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March 8, 2005

Posted 1:00 AM Eastern

Craig Tweedy is an attorney in Oklahoma and Director of a grassroots organization called The Truth and Justice Foundation. He's also a man on a mission of duty. Tweedy says he's out to generate internet and talk radio exposure of scandal in the courts: federal judge fraud being protected by state bar and law clerk fraud on the U.S. Supreme Court itself.

Tweedy's saga included representing a woman named Lillian Graham who worked for American Airlines as an instruments tech. She was laid off and then brought back as L.G. Graham, the only female among 4500 aircraft mechanics, where women were not permitted. In a long, convoluted story with twists and turns that would make a best selling novel, Ms. Graham was falsely charged with damaging a turban disk during the 1985 overhaul of a particular jet engine. She was fired and filed a civil rights sex discrimination lawsuit.

In the usual fashion contrary to public relations spin, the retaliation against Ms. Graham took off. Tweedy gets involved, Ms. Graham alleged that she had not damaged the turbine disk and that American Airlines had forged the 1985 jet engine but the federal court denied her civil rights suit. In looking for the actual 1985 engine records, Tweedy eventually gets ahold of an important records surprise from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Inspector General (IG). Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the actual engine records definitively proved the jet engine had not been overhauled in 1985, and that American Airlines had forged the 1985 records with FAA complicity. The records also proved that the turbine disk had been actually scrapped in 1982, so Ms. Graham could not have damaged it in 1985. The discovered fraud claim was filed in state court and placed American Airlines at great damage risk.

American Airlines then filed a federal court injunctive complaint against not only Ms. Graham, but also Tweedy, her legal counsel and asked for an injunction against a frivolous state court claim, carefully not mentioned. On cue, Federal Judge Brett fraudulently imposed a frivolous, but different state court claim than filed, like changing an apple into an orange. Brett then hit Tweedy with a $40,333 sanction for filing frivolous litigation imposed by his fraudulent fiat.

Then the 'pile on' began in earnest. American Airlines then sought an order of conditional imprisonment against Ms. Graham and Tweedy for seeking appellate relief in violation of Judge Brett's injunctive fiat, from which appellate relief was sought. Ms. Graham was terrified. She had been a young child in Nazi Germany, where people went to prison for less than seeking appellate relief. The appeal was denied by the power of law clerk fraud, contended Tweedy. The Oklahoma Bar then steps into the fray and attempts to separate Tweedy from his license to practice law.

Tweedy explains the situation in part by writing, "The Oklahoma Bar charged me in 1992 with the unethical filing of the frivolous claims imposed by federal judge fiats to protect American Airlines, Goodyear and Union Pacific Railroad from the actual claims filed. The state bar was used in the 1991 brag of power above law by inside fraud all the way to law clerk fraud upon the Supreme Court in 2001, without Bar dispute and beyond genuine dispute." Tweedy says that duty prevailed over working a sweet deal with "predatory termites, maggots and thugs." The rights of the present and future generations were at stake, says Tweedy.

"After lodging the 1996 test appeal, I forced the 1992 bar charges to a bar hearing in March of 1996 and to inside fraud upon the Oklahoma Supreme Court, by someone, This set up the Cert Petition and Issue No 1, which predicted law clerk fraud upon the Supreme Court, without dispute. Issues 2 and 3 show the present danger to we the people without dispute. Several chapters of public and constitutional interest exist. Consider the inside fraud upon the Oklahoma Supreme Court, even if by Justices. The great scandal will expose the inside fraud of federal judges and circuit law clerks (permitted by Congress) as extended by state bar and law clerk fraud upon the Supreme Court, high crime against our Constitution."

In Tweedy's 1991 Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U. S. Supreme Court [denied in August 2001], Tweedy asserts the following as to the issues involved in exposing scandal in high courts:

"The Opinions below abrogated due process of law by adopting the use of Rule 7.7, without notice, to exclude evidence of three actual record claims and suspend Petitioner for litigation imposed by judicial fiats in federal court, all without dispute. The Petitioner had violated protocol by challenging circuit law clerk protection for the judicial fiats. The due process denied by the undisputed scheme of high level fraud suggests law clerk influence in this Court and introduces issues of vital importance to the Republic.

"The petition's Issue 1 predicted law clerk fraud on the Supreme Court. Issue 3 stated, "If a state bar and supreme court subverted truth, due process and the law of the land to suspend an attorney for having challenged circuit law clerk protection for judicial fiats imposing different claims than filed, does this warn that the So Help Me GOD Duty to defend the Constitution violates protocol? If so, does this signal and also confess the inside means, in practical effect, to retire the Constitution, rule of law, due process and function of this [Supreme] Court, as well?"

Issue 3 presented the present danger to we, the people. It asks, "Have three actual record claims and fundamental law unearthed the high crimes by inside fraud having operated, at will, in courts and bar associations created to protect rights and public interests? If so, has truth and law flushed out an unattended constitutional crisis and inside danger to the systems of law and rights of we the people, absent check and balance safeguards against government power by inside corruption?" The issues and supporting facts were not disputed by the Oklahoma Bar, which remained silent, as the petition predicted.

In a March 14, 1999, piece in the NY Times, William Glaberson touched on this issue: "A crushing load of cases is forcing a reshaping of the Federal appeals courts, creating a two-level justice system in which tens of thousands of appeals received limited reviews, judges and legal scholars say.....But as fewer than half of all Federal appeals cases are argued before judges and only a fourth of all decisions are rendered in full published opinions - many decisions consist of a single word, like "affirmed," upholding the lower court's decision - critics say the country's circuit appeals courts are changing their role, with people's legal rights often damaged by the shift. Instead of reviewing every case that comes before them as Federal law requires, the critics say, the appeals courts are becoming more like the Supreme Court, which has the power to decide which cases it will hear." Tweedy says that William Glaberson ran like a scared rabbit, when urged to write about record effects of law clerk bribery.

When one further reads on in this expose, the question: Are Americans really getting justice any longer in the courts becomes of paramount consideration: "It is a two-track system and the tracks basically get allocated by non-judges," said Patricia M. Wald, a judge on the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. In one of the most controversial changes, the appeals courts created new staff lawyer positions, permanent employees with the authority to screen and, some critics say, to effectively decide thousands of cases by giving judges brief summaries of recommended decisions."

Court decisions have huge repercussions and affect people's lives in monumental fashion as well as companies, big and small. Having law clerks decide which cases will be heard or making recommendations on cases for those who have been damaged and seek remedy, some cry fraud upon the courts and the system.

And this is precisely the mission Craig Tweedy is on: to let the American people know there is high scandal brewing in the courts. He also points out how 'multinational and left-wing power agendas' are using these short cuts in the court system to feather their bank accounts:

"Since high level corporate, government and judicial fraud requires lawyer complicity and bar association protection, the Oklahoma Car Association (OBA), for example, operates free from legislative controls. Multinational law firms use bar associations and appellate law clerks to protect the left-wing power and fraud enabled by Judiciary Committees in Congress and of state legislatures. Big newspapers conceal the predatory power and back-door means permitted by fear and failures of statutory duty. Our rights, liberties and standards, as endowed by God, are being subverted by multinational and left-wing uses of termites in government. The fundamental danger cannot withstand truth in the news and the power of public awareness and reform.

"Ergo, the OBA use in fraud schemes protected by law clerks at the U.S. Supreme Court was ensnared, without OBA dispute. This genuinely indisputable fact arms domino effects....Multinational corporations use DNC termites in working dark government, judicial, media and economic power, absent the safeguards designed by the Founding Fathers."

Tweedy also has no love loss for the American Civil Liberties Union. In a 'demand notice' to Justice Antonin Scalia dated January 28, 2004, he said,

"The brag of power by inside fraud worked to law clerk fraud on the Supreme Court in No. 01-286 invokes your oath and statutory duty to unearth it and proactively protect the Court, Constitution and rule of law and rights of we the people, forthwith.

"In 1991, huge corporations and law firms used a state bar to brag the unchecked power to abrogate the systems of law by inside fraud. The brag required the law clerk means to retire Supreme Court function....The fraud invokes your judicial duty and inherent authority to unearth it...The Robber Baron power renewed by Trojan Horse and ACLU means has been hidden by judiciary committees, bar associations, media cartels and law clerks from Supreme Court and public awareness, far too long. Great scandal breeds public reform.

"Your oath and duty to uphold the Constitution and rule of moral law for we the people, must prevail over fear of scandal at the Supreme Court. The power to retire the rule of law and Supreme Court was forced to be carried out and ensnared for public awareness. This demands the painful teaching scandal needed to restore the safeguards of our Republic by the duty and authority designed by the Founding Fathers. Inform fellow Justices that it is your duty to go public, if they try to wimp out."

The demand notice predicted that the fraud notice would be intercepted. According to Tweedy, "Justice Scalia has probably not seen his demand that the fact and means of state bar and law clerk fraud on the high court be exposed and corrected for the sake of our legal system and for real justice for those who seek to have their case heard in front of the U.S. Supreme Court."

Hundreds of thousands, in some cases, millions of dollars are spent getting lawsuits from the lower courts to the high court in a state or the U.S. Supreme Court. How many of these important cases were pre-decided by law clerks or simply dismissed by the court, refusing to hear based on nothing more than a recommendation or short note from a law clerk? These are the issues Craig Tweedy intends to expose by sparking internet and talk radio power on his mission to bring truth and justice to the American people. It will be interesting to see how the legal community and plaitiffs or defendants in cases that have simply been dismissed, feel about this two track system of "justice."

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Craig Tweedy is practicing attorney in the State of Oklahoma. He believes that the Founding Fathers 'designed our grand jury authority and duty to enforce the statutory duty of public officials (including judges) to protect the Constitution and we the people from tryanny and high crime.'

He maintains that multinational corporations, the DNC, key Republicans and big law firms make wrong right by unchecked power and encourages other lawyers and all Americans to help bring this message to America.

He is available and willing to do radio shows. His E-Mail is:

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And this is precisely the mission Craig Tweedy is on: to let the American people know there is high scandal brewing in the courts. He also points out how 'multinational and left-wing power agendas' are using these short cuts in the court system to feather their bank accounts