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By Kelleigh Nelson
June 9, 2010

We the People and the Continental Congress

The first Continental Congress was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1774 and had delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies that became the United States. It was convened in response to acts passed by the British Parliament. The delegates organized an economic boycott of Great Britain and petitioned the king for a redress of grievances.

The second Continental Congress met in 1775 in Philadelphia and the Revolutionary War had already begun. The movement towards independence was growing. The Congress established the Continental Army in June of 1775 and issued the Declaration of Independence in July 1776. They had designed a new government in the Articles of Confederation which were ratified in 1781.

The ratification of the Articles became the Congress of the Confederation which met from 1781 to 1789. After the War, it declined in importance and the delegates elected to Congress preferred to serve in state government. When the Articles were replaced by the Constitution, the Confederation Congress was superseded by the U.S. Congress.

The men that founded our country, fought for liberty, lost everything they owned, and gave us this Representative Republic were, for the majority, God fearing men. Even those who were deists, (considered then to be non-believers) knew their Bibles and God’s Word as well as studied preachers of today, if not better. They were guided by the Holy Scriptures.

A new Continental Congress was called in the fall of 2009 and met with delegates from every state at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, Illinois for 11 days. There were roughly 118 people from 49 states who worked on the articles of freedom for 15 to 22 hours a day according to one delegate from the south. Each state had to nominate and vote on who the elected delegates would be that would go to this historic meeting.

The organization behind the new Continental Congress is It is a tax exempt 501(c) 3 organization and is funded by donations from the “We the People Foundation.” I would urge everyone to take a look at the website and read the articles of freedom that came about after an 11 day meeting in St. Charles, Illinois last fall, 2009, by the work of those who met for this Continental Congress. The organization is the brainchild of Bob Schulz, founder and chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.

Their ultimate goal is to educate large numbers of people, gain at least 5% of the population to sign on with them, and be pro-active in a non-violent constitutional activity that petitions the representatives of each state for remedies or their members will withdraw their support, i.e., monies from going to the federal government. The right to petition our government for a redress of grievances is guaranteed in the first amendment.

Everyone I spoke with said the speakers at this meeting were extraordinary, the facility, paid for by the Foundation itself was excellent, the work was laborious and results oriented, and the delegates were hard working, decent patriotic Americans. They also all had great respect for Bob Schulz and this endeavor. All were also very proud of the end result of their work, the “Articles of Freedom.”

However good the intentions of all these patriotic and wonderful people, the point of trying to educate the American electorate has been going on for many decades. The government’s deliberate dumbing down of our children in the government run schools makes the task highly improbable. (See Dennis Cuddy’s latest book, NEW WORLD ORDER, The Rise of Techno-Feudalism. There are several chapters on education that are short and succinct and also appeared in News With Views articles.)

Sadly a few of the original delegates have already splintered off into another competing group. About ten of them were purported to be evangelical Christians. This seems to be a common situation with conservatives, whereas with communists and hardcore liberals, they will stick together to the bitter end to achieve their goals.

One delegate that corresponded with me said this, “My critique is that CC2009 has largely been a failure because conservative patriotic America has become too fractured to unite effectively. I concluded this is probably due to a spiritual blindness being allowed by God as a failure of too few Americans being committed to Biblical Christianity and its ethics. I made this conclusion at the culmination of the October vote which determined who would represent each state at November's Continental Congress.”


Unfortunately, from what I’ve been told, only about 20% of the attending delegates were truly God fearing men. Without God at the center of every effort to save our beloved Republic, and without profound and sincere prayer beseeching God’s guidance, all will come to naught.

The Tea Parties

On April 15th, 2009, Tea Parties in towns and cities all across America met to show their displeasure with the direction of our government. On September 12th, 2009, the Tea Parties, 912 Glenn Beck group, Oath Keepers, and others joined in a march on Washington, D.C. The main stream media, including Fox News, failed to report the true number of American loving patriots that attended that event. I believe by the many photos there were probably 2 million people in that march. One thing the tea parties have accomplished is giving hope to the many Americans that love our country and are seeing our freedoms and liberties disappearing daily.

Gathering with like minded Americans infuriated with the failure of their representatives to listen to their constituents concerns, fuels the desire to stop the onslaught of a government totally out of control. Unfortunately, scoundrel politicians have tried to take over the tea parties, use them for their own gain, profit off them both politically and monetarily, and yes, also infiltrate them. Despite the fact that we are frustrated and want and need to do something, so far the tea parties haven’t accomplished any sort of change in the direction this administration is pushing. Please see this important article regarding same.

Other Futile and Disingenuous Efforts

World Net Daily is one of the premier daily news outlets and many people read their columns. I agree with many of their writers on various topics. Having said that, Joseph Farah is a long time member of the secretive Council for National Policy and his Western Journalism Center was originally funded by Richard Mellon Scaife who seems to equally fund both sides of the aisle. Farah worked for Scaife’s now defunct Pennsylvania newspaper years ago.

Recently Farah had several “feel good, do something” campaigns, one of which was to send congress 5 million pink slips that specifically warned “that senders will oppose in the next election any member of Congress who votes for more spending, intrusive legislation that restricts personal freedom and more big government programs.” It goes on to say that you can send all 535 members of congress a pink slip telling them what you oppose for only $29.95 and sent by Fed Ex and including your name and address. Sounds like a good way to petition the rascals doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, all those pink slips just ended up in a circular file and the “feel good” of the effort was wasted on the elitists in D.C. that don’t care what constituents think. Should have saved your money and the trees for all the paper that was wasted. I think they got the idea at Townhall meetings and they still didn’t listen.

Another recent campaign was to send Pelosi, Reid and Obama copies of the constitution via Fed Ex for only $9.95. What do you suppose those three elitists who have willingly trampled on the constitution did with the 10,000 constitutions that were WND’s goal? I’m sure it made people feel good to send them, but it did nothing to save our republic and the above three probably never even saw them. Money was wasted and nothing accomplished to save our beloved Republic. Better the constitutions had been passed out to the uneducated electorate.

Another extremely troubling article on WND was written back about 6 months ago by Gary Kreep of United States Justice Foundation. It was about the danger of a constitutional convention and the whole article until the end sounded good. In fact it sounded as though it was taken directly from Joan Collins and Ken Hill's book, CONSTITUTION IN CRISIS which was written in the 80s when we fought the first constitutional convention call. See my article in NWVs entitled WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING?


However, having said that, at the end of the article Kreep says we're only TWO STATES AWAY from seeing a con-con convened! That's an outright lie...he proceeds to accurately list the 32 states that passed "calls" by the mid-80's, and then says, "Some states, like Georgia, Virginia, and others have since voted to "rescind" their calls for a "con-con - BUT NO ONE is sure whether those "rescission" votes are actually the danger is real."

Conspicuously absent from his statement is a complete list of states whose legislatures did withdraw their "calls," starting with Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, etc.-- easy enough to access and obtain...WHY doesn't he know who withdrew? Why didn't he "do his homework" and list all the states?! And WHY does he suggest that we're still on the precipice of a Con-Con even after several states withdrew their calls and prevailing legal opinion is/was that the withdrawals are constitutional? He goes on to add, "Right now, our staff is conducting legal and historical research, and preparing legal opinions, to submit to every state legislature, if necessary, and we'll be offering to represent any state, or state legislator in fighting the Con-Con based on those documents." And finally, the coup de gras..." In addition, we'll be calling on the Attorney General of the United States, and the Attorney General of each and every state that has passed a "Con-Con" resolution to issue an official Opinion on the legality of rescission." What's wrong with this picture??

Just what sort of "opinion" does Mr. Kreep imagine he will get out of Eric Holder on the subject? He certainly knows that Obama MUST HAVE a Con-Con to impose a new Constitution on the nation, so is there any doubt what Holder will "conclude" on recall legality?

There is a legal opinion from the former Attorney General of Maryland, Stephen Sachs, on the validity of "recalls." Kreep could have obtained that document, which was widely distributed. In addition to other such opinions, there's also the 1981 opinion of a Legislative Attorney with the American Law Division and an Analyst from the Government Division of the Library of Congress which affirms the legality of recalls (Report #81-135 GOV/A). There was/is no need to question the legality of withdrawals, UNLESS KREEP SEEKS TO "MUDDY THE WATERS." He managed to obtain quotes of Warren Burger and Gerald Gunther (these are provided in the Con-Con material in CONSTITUTION IN CRISIS) on the dangers of an open Constitutional Convention, but he conveniently ignores Sachs' and the Library of Congress' definitive stance on recalls, which allow NO BASIS FOR DISPUTE, and states he'll ask A/G Holder for his opinion?! Just what is it about existing legal opinions of validity that Kreep doesn't like or understand? Why does he "pull the punch" by stating all the factual reasons to NOT convene a Convention and, then remove the obstacle to a Con-Con by saying state withdrawals could/may be invalid?

This type of writing to an uneducated electorate and especially to younger patriots who do not know about the past fights against a constitutional convention and the destruction it would wrought disturbs me more than the “feel good” efforts that do nothing to Save the Republic. This is in actuality an effort to DESTROY the Republic fully. I have never heard Farah express these opinions and I was horrified that his fellow CNP member, Gary Kreep did so on Farah’s website.

Again, a false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy.

For an excellent short explanation of the extreme dangers of a con-con, see this video by Phyllis Schlafly who valiantly helped fight the call in the late 70s and early 80s.

What should and can be done

The first and most important action is to pray. Pray for our country, pray with a repentant heart for all that we’ve lost because we’ve allowed God to be removed from every facet of American culture. Spend time on your knees talking to the one who gives us everything. There are many websites that will give you the chronological reading of the Bible for one year. You’ll know the heart and mind of God if you read the manufacturer’s handbook!

Secondly, do not fall prey to the “spirit of fear” that is so prevalent with so many so-called patriots that are selling all types of wares to keep you “safe,” and “fed,” and “hidden” in certain groups when dangers come. II Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Thirdly, you absolutely must investigate the many folks running for office in the primaries. There are 22 homes in my little area and 3 of these homes are liberals. Many are conservatives. However, there are only 4 families on my street that vote in the primary. What do I constantly hear at major elections? “Well, we have to vote for the lesser of two evils again.” The reason for that is because the American electorate doesn’t understand that the primaries are the most important of all the elections, and most are too busy watching sports to go to the polls. Most don’t even vote.

And finally, I will suggest some websites where simple education and activities can save our Republic. These are among the best I’ve ever found,,,, and “National Precinct Alliance (NPA) is a nonpartisan constitutional conservative organization that has come together for the expressed and sole purpose of encouraging and educating Citizens in how to take part in the political process by becoming a Precinct Executive.”

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My purpose in writing this particular article was in the hope that we’d stop “spinning our wheels,” and get down to work with actions that I know will make a difference. Can we change the direction we’re headed? I don’t know. We’re in very, very bad straits folks. I watch daily the actions of my government and it strikes me that a huge sewer has broken over the American landscape and spewed it’s filth to every nook and cranny of our beloved nation. I can tell you however, I know the end of the book, and I do know that we are to do everything and to STAND for righteousness until the end. Will you join me? For part one or two click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2,

2010 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved

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Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots.









The men that founded our country, fought for liberty, lost everything they owned, and gave us this Representative Republic were, for the majority, God fearing men.