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By R.C. Murray
November 7, 2012

“We wrestle not against [Obama, Romney, NEA, VA – you fill in the blank] but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” -Ephesians 6:12

Days before the election, Romney is leading in the polls, mostly because Obama’s demonic eloquence was no help to him during the debates – even with direct and indirect assistance from the liberal media moderators and media spin masters.

I’m so excited, I can’t stop yawning.

Obama’s billionaire buddies and other unelected elitists are hoping I’m not alone in my lack of enthusiasm. They’ve manipulated the political process so that we get to choose to keep the bisexual Muslim Marxist, or accept the other fellah they’re just as capable of controlling, should he be allowed to win.

Frankly, I don’t like Romney, but I despise Obama. And though I hate being manipulated, I’ve already cast my early vote against His Arrogance. I may not be enthusiastic, but I’m pragmatic.

If Romney does win, don’t hold your breath waiting for a Republican administration with what might be a Republican congress to get to the bottom of Commie Obami’s forged birth certificate. The same puppet masters who put Obama in office will start pulling Romney’s strings.

We know His Arrogance didn’t get where he is now by accident. Some powerful people put him there.

We know the Commucrats tried eight times between 2003 and 2008 to push legislation to change the Constitutional requirement for our president to be a natural born citizen.

When they failed to get what they wanted, they, with the support of billionaire international elitists and over 50 million proles voted the usurper into office anyway.

Prior to actually taking office, the false messiah reportedly met secretly with most of the members of the Supreme Court. Is it any wonder then why not one single law suit challenging Barry’s birth certificate has gotten through the federal courts?!

The treasonous conspiracy that put that devil in office goes all the way to the top!

Have you ever asked a prole if he or she thinks it matters whether Obama is a natural born citizen? If he’s honest – a big if for a prole – he’ll say it doesn’t matter. That’s because our Constitution doesn’t matter to him.

All that matters is he’s got a president who’ll take from the “rich” and redistribute the other fellah’s money to those who support him.

Four years ago, 96 percent of African-Americans supported the black candidate – but we were told repeatedly this was not racism. Really? If 96 percent of white voters supported the white candidate, do you think the views media would say white voters were not racists?

Recently, Obama’s support among black voters has dropped to around 90 percent. And since we’re not to suspect racism as the reason most black voters are still supporting the black candidate, we must assume it’s because they support what the black candidate stands for.

And what does Obama stand for? Communism. Abortion. Homosexuality.

Personally, I’d rather think 90 percent of African-Americans are racists than to think 90 percent of African-Americans are willing to set aside the U.S. Constitution and the Holy Bible!

Presidents – especially unconstitutional ones – don’t save nations, but they can accelerate their destruction. Even then, they’re not the power behind that destruction.

As our Lord told Pontius Pilate, no authority would have been given unto Caesar’s governor but it was given from above.

There is a God (upper case “G”) of heaven, and there is a god (lower case “g”) of this world. The Bible calls him Satan. I like to think of him as the original Big Brother since he is always watching you.

He watches Christians to see where he can snare us, confuse us and weaken our testimony. And he watches his own to manipulate them to do his bidding.

Satan is the real enemy – not Obama, nor Romney, nor any other politician, nor subversive organization, nor government bureaucracy. All those other fellahs just work for him.

A lot of Christians fail to remember sometimes that the god of this world is subject unto the God of Heaven. Satan and all those who serve him will one day stand before Jesus, and those of us they’ve persecuted over the centuries will be there to testify and witness their judgment day.

When we pray, we’ve got to know who we’re praying to and whom we’re praying against. We’ve got to know our real enemy is Satan. Pray and let the Lord do our fighting against him (and Obama, Biden, the Clintons, et al).

In the meantime though, we have to live in this world.

I’ve read the blogs and articles criticizing those of us looking to that eastern sky for our Lord’s imminent return. As I’ve said before, I do believe Jesus is coming soon for his church, hopefully before this country falls.

But I’ve also warned readers to prepare for this country to fall, just in case our Lord tarries. And I urge folks to take careful note of what’s going on and who’s trying to manipulate them.

In addition to buying the selection of firearms talked about in last NWVs article (“Are you ready for 2012?”), stocking up on ammo and making a plan to get out before the feds come for your guns and ammo (and your family and you), I strongly suggests everyone to do what he or she can to mitigate the coming collapse.

Vote AGAINST Obama and PRAY! And I don’t mean some protest vote for “None of the above” or your favorite libertarian. And I don’t mean some generic prayer but a specific precatory prayer that God himself will intervene on behalf of those who trust him and fight against Satan and his forces.

Ron Paul, bless his heart, is not what this country needs. Whether you’re willing to take anything I’ve said before about the reality of God doesn’t really matter. There is a God, and he ain’t happy! This country is going through what it’s going through because we’re already under God’s judgment. Continuing down the same path will not make him happier.

We’re not being judged because Nixon took us off the gold standard or because we haven’t audited the Federal Reserve.

We’re seeing the beginnings of God’s judgment because we slaughter the innocent and call it “choice,” we oppress the poor and call it “welfare,” we starve the minds of generation after generation and call it “public education,” and we protect the “rights” of those who would have sexual intercourse with anyone or anything at anytime, anywhere and call it “an alternative lifestyle.”

Vote against Dufus then prayerfully continue to weed out the other demons in academia, business, entertainment, government, news media, religious institutions (as opposed to real churches that teach and preach the real gospel) and subversive organizations.

Do load up on ammo and get ready but not just for the zombie proles who are already promising to attack us if we don’t reelect their demigod.

Have you not heard about the billions of rounds of ammunition the feds have ordered in recent months? What do you s’pose they’ve got planned? And let’s not forget about the thousands of prisoner cars for trains and the internment camps.

Obami said during one of the recent debates he understands why some Americans want to keep their guns – for hunting, target shooting and self-protection. Note that he said he understands why, but he doesn’t say he supports the 2nd Amendment.

More importantly, he fails to say it but he does understand the real reason for the right to keep and bear arms is so Americans can protect themselves from wanna-be dictators like him!

And why do you s’pose he and his ink want your guns so badly? How many guns do you think are out there? A few million? I recently read information about the number of folks from my state who bought a hunting license in 2011.

The number was just under a million! (If they’re buying a hunting license, it’s a good bet they’ve got something to hunt with.)

Now that’s only those gun owners who chose to buy a hunting license, and that’s the numbers for only one of 50 states (57, if you were edumacated in Indonesia and Chicago).

I think it’s conceivable that one-third or more of this country’s population owns a gun. That’s a pretty good-size army, don’t you think? It’s little wonder they want to disarm us and are still working with the UN to get it done.

I was asked by one reader after my last article when we would know when it’s time to head for the hills and swamps and every other remote sites left in this country? Think about the above information.

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If this country passes the UN small arms treaty or the feds call for martial law – don’t pack your bags as they should already be packed, along with your guns, ammo and survival gear. Get out! Run like the wind. Save your family first. Fight later.

If you haven’t figured out where to run, try Google (Maps) Earth’s night view of the U.S. I suggest heading for wherever the lights are out.

Please notice there are no hyperlinks with this article. It’s straight off the cuff. I’m pleading with anyone who reads this to at least try to slow down the coming destruction. Vote against the Unholy One and pray for mercy from the true God while still planning to protect your family the best way you can.

� 2012 - R.C. Murray - All Rights Reserved

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RC Murray is a disabled veteran and former public school teacher. He left a good job as a technical writer for a satellite manufacturer in order to teach high school English, only to be told he could not expect, much less require his students to read their literature assignments. After four years of fighting The System and having a stroke then a mini-stroke, Murray decided he was safer in the airborne infantry. He left the classroom and went back to technical writing. Murray has dedicated the rest of his life to exhorting parents about what’s really going on in their local public school and the invisible government that controls every aspect of our lives.

RC Murray is the author of three books, Golden Knights: History of the U.S. Army Parachute Team, Legally STUPiD: Why Johnny doesn’t have to read and his first novel, Prole Nation, which was re-released December 2010.










I think it’s conceivable that one-third or more of this country’s population owns a gun. That’s a pretty good-size army, don’t you think? It’s little wonder they want to disarm us and are still working with the UN to get it done.