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Posted 1:00 AM Eastern

by Jim Kouri
November 5, 2006
© 2006

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents recently released their position paper on all aspects of the illegal immigration issue. Over 250 former Border Patrol members of all ranks signed the document, which received scant mention by the mainstream news media.

The position paper addresses amnesty and guest worker programs, securing the US borders, sanctions against employers of illegal aliens, and condemnation of political leaders who subvert and undermine the efforts of the US Border Patrol.

"The nation has made demonstrable mistakes in the past in its efforts to control immigration. Let us, who were there to see them, remind the nation of the outcome and make suggestions for change," said Kent Lundgren, coordinator for the NAFBA.

Their position on illegal immigration begins with a strong border security initiative including what they termed "meaningful processes for screening those who wish to enter [the United States] legally."

"We believe that aliens residing in the United States must be here with the nation's permission or they should leave or be removed," they wrote.

When it comes to any type of amnesty program, the former Border Patrol agents were blunt and succinct: "We absolutely oppose any legislation that would allow aliens to remain in this country who have entered illegally or who have entered legally and remained here illegally."

The agents have little sympathy for employers who violate US immigration and labor laws. They stated that the current laws "presently on the books are adequate tools for the purpose" of enfforcing sanctions on businesses caught employing illegal aliens.

Their use, however, has been "subverted to meaninglessness through political and legal pressure initiated by those who benefit from the presence of illegal aliens."

The former agents believe that a statement of purpose from Congress and "clear direction" from the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice is vital to enforcing these laws.

But the agents are not inflexible. They believe a Guest Worker Program, if limited and tightly controlled would be feasible. However, unlike many political leaders, the agents condemn efforts to allow those aliens living in the US illegally to participate in any guest worker program proposed by Congress.

The ideas and opinions contained in the former Border Patrol Agents' position paper coincides with those of Border agents currently deployed.

For example, the US Border Patrol union, Local 2544, recently endorsed Congressional candidate Randy Graf of Arizona based on his positions regarding border security and illegal aliens.

According to their endorsement statement, "Mr. Graf's opposition to any form of 'amnesty' for illegal aliens who have successfully violated our laws is a powerful statement that rewarding lawbreakers is not the way to discourage further lawlessness."

The failure of the 1986 amnesty is best demonstrated by the fact that we can now reflect on it twenty years later and we see that the illegal immigration problem is much worse they wrote.

"If we are to have any hope of curtailing illegal immigration into this country we must begin enforcing the laws, which includes providing Border Patrol agents with the manpower, tools, equipment, and infrastructure we so desperately need to perform our jobs properly. We believe that without question, Randy Graf understands the problem and is the right person to help see this job through in the United States Congress."

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Meanwhile, in an open letter to President George W. Bush, Local 2544 wrote: "We're not buying your amnesty sales pitch down here in the real world. Maybe you can explain to us why we're risking our lives to stop the same people you keep encouraging to come in by the millions with your incessant pro-amnesty speeches ("guest-worker", "earned legalization", etc.)."

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"We're not buying your amnesty sales pitch down here in the real world. Maybe you can explain to us why we're risking our lives to stop the same people you keep encouraging to come in..."