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A Bridge too Far






PART 2 of 2

by Steven Neill

January 28, 2014

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” -John Adams[14]

The US has used this power to run up deficits unheard of in world history. According to former Comptroller General David Walker[15] “The government estimates the national debt at about $17 trillion, its closer to $73 trillion, once all the unfunded promises for future Social Security benefits and other obligations are added in.” Some economists have calculated it to be as high as $222 trillion[16] when those unfunded liabilities[17] are included. To put this in perspective, if the US deficit were just the 17trillion most American believe we owe, each US citizen part of the debt is $54,005.[18] If Walker is correct, then each citizen owes $232,221.5 on the debt and if the $222trillion is right, then each person’s responsibility is a mere $702,065.[19] There is simply no way the majority of Americans have this kind of money.

The cost to service the national debt at the $17trillion level is $170billion every year for every percentage point of interest. Historically, the interest rate on the US National debt went from 0% in 1945 to 11% in 1980.[20] So, if the average rate of interest on U.S. government debt rose to just 6 percent, we would be paying more than a trillion dollars a year on interest without paying a penny on the debt. And that is just the debt the government is admitting to.

Even though many Americans seem to think the US can continue to spend money it does not have, the rest of the world has a better grasp of history and many countries have taken steps to move away from the dollar or is at least contemplating life without the dollar being the world’s reserve currency. Any honest economist understands that at some point the US will simply not have the money to pay its debt and that scenario was shown to the world with the prospect of a US default in October which was only averted when the government agreed to raise the debt level once again. .

This reckless and criminal behavior[21] by the Federal Reserve and US Government has opened Pandora’s Box as many nations begin to fear that the money they have been putting into US debt is never going to be repaid. This point was driven home in October as the global economy shuddered over the prospect of a US default on their loans sending the world back into a global recession. Even the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) which is the world’s biggest bank is concerned over the amount of money the FED is printing and made a statement concerning a “wall of debt”[22] about to hit the world. This fear has been seized by an opportunistic China as a way to promote the Yuan as the world’s reserve currency.

“It is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world.” -Xinhua, the official state-run Chinese news agency[23]

On October, 13, 2013, during the US budget debates, China called out for the world to “de-Americanize”, itself. Xinhua, the official Chinese government news agency, released a lengthy commentary stating ”that as American politicians[24] continued to flounder over a deal to break the impasse, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world”. The commentary continued: “A new world order should be put in place, according to which all nations, big or small, poor or rich, can have their key interests respected and protected on an equal footing."

This commentary should chill every informed American to the bone as it further stated: “emerging economies should have a greater say in major international financial institutions the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and proposed a "new international reserve currency that is to be created to replace the dominant US dollar."[25] At the same time, China has announced that it is going to start limiting the amount of foreign debt it will continue to buy and hold.[26] China buys and holds more than $1.28 trillion in US debt.
China has been working extremely hard for years to make the Yuan the “new international currency.”

US Department of Commerce figures show that by the end of 2012, China officially surpassed the United States as the world’s biggest trading nation[27] in terms of the sum of imported and exported goods. U.S. exports and imports of goods totaled US $3.82 trillion in 2012, while China’s trade amounted to US $3.87 trillion.[28]

Furthermore, 124 countries now consider China their largest trading partner,[29] surpassing the United States as the world’s premiere trade partner, stripping the United States of a title that it has held for over six decades.

China has now become the world’s biggest importer of oil,[30] passing the US for the second time in October 2013 and the trend is likely to continue as China’s demand soars and the US demand drops. A growing middle class in China is pushing the need for more oil imports while the US production of oil decreases our need to import as much oil. This shift will help the Chinese in their goal of making the Yuan as the world’s reserve currency as the demand for oil[31] moves from the dollar to the Yuan.

The problem is also magnified with the growing crack between the US and Saudi Arabia[32] over Iran’s nuclear program.[33] Saudi Arabia is infuriated by the lack of US resolve to disarm Iran’s nuclear program. Iran and Saudi Arabia are mortal enemies and the fears of nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran terrify Saudi Arabia.[34] This rift further threatens the petrodollar as Saudi Arabia is moving away from America’s protection[35] and thus the need to accept only US dollars for its oil.

In January, 2012, the Yuan’s share of the world’s market was a mere 1.9%. Today it is 8.6% which is an increase of over 500% in just under two years and that percentage is going to skyrocket by what just happened in Asia.A Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of the competing Singapore Exchange and Hong Kong Exchanges.[36] Their stated aim – to combine their forces in rolling out more financial products denominated in Chinese Yuan. With this move we’ll soon see more financial products– oil, gold; Fortune 500 corporate bonds, etc. denominated in Yuan and traded in Asia instead of being converted into dollars first.[37] In late November of this year, the Yuan took over the #2 spot as the second most used currency in the world passing the Euro for the first time. With this historical agreement, that rate of growth is set to explode.

The next piece of the scaffold being built to hang the US dollar are the agreements China is making with other countries to bypass the dollar and do direct currency exchanges. These exchanges are now signed with New Zealand,[38] Germany, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Chile, United Arab Emirates[39] and Singapore.[40] China pulled off a huge coup when the signed an agreement to do direct exchanges with the European Union[41] in October and now, Switzerland,[42] home of one of history’s most stable currencies is working to have direct exchanges with China, Other nations are in negotiations as well. India[43] has also been very busy making direct currency exchange treaties with other nations. To date, they have signed them with 23 other countries.[44] Then there is BRICS.

“BRICS represent the new multi-polar world; they are pressing for a new balance of power.” -Sven Grimm[45]

BRICS[46] (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries represent 43 percent of world’s population,[47] 18 percent of global trade, attract 53 percent of the foreign capital,[48] accounts for about 25 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP) and are currently generating about 45 percent growth of the world economy. From 2000 to 2008, the BRIC countries’ combined share of total world economic output rose from 16 to 22 percent. Together, the BRIC countries accounted for 30 percent of the increase[49] in global output during the period, and by committing to work together,[50] they plan on expanding that output.

BRICS held their fifth Summit[51] in South Africa on March 27 & 28th of 2013. During this summit, they announced the formation of a global financial institution which they intended to rival the western-dominated IMF and World Bank which they plan on completing in 2014.[52] They also announced the creation of a fund to help build infrastructure in Africa[53] to further push those countries away from the petrodollars and into the arms of alternative currencies.[54]

Another ominous sign BRICS is ready to launch a currency war is the amount of gold and silver those countries are hoarding. India In 2009, the nation purchased 200 tonnes of gold from the International Monetary Fund for $6.7 billion. It was the IMF’s first such sale in almost a decade. The nation’s consumer sector is also a big believer in gold, as India is the second-largest gold consumer in the world. In the third-quarter, demand for jewelry and gold bars/coins reached 148.2 tonnes.

He who has the Gold, Makes the Rules

Russia[55] holds 1,015.1 tonnes of gold. Russia has more than doubled its gold reserves in recent years, and is likely to keep buying. In the third-quarter, Russia’s central bank purchased more than 18 tonnes of gold.

China holds 1,054.1 tonnes of gold, which represents only 1.2 percent of its reserves. However, this underestimates China’s true holdings. The People’s Bank of China has not formally disclosed any changes to its gold holdings in years, and it’s widely believed that the central bank is purchasing gold to diversify its reserve holdings. China has imported an estimated 2232 tonnes of gold[56] since September 2011. No country in history has imported that much gold in such a limited time. Coupling this with the fact that China has domestically produced 3,072 tonnes of gold since 2004[57] clearly shows the intent to have a gold backed currency.[58]

“What scares me is the sheer level of indebtedness, and the fact that so many of our banks in the Western world are just in such serious trouble that we could face a situation where even if governments wanted to bail them out, the problem may become bigger than them. So I do not discount, at some point, a really dramatic banking collapse.” -Nigel Farage[59]

So, what does all this mean? The world is slowly moving away from the dollar. At some point, they will flee from it and it will be at that time America will find out the true costs of “Free Money”. The following several paragraphs were taken from author Dave Hodges[60] article “What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like.” In it he paints a very chilling portrait of what historical collapses have looked like. When the collapse of the dollar occurs, it will literally and figuratively come like a thief in the night, and I do mean overnight!

We are all familiar with the concept of inflation, which is the intentional byproduct of the Federal Reserve. But I am not just talking inflation; I’m speaking about hyperinflation[61] which is caused by the collapse of the value of the currency resulting in runaway prices. Here are three examples of how quickly a currency collapse can occur when a nation’s money when its money no longer holds it value:

1. In Weimar Germany, from 1922 – 1923, prices doubled every three days.
2. In the modern era, in Yugoslavia[62] from 1992-94, witnessed prices doubling every 34 hours.
3. In Zimbabwe, in the two year period from 2007 – 2008, prices doubled every 25 hours.

History is replete with examples of currency collapses and they typically follow very predictable patterns in which a nation unravels and social chaos, and many times, widespread violence and even genocide becomes part of the national landscape. So just as the social order of Europe collapsed under the massive chaos created by the Black Death, the US will suffer the same fate as every institution we have relied upon will fail.

What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?

Generally, when the currency collapses,[63] a stock market crash is right on its heels. Because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, a banking collapse will immediately occur following the collapse of the stock market. Your life savings will be wiped out. From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean.

Hurricanes Katrina[64] and Sandy[65] demonstrated just how fast modern society collapses without electricity and transportation. Gas stations soon run out of fuel, emergency vehicles can’t go through the traffic jams as stalled vehicles block the roads. Those away from home at the time of the collapse may never make it home while those on the road will find it very dangerous due to other desperate motorists.

With no available fuel,[66] the grocery and drug stores will be empty within one to three days. Food[67] and water supplies[68] will evaporate as people flock to the stores to buy what remaining supplies there are. Hunger and thirst will drive people to do desperate acts to get what they need to survive.

Without gas, people will stop going to work. Corporations will disappear overnight. Hurricane Katrina showed America that the police[69] cannot be expected to stay on the job more than 48-72 hours as they will be home protecting their families and foraging for food and water like everyone else. The emergence of former police gangs will become common in an effort to secure the products which will ensure survival. Therefore, when your home is under attack, there will nobody to call; you will effectively be on your own.

The elderly and the chronically ill will be the first to die. Too old to defend their assets, the elderly will find themselves overpowered as they will make easy preys of opportunity for the roving gangs. The chronically ill will have no way to procure their medication[70] and even if they survive the looting rampage which will follow a currency collapse, these poor souls will perish without access to their life-sustaining prescriptions.

The money in your wallet will be useless. Cell phones will not work. Heating and air conditioning will not work either and depending on the time of year, the environment could prove deadly to untold numbers of people.

Water treatment plants will stop operating for the same reasons that you will not be able to find a cop during this crisis; nobody will be manning the water treatment plants. Toilets will back up and diseases will spread like wildfire. Something as simple as toilet paper will become a prized commodity. There will be no trash pickup and more disease will result due to the increased rodent population.

Clean drinking water and hunger will become the dominant motivator in society. Roving bands of looters,[71] turned murderers, will sweep through neighborhoods seeking to obtain these critical elements of survival. Young women will sell themselves for a can of food for their children. Society will see the widespread loss of human dignity and self-respect.

Infanticide and euthanasia of the weak will become common events because there will be decided efforts to reduce the amount of mouths to feed. There will be the stark realization that the lights are not coming back on and the ensuing sense of hopelessness will lead to murder-suicides within families and simple incidences of suicide will be used as a means to escape the horrendous circumstances.

Humanity’s Darkest Hour

There will come a time when all the available animals will be devoured and then there will be only one place to turn to for food. History shows that cannibalism[72] will set in by the beginning of the third week. Extreme hunger will lead to humans hunting humans as an available food supply. This will begin to occur within 15-20 days following the currency collapse.

The Government’s Version of the Final Solution

If the establishment military has properly planned, they will move into take control but they will not move quickly. The more death there is, the fewer people there will be to control. Government will typically move in with their solutions towards the end of the second week.

The reasons behind the creation of Executive Order 13603[73] will soon become readily apparent. You will retain ownership over nothing including food, water, guns, ammunition, your house, your car and even yourself. There is one ironclad thing that you can count on, food and water will be used to control the people following a currency collapse.

Who Will Help Us?

When past currency collapses occur, organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and the US have appeared to render their predatory version of help in exchange for control of critical infrastructure and other capital considerations. Because of this aid, more people survived in the impacted areas. However, what happens when the top dog collapses? Who would be able to come and render aid in America as the financial crisis in America spreads like the plague to the other nations of the world?

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But don’t expect to hear about this on the mainstream news; they don’t want to wake the masses to what’s coming. The world is on the verge of an event so huge it will rival that fall day in 1347 when twelve Genoese trading ships docked at Messina, Sicily. Yet the US government continues the same policies that got us here in the first place. It is past time for the American people to wake up and prepare for this event[74] because the government certainly is.

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."President Woodrow Wilson(75)

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Realizing several years ago that the United States is heading straight off a cliff, Steve Neill became active in the local Republican Party and is a current member of the City of Spokane Valley Planning Commission. He was selected to be on the 2008 and 2012 Republican Party Platform, became the Chair of the 2010 Platform Committee and a State Platform Delegate in the same year.

He has had numerous letters to the editors, has been published in local news letters and compendiums. He has been a speaker at workshops, organizational meetings, and on radio, programs giving lectures on effective forms of communications.











With a progressive mindset settling over the nation, the veterans soon began to argue that they should receive "adjusted compensation" as reparation for the wages they lost while serving overseas.