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By NWV News Writer Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
November 1, 2013

American conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists were disheartened to watch the recent government shutdown drama unfold with the Republican lawmakers in both houses of the U.S. Congress denigrating one another and failing to unite in order present cohesive messages about Obamacare and the nation's abysmal debt, according to a number of political activists, strategists and concerned citizens.

The Democratic Party's arrogant attacks coupled with the usual news media assistance turned the party of Goldwater and Reagan into a laughingstock. Republicans who stood for conservative principles were called "extremists," "extortionists," and even "terrorists" by the far-left radicals and Internationalists who now control and populate the Democratic Party.

"It was a perfect example of the old adage, 'the pot calling the kettle black'" said political strategist Michael S. Baker.

However, in the face of almost embarrassing disarray within the ranks of the Republican Party, some believe there is still hope to turn the nation around from its quick-step march towards neo-Maoist-Stalinist socialism and its companion New World Order.

For example, such hope is on display in Oregon, with a new Republican Party that's making waves throughout the arguably Blue State.

The first thing local Republicans did was to oust the so-called RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) from positions of authority within the Oregon GOP. Once accomplished, the Republicans appointed a true social and fiscal conservative as the GOP chairman. And their choice, Art Robinson, is taking the party to new heights in spite of establishment Republicans attempting to sabotage the conservative "upstarts."

The Cave Junction resident is outspoken on a number of issues including Obamacare, a government program passed into law using lies, false data and out-and-out strong-arming of the American people, most of whom despise the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

According to local voters, Robinson is a champion for the conservative-wing of the GOP. He is a supporter of conservative home-schoolers, nuclear energy, and one of the biggest global warming skeptics in the country. The conservatives and libertarians believe that Art Robinson is the right man to fight the current establishment Republicans and the radicals who control the Democratic Party locally and nationally.

While Robinson is not a national figure, he's done enough to scare the leftists who populate the news media. He's been attacked by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, The Huffington Post, Mother Jones Magazine and when Robinson was elected as the Oregon's State GOP Chairman, the Obama-sycophants in the media decided to bring Robinson down before other states follow his lead.

Although liberal-left ideologues are fearful -- and hateful -- of Robinson's positions, he has strong support from Oregon Republican Party officials, who have had plenty of turmoil this year. The previous chair, Suzanne Gallagher, resigned in August in the face of a recall due to her Democratic Party-lite positions. Far too many Republicans when facing a Democratic proposal for a new program jump on the "me, too, but less" bandwagon, according to Mike Baker, a life-long Republican.

Robinson says that he believes the Oregon Republican Party must be a coalition of "freedom-loving individual Republicans and Democrats, along with Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Independents who are citizens living in Josephine County.

The list of issues and government actions he opposes includes a local Josephine County Code Enforcement measures 17-53, 17-54, 17-55 and 17-56 on the ballot to be voted on this November 5th proposed by Commissioners Cherryl Walker a Democrat and working hand and hand with her Commissioner Keith Heck a Republican. The measures include warrantless searches of homes and businesses; enormous fines, jail time and confiscation of private property for minor violations; citizens being accused of "offenses" to be determined and applied by unelected, omnipotent "Hearing Officials" with no judicial review; and bureaucrats being paid their salaries from the money they extract from citizens through fines they themselves collect and the selling of property they themselves confiscate from their owners.

Art Robinson points to an advertisement in Country Weekly magazine by one of the Josephine County commissioners who supports these anti-property-owner measures. The advertisement holds up to public ridicule photographs of the type of residences to which she personally objects.

"These photos are evidently home of a poorer citizen of Josephine County – a county that has suffered severely from the loss of timber jobs. They are typical of thousands of homes in Josephine County that might have a more prosperous appearance if the residents could afford it, but which harm no-one," notes the ORP website.

This commissioner, living in wealth on the public payroll, suggests in her advertisement that these homes be searched, fined, and probably confiscated in the “cause” of “property value, fairness, justice, and local control.” Control, fairness, and justice that she will administer through the “hearings officers” that she will hire at public expense.

The other commissioner who supports these measures has said that these powers will only be used sparingly. Surely, they will. They will be used primarily (at least, at first) against our poorest and most vulnerable citizens – those who have the least ability to defend themselves.

"The property, privacy, and freedom of each Oregonian – each American – is no safer than that of the most vulnerable among us," Robinson notes.

While not mentioning the name of the commissioner and her cohort, Robinson refers to Cherryl Walker and Keith Heck. They set up an all inclusive Code Enforcement Ordinance complete with Enforcement Citation Officers, who will go out into the county looking for “violations” to enforce the new ordinance.


"These officers will “make sure” you have the proper permission from government to use your own property. And, of course, that you have paid all of the required county fees necessary to pay for all of this 'enforcement,'" according to a column.

"In his interview, Heck complained about the Republican Party opposing the ordinances. He claimed he was a Republican and there had been no poll taken. The decision was made by an executive committee. Obviously, Heck has no idea how the party works, how a platform is developed, or how grass roots work for that matter. This is understandable. At different times, he has claimed to having been registered as a socialist, a constitutionalist, and a republican. One would get the impression that he adopts any particular label as a matter of convenience in the peculiar context," according to attorney Jack Swift, who is actively involved in the Republican Party and local politics. Jack said he would love to see honest Constitution following representatives in local Josephine County government.

"These commissioners cannot be trusted. We can put no faith in what they say. One would like to excuse them for not reading what they were enacting. But their blatant falsehoods after being exposed suggest a far more sinister situation. They are not ignorant persons. They are very intelligent persons with an agenda," said Swift.

"The property, privacy, and freedom of each Oregonian – each American – is no safer than that of the most vulnerable among us," Robinson said on the ORP website.

"In our various political parties and associations, we often argue about what actions should be taken to restore prosperity to the many Oregonians and Americans who are having difficulty making ends meet today. We understand their plight. We know we can help. And, we surely all agree that we should not make their situation worse!"

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Besides property-owner rights and the other items listed on the Oregon Republican Party web site, Robinson believes the key to taking back the United States from radicals is to get rid of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 or Obamacare. And he prescribes the tactic of defunding Obamacare to achieve the end to the nation’s march toward socialism.

“Recent polling shows that Americans disapprove of the “Affordable Care Act” by as much as a 2-1 margin, and polls have consistently shown, since it was passed, that Americans want the law repealed,” said Robinson. “And The Republican Party and its representatives have offered many free market based solutions to solve the crisis of skyrocketing healthcare costs which President Obama refused to consider.”

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The first thing local Republicans did was to oust the so-called RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) from positions of authority within the Oregon GOP.