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April 3, 2005

Posted 1:00 AM Eastern

On September 1, 1983, KAL 007 was shot down by the Russians. Korean officials were notified that while the plane had to ditch, all the passengers were alive and well on Sakhalin Island, including U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald. This is in stark contrast to President Ronald Reagan's announcement that no passengers had survived in what became known as "Incident at Sakhalin." (search)

On December 10, 1991, former U.S. Senator Jessee Helms, in a message to then Russian President Boris Yeltsin, said: "The KAL 007 tragedy was one of the most tense incidents of the entire Cold War...Please provide a detailed list of the camps containing live passengers and crew, together with a map showing their location." Other such claims have been made. In the book, Incident at Sakhalin, pgs 4-5, it reads:

"At precisely ten o'clock, the South Korean minister of foreign affairs announced that he had received confirmation from the CIA that the plane had landed at Sakhalin. The crew and passengers are safe. Let us examine the CIA announcement about which so much as been written: The aircraft did not explode in flight and did not crash, but is known to have landed on Sakhalin. The passengers and crew are safe and the aircraft is undamaged."

No bodies or luggage was ever found at the alleged crash site and wreckage didn't amount to anything larger than a Piper single aircraft. All passengers disappeared from this Russian controlled area.

The families of KAL 007 Rescue have been receiving information of sightings for years that their family members are being held against their will in Russian prisons. Here are the most recent as reported by Mr. Bert Schlossberg, International Director International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors:

"A Christian minister in Long Island, New York, reports that while visiting Russia he had contact with a Russian pastor who claimed that he had been imprisoned for his faith with a group of people whom he believed were the American contingent from KAL 007. They had arrived at the prison the same week as the shootdown. Initially clothed in Western civilian attire, they presently donned the normal prison uniform. This Russian pastor now lives on the west coast of the United States and still has contact with the Christian minister in Long Island, but he refuses to say anything further about the matter, fearing for the safety of his relatives in Russia and for his own safety in the United States. Certain individuals have circulated among the Russian �migr�s in his area warning them with threats lest they should ever speak of their prison experiences."

"One mother of teenage children�passengers of KAL 007�reports that while on a business trip to China, she received a phone call from one of her children who immediately hung up after telling her not to worry. This mother has no idea how her child located her at her hotel room, but she has no doubts that it was her child.

"Another woman, whose husband a computer specialist on board flight 007, received a phone call from an individual whose voice she immediately recognized as her husband�s. But the call was abruptly cut off."

Schlossberg also adds in his latest public communication seeking the release of all passengers by the Russians: "Shortly, I will be posting some very new and more comprehensive material..... From what I understand from knowledgable former Russian military people here, any persons with knowledge in specialized fields, and especially with electronics and computers skills, who fell into Soviet hands, were dealt with differently than others. Even more leniently - for their value.

"Two of the three passengers who were able to make calls out were computer experts! They could have found a way to call out within the confines of the utilization of their expertise. Their setting could have been unique to their situation or it could have been in the context of the Gulag "Sharashka".

"On Feb.11, 2005, The US/Russian Joint Committee on Pows and MIAs published its 5th Gulag Study. They confirm that "Americans, including American servicemen, were imprisoned in the former Soviet Union..." These were Americans of World War II, Korea,the Cold War, and Vietnam. Norman Kass the executive secretary of the Joint Commission Support Directorate (the investigative arm), had this to say in an interview, "I personally would be comfortable in saying their numbers would be in the hundreds." POW activists would say in the thousands!

"Boris Yeltsin had said in 1992 that the State Archives show that American servicemen were taken to the Soviet Union and that they might still [speaking in 1982, one year before the KAL 007 shootdown] be alive. It is certainly not inconcievable that KAL 007 passengers and crew were among the number of those who might still be alive."

Some researchers charge that Ronald Reagan covered up what really happened based on the research of author, Michael Braun, who writes in his book, Incident at Sakhalin, that as the Korean Boeing 747 approached the Russian island of Sakhalin, so too did a number of U.S. military and reconnaissance aircraft in an ill-conceived intelligence and provocation operation that turned into a two-hour battle in which thirty or more U.S. Air Force and Navy personnel were killed and ten or more U.S. aircraft were shot down.

According to Braun, contrary to "official" reports from the United States and the International Civil Aviation Organization, KAL 007 was not shot down over Sakhalin but was destroyed off Honshu, the main Japanese island, nearly an hour later than the reports claimed and by means and for reasons still not clear.

To date, neither President Bush nor the State Department has shown any interest in this issue.

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"A Christian minister in Long Island, New York, reports that while visiting Russia he had contact with a Russian pastor who claimed that he had been imprisoned for his faith with a group of people whom he believed were the American contingent from KAL 007. ...