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Posted: May 18, 2004
12:32 AM Eastern
by NWV Staff Writer
� 2004

GLSEN, which stands for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is stepping up its efforts to establish homosexual clubs on all school campuses. Their goals don't stop at clubs according to their publications, they "extend to incorporating homosexual concepts into all curriculum, holding diversity seminars for teachers and students and ensuring that only positive discussions about homosexuality are allowed into elementary school classrooms, including kindergarten."

GLSEN also pushes for all schools to hold bisexual awareness days, strategy instruction for homosexual teachers to promote a pro-homosexual atmosphere and instill the message to children that the definition of family includes parents of the same sex.

According to GLSEN, their mission is "about changing schools and school culture around LGBT issues and people. GLSEN believes that what children learn in our schools is essential to fulfilling this vision for our future. We know that life-shaping lessons are best learned when we are young. Therefore, we are dedicated to bringing positive change to every school in every community."

GLSEN claims as some of its accomplishments since it first started as an organization in 1990:

  • The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN) becomes a national organization, hires staff, and incorporates as an independent 501 c (3).
  • Student Pride USA, a network of high school Gay-Straight Alliances, becomes a project of GLSEN in 1998 and, by 2000, expands to link over 700 student run clubs across the USA.
  • GLSEN opens Regional Field Offices in San Francisco (1998), Atlanta (1999), and Chicago (2000) and its Office of Public Policy in Washington, DC (2000).
  • GLSEN takes a leadership role in helping to persuade state legislators in California to pass AB 537, the Student Protection Act that codifies into state law non-discrimination and anti harassment protections for LGBT students and those perceived to be.
  • GLSEN helps chapters to persuade their local school districts to ensure that all organizations (like the Boy Scouts) are expected to adhere consistently to non-discrimination policies and laws.

According to figures taken from one of the largest (850 pp.) studies on this subject, "The Gay Report" (1979), by two homosexual researchers, Karla Jay and Allen Young, who were very candid in their findings:

"Around 99% of homosexual males engage in oral sex; 91% engage in anal sex; 82% engage in "rimming", touching the anus of one's partner with one's tongue and inserting the tongue into the anus; 22% engage in "fisting", inserting one's fist into the rectum of the partner; 23% engage in "golden showers", urinating on each other; 4% engage in "scat", the eating of feces, and in "mud rolling", rolling on the floor where feces have been deposited.

"A study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that the average active homosexual male ingests the fecal material of 23 different men each year (largely from rimming), and that the number of sexual partners averages nearly 100. Homosexual persons, per year, on average fellated 106 different men, swallowed 50 of their seminal ejaculations, and had 72 penile penetrations of the anus.

"Medical consequences are so devastating that the average practicing homosexual person loses from 25% to 40% of his/her lifespan, typically not living beyond 50 in a culture where we average well into our 70's. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) commonly gotten from homosexual behavior include gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis A and B, anal cancer, amoebic "gay" bowel disease, and herpes. Over 50% of American HIV/AIDS cases are contracted by practicing homosexual persons -- less than 3% of the population."

Not everyone is enamored with the plans of organizations like GLSEN. Episcopal priest, F. Earle Fox, says citizens must understand what homosexuals do that makes them a �homosexual.� According to Fox:

"Some blame outlaw, runaway judges who legislate at will. But the primary fault is not with the courts, homosexual activists, or their pansexual sympathizers. Homosexual marriage is as "inevitable" only as the timidity of those who object -- who fail to confront the single vulnerable issue, the Achilles� heel of homosexualism, i.e., homosexual behavior.

"Homosexual activists have successfully framed the debate as a matter of civil rights, privacy, and victim hood. The population has been so desensitized and anesthetized that the people of America will not confront them with either the facts or the consequences of their behavior.

"Homosexualists cannot afford public discussion of the behavior because it is so outlandish and self-destructive. And those who oppose them have been typically too prudish, timid, or ignorant to do so. In the 34 years since the Stonewall riots ignited the homosexual revolt, no political, religious, or educational leader has stood up to lead a sustained, honest public discussion of homosexual behavior. The Episcopal Church fell to homosexual forces because the conservative leadership was either unwilling to address, or incapable of addressing, homosexual behavior. America need not go down the same path."

The Episcopalian faith isn't the only one involved in fighting the GLSEN agenda. Next month at the Southern Baptist annual convention meeting, a resolution will be brought forward calling on the millions of members of that denomination to remove their children from government schools and either home school or send them to Christian schools. Key points in the resolution include:

"Whereas, the government schools are adopting curricula and policies teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable, and

"Whereas, homosexual organizations are present as approved student "clubs" in thousands of government schools and are spreading rapidly, and Whereas, the Bible says, children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior (Ps. 127:3-5), we must understand that children are weapons (arrows) to be aimed for the greatest impact in the kingdom of God. Just as it would be foolish for the warrior to give his arrows to his enemies, it is foolish for Christians to give their children to be trained in schools run by the enemies of God."

One supporter of this measure, Bruce N. Shortt, is an attorney who home schools his children; Shortt holds advanced degrees from both Harvard and Stanford. According to Shortt, the single largest obstacle facing supporters of the resolution is that Christian parents are "in denial about the dangers of government schools."

Shortt sums up the problem to parents in one short statement: "The issue is this," he said, "the government schools are killing our children morally, spiritually and academically. The question we confront as Christian parents is, how dead do we want our children to be?"

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"Homosexualists cannot afford public discussion of the behavior because it is so outlandish and self-destructive. And those who oppose them have been typically too prudish, timid, or ignorant to do so."