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By R.C. Murray
January 21, 2012

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? ...” -2 Peter 3:3-4a

It’s a little too late, but Christopher Hitchens believes in God now. The devout atheist probably thought he was prepared to step into an eternity of oblivion. Hitchens wasn’t a good Boy Scout either. He wasn’t prepared.

A lot of folks adhering to foolish philosophies and dumb doctrines are probably surprised when they leave this world and suddenly find themselves unprepared for an eternity of flames and darkness. But then, most folks aren’t prepared to face the New Year, much less eternity.

I suspect 2012 may bring a lot of changes some folks never hoped for. And a lot of folks will go into eternity; some will go gladly but most not so much. Are you ready for 2012?

Yeah, I know as I write this I’ll get hate mail for saying it, particularly from one fellah, who’s obsessed with correcting my views and those of other NWVs writers. If he could, he’d shut down this website and have each of us arrested (if not beheaded) by Homeland Security and held by the military through its expanded role under the Patriot Act.

I don’t expect to run into Mr. Hitchens or my number one critic in the next life, but I wonder if they’ll discuss the futility of denying God. At least they won’t be able to say I didn’t try to warn them. They also won’t have me around to say “I told you so.”

To the dismay of my critic and other God-hating liberals who would silence all opposing viewpoints, the 1st of Amendment guarantees conservatives the same unalienable rights liberals assume belong to them only.

They can call it “hate speech” if they want, but the U.S. Constitution guarantees me the right to say out loud what I think or believe via freedom of speech and freedom of religion – even if it hurts their feelings. The Hate Crimes Protection Act should be challenged in the Supreme Court, but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen.

I’ve now written dozens of articles and a book (actually two) warning Americans that their public schools are part of one system controlled by federal dollars, and despite how they think their kids’ school might be, I’ve warned Christian parents especially to get their kids out The Systemput them in a Christian school or home school them.

I don’t attempt to persuade scorners, scoffers or fools, just those simple, everyday moral Americans who sometimes lose focus because they’ve fallen among the thorns and find their lives and their faith choked by the cares of this world.

My critics never offer any substance to counter the mountain of evidence presented in my book(s), just vulgar attacks on me for daring to “force” my views on others. Force?

For me to force my views on public school supporters, I’d have to have the authority to shut down the unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education and stop all federal funds and interference in education, which has become less a process of educating and more a program of indoctrination.

On the contrary, people like me are the ones forced to accept compulsory public schooling, a system in which parents are required by law to hand over their children to the government whose humanists-socialists work to undermine the moral values they’ve tried to instill in their kids at home and church.

Many of us refuse to hand over our kids to the government and have opted to home school them or place them in a Christian school, but we’re forced nonetheless to support The System with our taxes. Meanwhile, The System itself exercises other options to gain access to our kids through its allies in the anti-Christian news media and social media, the perverted entertainment industry and Laodicean churches led by Balaamite preachers.

One lady questioned my last article regarding the upcoming election, in which I noted that no matter who wins the presidential election, this country is going to die, soon.

“No, ma’am. I’m not saying we’re not to bother voting in November’s election – if this country can survive until November,” I told her. “A wise man (Karl Priest, author of Protestor Voices: The 1974 Textbook Tea Party) reminded me once that in recent elections, he felt like he was forced to choose between pure crap and vomit.”

I told her I will probably hold my nose and vote for the candidate that stinks the least, IF the economy hasn’t already collapsed or His Arrogance hasn’t already seized complete control of everything and cancelled the façade of mock elections.

It is true that each of the GOP candidates is more conservative than Obama. But the late Kim Jong-il was more conservative than Boy Wonder.


Although I’m an Independent-Constitution Party voter, I don’t like the idea of Iowa or New Hampshire or even South Carolina deciding who the GOP nominee should be. Even Obama knows there are 54 other states, right?

And I hate the pathetic whining of the news media, especially FOX News, who cry about other GOP candidates attacking Romney. Huntsman is right; the establishment wants Romney as the GOP nominee.

The unelected elitists who really control this country are manipulating the ignorant masses as they have for 150 years, forcing upon voters a choice that’s no real choice at all, unless you think crap is preferable to vomit.

They know a lot of conservative, Tea Party Americans will not be enthusiastic about voting for Romney and will likely stay home, giving Antiochus another four years to complete his reign of terror. That’s why I suggested two years ago that Tea Party conservatives form their own third party, but they let neo-cons and radical libertarians blur their vision and ultimately take over the movement.

If by chance Romney wins, the elitists still get what they want – another puppet liberal in the Whitehouse. It’s a win-win situation for them, and as I said in my last article, evidence that it doesn’t really matter who wins the next election. America loses.

I’ve warned readers not to take Prole Nation literally, but some do anyway. They write me asking me if I really believe the world will end this year or if our Lord is returning this year. Unlike Legally STUPiD, which is a mountain of facts about public schools and the state of academics in this country, my novel is just that a novel – albeit one that alludes to a truckload of facts revealing the signs of the times.

I really don’t know if the world is going to end this year although I do suspect this country will collapse soon, very soon. I especially don’t know if my Lord Jesus is returning for his church on December 21st or September 16th or any other date in 2012.

For all I know, he could return before I finish writing this article, which is why I’ve advised folks to prepare themselves spiritually first, before they concerned themselves with physical or financial security.

That doesn’t mean I intend to sit back and watch the eastern sky, doing nothing to safeguard my family just in case my country falls before my Lord comes for me. I’m a good scout, and I will be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Be certain of this one thing though. As surely as Jesus came the first time – leaving his home in heaven to be born of a virgin, living a sinless life then dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the grave so those of us trusting in him (not our works, church membership or baptism) can live forever – he is coming again! And soon, very soon.

My critic and others often accuse me of using my faith as a weapon of fear, telling those who disagree with me they’re going to hell for “being different.” Unlike today’s phony politicians or TV preachers, what I warn folks about is not my opinion.

God is real!!! Jesus is God’s son and my Savior. God the Holy Spirit guides, instructs and comforts my spirit, and he has taught me that the Bible is the Word of God, that the words of the Bible are God’s words. That is why I’m skeptical of all modern bible translations, which are all based on fragments of a few 4th century New Testament manuscripts from Alexandria, Egypt – which was the center of Gnosticism.

These Alexandrian texts only appear to be older because they’ve barely been touched; whereas the truly older manuscripts have had to be copied and recopied again and again because they were the only ones trusted and used by early believers, even believers in Rome. Until recently, even the Catholic Bibles barely used those corrupt Alexandrian texts, even though the Catholic Church possessed the only copies of these manuscripts.

With the Bible as my standard then, let me say that I don’t write warnings to homosexuals and abortionists because I hate them. I’m trying to warn them via John 3:16-18 while at the same time warn the simple-minded via Proverbs 1:22 to wake up to what perverts and murderers are doing to this country.

For those who don’t know it, the Bible does not say homosexuals are going to hell because of their unnatural attraction to those of their own sex (which is sort of like narcissism if you think about it).

They’re going to hell because they don’t know the Christ of the Bible – the Creator of the universe who made them male and female for a reason. They’re going to hell because they haven’t been saved, and they haven’t been saved because they refuse to confess their sin and ask Christ to forgive them!

The Bible does not say abortionists are going to hell for murdering unborn babies. They’re going to hell because they don’t know and don’t want to know the love of Jesus, who gave his life so those of us who turn from our own way toward him, confess our sins and believe in him can be forgiven of the worst of sins, including abortion (shedding innocent blood) and sodomy (what the Bible calls abominations unto the Lord).

So, yes, Joel Osteen. The Bible does “grade” some sins as worse than others. Chief among the big sins is pride, something TV preachers and certain presidents know all about.


I won’t lie to homosexuals and lesbians or abortionists. Sure, a Christian can commit these awful sins and be forgiven, but no one can deny that a sin is sin and expect God’s forgiveness. Only a remorseful, contrite heart can be forgiven. Perverted and murderous souls will be judged. Anyone preaching otherwise is dragging souls into hell with him!

Homosexuals and lesbians as well as abortionists and other hell-bound liberals have the unalienable right to ignore my warning, but they do not have the extra-constitutional right to shut me up!

Last year I warned against sodomites being turned loose in the military. As I said in that article, the good order and discipline of the military will be adversely affected by this social experimentation. Still, some so-called conservatives like Ron Paul voted to destroy the only truly successful federal organization in history, the U.S. military.

Now sodomites and their lawyers are already demanding military benefits for their same-sex partners, and the expense of this litigation or concession to provide these benefits will compete for funds otherwise dedicated to defense spending.

The military is also being pressured to provide homosexual chaplains. Unlike the provision for chaplains of different faiths, if a homosexual or lesbian chaplain is assigned to a unit as its “Christian” chaplain, the concerns of Christian soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines won’t matter regarding a spiritual advisor whose misorientation is an abomination to God.

In the short run, Christian service men and women will be denied spiritual representation and counseling because they’ll be told to accept the sodomite chaplains or have no chaplain at all.

In the long run, our humanist government will eventually force Christianity from the military.

Those who are wondering if our troops would really fire on or round up American citizens for delivery to internment camps need not ask that question anymore. When only a few Christians are serving in the military, do you really expect our military to have a Christian conscience?

Now think back to the question I asked near the beginning of this article. Are you ready for 2012?

Do you recall the unbelievable bad weather and natural catastrophes of 2011? It started with horrendous snow storms in the northwest, northeast and Midwest, which were followed by a spring thaw that brought floods and the worst tornado season on record. There were a mess of hurricanes too! One hurricane found its way to the northeast, just like the one depicted in Chapter 3 of Prole Nation.

And earthquakes! Did you know there were over 2,400 earthquakes around the world last year that were greater than 6.0? Areas that missed the snows, floods, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes had wild fires. Do you really think 2012 will be a better?

I repeat that I don’t know if the Lord will come this year. But those who doubt the promise of his coming should read or re-read Matthew 24, Luke 21, 1 Corinthians 15: 52, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 1 Thessalonians 5:2-10, 1 Peter 3:10 and Revelation 4:1-2. He is coming! That’s why we must be spiritually prepared for his imminent return.

If he does not come this year, however, we must be prepared for the eventual downfall of this country, which could be this year or shortly thereafter.

Have you ever wondered why zombie movies are so popular? I believe subconsciously most folks realize that their fellow Americans are devouring their substance. These 49 percenters (who think they’re the 99 percenters) won’t react nicely to the news their free money has been cut off with the total economic collapse of the country, if not the world.

Just like ticks and other parasites that suck the life out of their host, they’ll look for new prey among whoever is left of what used to be this country. For this reason, I think the Mormon concept of hoarding a 3-month supply of food is impractical, if only because it’s not easily transportable. You better be prepared to leave your home in a really big hurry.

Survivalists say after three or four days without food or water, most people will indeed act like zombies. When the Occupy Wall Street Zombies lose their international support, they’ll do whatever it takes to get food, and they certainly won’t hesitate to murder, possibly even resort to cannibalism when manufactured food supplies are depleted.

So, yes, to answer another fellah’s question to me, if you don’t have one, get a gun (or four) and lots and lots of ammo.

I recommend at least four weapons to every family – a high powered rifle for long distance self-defense and big game animals; a small caliber rifle for small game and varmints; a shotgun for close-quarters self-defense and big game animals; and a large caliber handgun for emergencies.

If you can afford it, you may want a semi-automatic weapon like an assault rifle. But do arm yourself. And do it now before Soros buys up all the firearms and ammunition manufacturers.

If you live in an urban area, I highly recommend a getaway plan to head for the hills, woods or swamps. Do you like wild game? You better learn to like venison, wild hogs, squirrels, rabbits, quail, dove and scores of other critters.

Camping gear is a must. Hone up on your hunting, fishing and tracking skills too. Ditto for marksmanship and common sense survival training. Get a book or two on outdoor living, to include one that helps you identify edible wild plants in your area or the wilderness region you expect to run to when the stuff hits the fan.

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I suggest you form a pact with friends and family to make camp in the same area, to share resources and defend each other from attacks from outsiders. Make full use of expertise among you, including not only the former Special Operations types with their weaponry and survival training but also paramedics, carpenters, masons, butchers, mechanics, farmers, ranchers and plain old country boys who are used to living off the land.

Don’t panic. But get started and be prepared for whatever happens this year. And pray. Pray the Lord Jesus will come before we have to watch our country implode, guard our families from our zombie neighbors and resort to living like savages in some post-apocalyptic, sci-fi movie.

� 2012 - R.C. Murray - All Rights Reserved

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RC Murray is a disabled veteran and former public school teacher. He left a good job as a technical writer for a satellite manufacturer in order to teach high school English, only to be told he could not expect, much less require his students to read their literature assignments. After four years of fighting The System and having a stroke then a mini-stroke, Murray decided he was safer in the airborne infantry. He left the classroom and went back to technical writing. Murray has dedicated the rest of his life to exhorting parents about what’s really going on in their local public school and the invisible government that controls every aspect of our lives.

RC Murray is the author of three books, Golden Knights: History of the U.S. Army Parachute Team, Legally STUPiD: Why Johnny doesn’t have to read and his first novel, Prole Nation, which was re-released December 2010.










They can call it “hate speech” if they want, but the U.S. Constitution guarantees me the right to say out loud what I think or believe via freedom of speech and freedom of religion – even if it hurts their feelings. The Hate Crimes Protection Act should be challenged in the Supreme Court, but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen.