-based consulting group Axiom Strategies and has worked on a host of congressional races. The normally combative Roe had ducked interview requests from The Star, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Talking Points Memo, Mother Jones and other media until the spring of 2015, when he was announced as a top advisor to Ted Cruz. Why? Because a radio ad that made fun of Missouri Auditor, Tom Schweich was the final straw that caused Schweich to commit suicide. The auditor was considered rather fragile, but the cruel radio ad put him over the edge. Here is a copy of the despicable ad run by Roe for Schweich's opponent in the Missouri Governor's race.

Jeff Roe

Roe has stated that Cruz will win because they will break all the rules. "The last thing I would say is we are building a campaign not with data as a resource, but with data as the central point of our decision making," Roe said, noting that Team Cruz isn’t going about data the way normal campaigns do. The Ted Cruz campaign head admits the need to use psychological operations, religion and manipulation to convince voters to support Ted Cruz. [Link]

"We’re baking data into everything we do, into how we are going to engage each individual donor and voter in the process to see how they’re going to be able to get the message of our campaign," Roe said. The campaign manager promised the ability to use data to find out what Cruz should be talking to people about on the campaign trail.

Oh no, we never heard about using data before, sigh...Obama!

Jeff Roe keeps getting hired because he occasionally wins despite his penchant for using slime-ball tactics. Roe's political clients often run from the press when they are caught in some of the despicable schemes employed by Axiom Strategies. Remember the flyers in Iowa, and the announcement that Carson had left the campaign.

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When Ted Cruz signed Jeff Roe as his campaign manager, he knew he was getting the bad boy of Missouri politics, and he knew the filthy tactics of Jeff Roe. Cruz claims he's a Christian, yet he gives less than 1% to charity, he hires the likes of Roe as his campaign manager, and he lies like a persian rug continually about his opponents and Roe's tactics.

Our first president said, "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company." George Washington 1789-1797

The best way to stop the Jeff Roe tactics is to do as others have done and vote against the politicians who use them.

[P.S. In order to help Mr. Trump we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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2016 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved

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Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.






How sad it is today that so much of the church has lost her salt and light. If they knew God's Word, they'd know an imposter when they saw one. Instead of truth and substance they give you entertainment like Rock & Roll music. They do the Boogie-Woogie every Sunday while America is burning down. That's why so many are still believing in the likes of Ted Cruz and his crazy buddies, David Barton and Glenn Beck.