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By Actor Michael Moriarty
November 6, 2007

It's appealing how Naomi Wolf has stoically resigned herself to the horrors of abortion and its undeniable infanticide. She is nobody's fool. She is certainly not wearing the rose-colored glasses of Dr. Pangloss in Voltaire's Candide. No "best-of-all-possible worlds" for her.

"Women have gotta do what women have gotta do" � and obviously no one or nothing, certainly not government, is going to stop them from doing it. Because some women will abort their children regardless of the laws, we must just stoically resign ourselves to legalized abortion.

The Cosa Nostra might eventually approach their Murder Inc. business in the same way, demanding equal rights with Planned Parenthood � well -- might make a good movie � a black comedy rather like Throw Moomma from the Train.

Could murder be legalized?

According to Naomi Wolf, it already has been with Roe v. Wade.

Ms. Wolf's surrender to the erosion of Judeo-Christian values, the crumbling of Tablets, so to speak, the end of the Ten Commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill being a civilization's very important first step � well -- stoicism is certainly one way to go if you don't want to just up and commit suicide. It's amazing how the likes of Communism's Boswell, Jean Paul Sartre, can now just wait for the collapse of civilization's bourgeois illusions. Ms. Wolf, certainly not applauding this disintegration, stands resignedly awaiting the inevitable, the fulfillment everything Sartre claimed it to be, i. e. "life is nausea" � and � "hell is other people."

It is rather sidewalk supervising by the suicidally depressed.

Ms. Wolf has so frequently come close to the transformation of another female intellect, that of Simone Weil � yet the final surrender to Christ which Ms. Weil made is out of the reach of a stoic like Ms. Wolf. Stoics don't change a thing, they just endure � therefore the "survivor's" apppeal of stoicism. Another brilliant woman, Joan Didion, she strikes me as a stoic, the quality of her prose impresses by the sense of painful weight it endures.

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I am a foolish romantic in a generation of some really hardboiled female intellects such as Naomi Wolf, Joan Didion and Camille Paglia. I cannot cross swords with them because the only weapon I carry is a feathery quilled pen. However, the more I write, the less envious I am of the stoic realists of any gender. The male side of such stoicism has, as its only sizeable triumph, the likes of Henry A. Kissinger and his "Realpolitik" � and -- well � you've finally grown up when you quit envying Henry Kissiinger and start to actually feel sorry for him, so stoically resigned he became before the mesmerizing evil of Mao Tse Tung

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I am a foolish romantic in a generation of some really hardboiled female intellects such as Naomi Wolf, Joan Didion and Camille Paglia.