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By Michael Moriarty
August 20, 2012

At this point in the 2012 election year, Obama and Romney are neck and neck in the polls.

Recently I criticized the 2012 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies as purely Marxist propaganda.

A Canadian “Progressive” Catholic of my acquaintance scoffed and described Danny Boyle’s concoction as “cheeky Brit humor.”

With that dismissal I realized how North American Communists succeeded with their eventual invasion of Canadian and American governments: Joe McCarthy was un-Constitutionally “paranoid” and Conservatives or Pro-Life Independents like myself have no sense of humor.

Such a dismissive approach has not only worked for the 85 odd years of both Soviet and now Vladimir Putin’s Neo-Soviet Russia, but still works.

I’m not sure which is worse: Communist apologists in the Free World or Bush Republicans in America. The latter’s surrender to a Progressive New World Order run by the United Nations has dismissed both Red China and Soviet Russia as harmless.

It’s a New World Order and “we’re one big happy family now!” The closing ceremonies of the Olympics show that! There are no national boundaries between the athletes. These athletes are no longer American nor Red Chinese, they’re a Commune! A French Revolutionary tribute to Karl Marx!!

Thank God America “whupped” Red China in the overall medal count.

Individual freedom and individual responsibility beats the one party tyranny of Communism.

Such individuality will always be victorious.

Yet we’re up against it now.

As the Communist Politburos of the World have desired, we’re not only face to face and rubbing elbows with Communists, we’re looking up at Marxists in the White House and possibly reelecting them.

As for the recent 2012 Olympics?!

What can one possibly say about Danny Boyle and his whole conception of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the London Olympics of 2012? It’s hard to find pejoratives specific enough to both brand him with and point toward a World War III, a second Holocaust that Danny Boyle and Neo-Soviet Vladimir Putin’s Marxist visions might very well provoke.

How can we describe this?

Purposely infuriating?

Militantly Marxist?

A flaming insult to not only Winston Churchill but William Shakespeare as well?

Or, as my Canadian acquaintance would have it, “cheeky Brit humor”.

Why, of all people, does Boyle pick a grotesque caricature of Winston Churchill to recite these words of Caliban from The Tempest?

Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,

These words followed an unrelentingly percussive prelude to the Olympics’ Closing Ceremonies.

Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.

Again, as with the Opening Ceremonies, we have no sounds and sweet airs. Only heavy-handed reminders of the Industrial Revolution.

Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometimes voices,
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open. And show riches
Ready to drop upon me; that, when I waked,
I cried to dream again.

Here’s the Cummings Study Guide’s description of Caliban:

Caliban: Savage half-man who serves as a slave on Prospero's island. He is the son of a witch, Sycorax. Caliban believes he is the rightful ruler of Prospero's island, having inherited it from his mother.

What does Boyle seem to be saying?

“Churchill’s no hero of mine! He’s no Prospero from The Tempest! He’s Caliban! A savage half-man who wouldn’t understand the ‘janglings’ of the Industrial Revolution since his disgusting kind made the whole Industrial Revolution happen!!”

Who then must be the all-knowing, infinitely wise Prospero in the mind of Danny Boyle? Who, aside from Mr. Boyle himself?

Karl Marx.

British Communism was all over both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Through the open door of Charles Dickens, Boyle inflicts upon the Olympics’ worldwide, possibly six-billion human beings watching on television, foists a Dickensian indictment of England’s entire Industrial Revolution.

As if all of English literature, English soul, English size and English history were crammed into a 19th Century, fin de siècle monocle called Dickensian England.

Saving Shakespeare for Boyle’s final indictment of Judeo-Christian England, Boyle satirizes Churchill.

Boyle has a ham actor performing the Great Knight as if the former Prime Minister were Donald Wolfit on an off-night.

Churchill, the virtual savior of England, is sitting atop Big Ben itself, is delivered to us as a bad actor. Churchill’s not even performing the role he should be playing: Prospero!

Churchill is disgraced by Boyle into mouthing the words of Caliban, the ignorant, heartless savage who can never really be trusted.

What do we leave the 2012 Olympics with?

Danny Boyle’s Olympics of Marxist Discontent

A bitter taste in our mouth from Danny Boyle’s Marxist, nightmare image of the British Isles.

What is most gratifying for me and is most Shakespearean is the Bard’s ability to “hoist” his contemporary exploiters “upon their own petards”?

It is how the choice of Churchill to perform Caliban backfires.

To anyone reexamining Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the play itself has Churchill the victorious winner over Danny Boyle.

How so?

Caliban actually embodies the whining cries of Marxist, militantly unionized laborers who recite Caliban’s self-pitying words to themselves all day. Again from the Cummings guide:

Meanwhile, Caliban, who is bringing in the wood, curses Prospero (Churchill), wishing upon him “all the infections that the sun sucks up.” (2. 2. 4). Caliban (Danny Boyle), after all, was the ruler of the island (The People) before Prospero (Churchill and his ilk) arrived. Why should he (Danny Boyle) now be carrying wood for Prospero (Winston Churchill)?

Parenthetical additions mine.

Primeval Man (Boyle’s “Laborers”) cursing Man’s evolutionary inevitability, Western Civilization and Judeo-Christianity.

Danny Boyle has now become England’s Joseph Papp.

Joseph Papp was a Marxist intellectual who started free Shakespeare in Central Park for all New Yorkers. I worked for him. I had, to some naïve extent, but briefly, shared some of Papp’s political views.

Danny Boyle                                 Joseph Papp

A Pair of Marxist Geniis

What common denominators do they share?


A patronizing, down-their-nose loathing of the British Monarchy and American Capitalism.

In their estimation: The Queen belongs in a James Bond Fantasy, all the Kings on a chopping block and all Capitalists, once State Capitalism has sucked them dry of their useful idiocy, thrown into a crematorium.

They both share a presumptuous and spiritually blind vision of Shakespeare as a political revolutionary.

Both failed as theater directors: Boyle with his live shows introducing and closing the Olympics, and Papp directing Shakespeare himself.

Boyle is a hugely successful film director in the same way Joe Papp was a hugely successful producer of theater on Broadway.

Without any doubt whatsoever, both men have proven themselves to have been and still are geniuses.

Bertolt Brecht

Marxist geniuses along the lines of Bertolt Brecht.

Cutting edge, Marxist disseminators of a Progressively Marxist and, in many eyes, hopefully Communist New World Order.

The now customary fashion for all the Olympic athletes to enter the closing ceremonies separately and away from their teams and their national colors?

Divide and conquer!

“There should be only one nationality: Communist!”

My most indelible memory of Joe Papp was when he cast me as the Chorus in Henry V and then packed my opening soliloquy to the audience with his idea of The People!!

A kind of guttural back-up group to my lead-singer.

None of that is indicated in any reasonably published edition of Shakespeare.

“Joe,” I said quietly, “if you want to sell your politics in the middle of my soliloquy, find some other actor to play the Chorus.”

Then I left.

He finally said he’d allow me to do the opening soliloquy, and all others, as Shakespeare had originally intended: as the choral narrative they are intended to be.

Does a director really wish to upstage the words of William Shakespeare?

These two did and do.

What was Joe’s revenge for my rejection of his politics?

He told me he would re-mount the production at Lincoln Center with myself playing Henry V.

One week before I was to begin rehearsals in New York, he phoned to tell me that the production was off.

By then I had memorized the entire role.

Almost all the pictures of Danny Boyle are smiling.

He has a charming Irish smile.

Don’t let that Marxist charm fool you.

We elected a Marxist for President of the United States because of his charm and professionally comic polish. A gift which was eventually shown during the Washington Press Corps Dinners.

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Who will have the last laugh this coming November, 2012?

Only God knows.

In the same way, only God knew who would remain Chancellor of Germany in the 1930’s.
Perhaps my fears of a World War III are unfounded.

However, the increasingly closed fist of a Marxist New World Order is not a daydream.

George Bush Sr.’s surrender to a New World Order run by the United Nations has been an undeniably declared, Bush Family agenda.

That same agenda has now existed for almost 26 years.

Over a quarter of a century.

Who’s Smiling Now?!

� 2012 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent movie and TV credits include, Pale Rider, Who'll Stop the Rain, The Glass Menagerie, Courage Under Fire, The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby, Deadly Skies and many more.











Such a dismissive approach has not only worked for the 85 odd years of both Soviet and now Vladimir Putin’s Neo-Soviet Russia, but still works.