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By R.C. Murray
August 2, 2008

“…brevity is the soul of wit…” -Polonius (Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2)

Most folks are in too big a hurry to learn all the details these days. People want facts condensed into fragments of information, believing that a bullet comment, headline, sound bite, blog posting or bumper sticker can take the place of thorough research, careful analysis and in-depth study.

Jesus said God’s law and all the warnings of his prophets hang on the first commandment and the supplemental commandment to love our neighbor. Those of us who know him know this is true. But what do these commandments mean to an ignorant generation who know nothing about our Creator? How can the stupid masses learn enough about God in order to understand why he gave his only begotten Son to save them from a hell they don’t believe exist? Without all 66 books of the Bible, the world would be in darkness. In fact, some folks have made a profession of keeping people in mental and spiritual darkness. They substitute biblical history, moral law and prophetic warnings with a feel-good, socialist gospel. They’ve even replaced the old-time hymns with mindless choruses empty of doctrine and faith.

Both liberals and neo-cons (pseudo-conservatives) call evil good and good evil. They don’t get along with each other, but they work for the same fellah. If you’re not in the habit of studying the Bible, you’re not likely to know that fellah by name. He’s the fellah I allude to repeatedly in my book, the one who wants to control knowledge, all knowledge – academic and biblical knowledge. He has lots of workers willing to do his dirty work. Many of them are even disguised as ministers of light. But they’re just false prophets.

Remember when we all got excited about the tirades of the irreverent Jeremiah Wright then his cohort, the irreverent Michael Pfleger. Their venom filled the headlines and sound bites for weeks. But how many folks do you suppose took the time to visit Obama’s church web site before political expedience forced him to seek a new church – you know, the National Church of Humanism, the one established by the Supreme Court over a 40 year period. First, they outlawed Bible reading then prayer then the Ten Commandments in public schools, all the while supporting the federal mandate that Darwinism (one of the three basic doctrines of Humanism – a.k.a., Darwinism, Socialism and Moral Relativism) be taught in supposedly state (public) schools.

Unless you want to read my book (Chapter Twelve), I’ll have to save that argument for another NWVs article. Right now I want to talk about the headlines so few Americans are apparently able to read, really read – public education being what it is today (thanks to the Supreme Court and others).

Obama gave us his political spin on how he sat in a church for 20 years and never heard Wright’s maliciously racist, anti-American hatred being preached to a very accommodating congregation. The sound bites of sermons by Wright and Pfleger that I watched on TV had quite a few “Amens” coming from the pews. Obama’s writing off their treasonous remarks as something “we need to talk about in this country” is an understatement of all understatements! If we’re going to have an honest dialogue about racism in this country, we need to talk about where ALL the hatred is coming from!!!

Obama’s former church has changed its web site in the last few weeks. At least now Jesus is mentioned though awkwardly at best. He still seems more like the Koran’s Jesus than the Bible’s Jesus. Hidden now is their call for redistribution of wealth (i.e., socialism). Instead, there is an obscure reference about “working toward Economic Parity.” Still sounds socialistic to me. What do you think?

One thing that has not changed on its web site is its claim to be “Unashamedly Black” and its “nonnegotiable Commitment to Africa.” Think about these statements a minute, please.


If I said I don’t celebrate my ancestral heritage because they talk funny and their men wear skirts, I would be lying. I strongly admire historic figures like William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and, yes, even James Stewart (if only because he authorized the most trustworthy English translation of the Bible). I’m proud of my Scottish heritage. But I’m not a Scotsman. I’m an American. Yes, by the grace of God, I’m a Southern American, but even that I don’t hold against others less fortunate. Providence never intended for everyone to enjoy grits with their eggs or sweet tea with their BBQ, fried chicken, fried steak, fried fish and anything else worth frying.

Several months ago, I listened to a political speech by a prominent black mayor. He said he was opposed to the idea of America as a “melting pot,” preferring to think of America as a “salad” in which all people came together in one bowl with their distinct flavors still intact. My problem with his analogy is the salad itself. I’m not a vegan. I like my veggies cooked, seasoned with meat (not tofu). Let the potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn and beans stew together with the beef, pork and chicken. Their separate flavors will come together to make something new. That’s what America was supposed to be – something new. The Old World, whether it was in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America must have had problems enough for them to leave it. So leave it! Let it go or go back to it! Those who express concern about the violent hatred being preached in Saudi Arabian schools need to consider how many “unashamedly black” churches like Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ are preaching racial hatred with a SOCIALIST agenda in this country!

We all need to take a closer look at the headlines we read and listen a little more closely to political sound bites. I do if only because I have a suspicious nature. When I read or hear reports about preparations for pandemic influenza or other diseases, I can’t help wondering what elitists are planning now. And I can’t help but feeling paranoid when I read so many articles about efforts to fight the “stigma” of mental health problems and why our military especially wants its service members to feel free to seek help if they’re living with symptoms of combat stress disorders or suffer from some other emotional issue.

Only six months ago, Benedict Bush signed the Veterans Disarmament Act, which legally takes away the 2nd Amendment rights of any veteran ever deemed by the VA to have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder or depression. Elitists fear veterans because we tend to be the largest group of Americans trained to use firearms and military tactics. Moreover, we’re still under oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I pray today’s men and women in uniform realize they don’t have to follow illegal orders for them to violate the Constitution and use force against their parents, grandparents and all those who served before them when we refuse to give up our right to keep and bear arms.

Please note the Shakespearean character I quoted at the start of this article. Polonius was a hypocritical, babbling fool, the adviser to murderous King Claudius. If he truly believed in brevity, he certainly didn’t follow his own advice. Do you suppose his counsel is one you should follow? I don’t, even though I sometime say things off the cuff that get misconstrued because of my brevity. A lady emailed me about my last NWVs article, agreeing partly with my assessment of our Knowledge Crisis but taking issue with me for lamenting about military chaplains no longer praying in Jesus’ name. She’s partly right. We’re not a Christian nation, at least not anymore.

Back when we were a Christian nation, our chaplains and pastors and citizens in general openly prayed in Jesus’ name and we were blessed by God as a nation. Not anymore. What I should have explained in that article was the two-fold problem with supposedly Christian chaplains being restricted from praying in Jesus’ name. First, if chaplains’ prayers can be controlled by the military (a.k.a., government), they work for the government, not God, and as such, they’re of no use to God or the government. You cannot serve two masters. Second, if chaplains’ prayers can be governed, what’s to stop the government from one day controlling how and to whom we civilians can pray?

As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, this will happen, maybe soon. Too few of us today “walk circumspectly” to prevent it. The best we can do now is delay the wrath to come. To do that, let me leave you with some thoughts about bumper stickers, sound bites and headlines.

Even the simple understand when they see a bumper sticker that reads “Pro Choice,” the driver of that vehicle thinks murder is a mere matter of choice. But what about “Hate is not a family value”? The homomaniac driving that vehicle is a gay or lesbian who believes anyone that opposes gay marriage or anything else on the gay agenda is a hate monger. One day they’ll try to outlaw or at least censor the King James Version Bible alluded to earlier, if only because it calls sin sin, most specifically calling homosexuality an “abomination unto to Lord.” Unlike modern versions, the KJV doesn’t replace “sodomite” and “effeminate” with “male shrine prostitute” or “immoral person.” What is an immoral person anyway? All things are relative, right?

When I hear a political ad sound bite promising “Hope and Peace,” I think of a warning in Daniel 11:21. Do you remember Obama’s sound bite acceptance speech on winning the Socialist, I mean, Democratic Party’s nomination? He said this country was the greatest country in history then he called on his “friends” to help him change it. Think about that stupid statement then think about this. With friends like Wright, Pfleger, Louis Farrakhan and every other low life, anti-Christian, anti-American slime on the planet, what sort of changes do you suppose he has in mind?

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One day expect to read the following headline, “Cult leaders arrested.” No, it won’t be fringe, nut-case, genuine cult types but Bible-believing Christians. It won’t stop with arrests alone, or with just our leaders. And it’ll happen because we’ve let it happen a little bit at a time. The frog is still in the pot and the water is about to boil. I praise the prophetic wisdom of my fellow NWVs writers and especially Chuck Baldwin’s bold stand for the Constitution and the Bible. We tried but the country wouldn’t listen. We should concentrate now on saving souls rather than saving a nation bent on killing itself. Our Lord never promised to save nations anyway, just those who believe in him. When you see the above headlines, the same Jesus who saved us from hell will save us from this world. Even so, come Lord Jesus – and quickly, please.

� 2008 - R.C. Murray - All Rights Reserved

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R.C. Murray is a disabled veteran and former public school teacher. He left a good job as a technical writer for a satellite manufacturer in order to teach high school English, only to immediately be told he could not expect, much less require his students to read their literature assignments. After four years of fighting The System and having a stroke then a mini-stroke, he decided he was safer in the airborne infantry and returned to being a technical writer for a military contractor.

He has also dedicated the rest of his life to exhorting parents about what�s really going on in their local public school, the one they think is a good school. R.C. Murray is the author of two books, Golden Knights: History of the U.S. Army Parachute Team and most recently, Legally STUPiD: Why Johnny doesn�t have to read.












Both liberals and neo-cons (pseudo-conservatives) call evil good and good evil. They don’t get along with each other, but they work for the same fellah. If you’re not in the habit of studying the Bible, you’re not likely to know that fellah by name. He’s the fellah I allude to repeatedly in my book...