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By Michael Moriarty
July 18, 2012

Why have so many of America’s most profoundly gifted artists been in such a hurry to set up shop in London or Paris?

I only moved to Canada.

Well, then again, I’m not as talented or revered as the “most profoundly gifted artists of America.”

For example, there was not only T. S. Eliot, the American poet who moved to England.

There was Stanley Kubrick.

And poet Ezra Pound in Italy!

Well Pound had his problems a fashionable addiction to Fascism and his move to Italy was well, badly timed.

Pound should have moved to Maréchal Pétain’s Paris. His collaboration or treason whichever possibly wouldn’t have looked so bad possibly.

And now there’s well Woody Allen and Roman Polanski but there are extenuating circumstances involved in their careers and uh, well it’s all quite heartbreaking for their fans.

All of these and Gertrude Stein, of course uh, well they have an increasingly bleak vision of almost everything except Paris or London… and in general but, particularly in the case of Kubrick, a virtual hatred for America herself.

Woody Allen, so lovable and loving in Annie Hall, seems to be merely losing and lost in Midnight in Paris. He seems to have adopted the profile of a 1920s, American expatriate in Paris with an adoring audience that his own lifestyle abandoned with the 1992 revelations of his domestic nightmares.

How do I now see Kubrick and Allen?


The Spidery Genius.

“Come into my movie theater 'Americans' Where I will eat your/our self-image Alive!!”

Many don’t know that Kubrick was an American himself. Many think him a typically elitist Brit!


Kubrick was born in Manhattan and left America when he found out where he was.

Woody Allen, on the other hand, has become this charmingly boyish dictator holed up in a variety of bunkers somewhere in the Western World.

One thing is for certain: Stanley Kubrick felt himself above the American two-party system.

It’s not hard.

Even a poor television actor like myself had come to the same conclusion.

That does not mean, however, that I am disillusioned with democracy.

Democracy is certainly working well up here in Canada.

Woody Allen, the ingeniously “useful idiot” of President Obama, now has his love of a would-be dictator, Barack Hussein Obama to haunt him beyond even his movie reruns.

As for Kubrick, the United States was his favorite (if not his main) target.

Even America’s superstars such as Tom Cruise in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut were drawn into the Kubrick web like flies to The Spider!

Genius is a web into which poor, normally mortal humans inevitably fly!

Not even Scientology’s star pupils, such as Tom Cruise, can escape The Kubrick Web!!

The power of publicly recognized “artistic genius” has its invisible density, its record-breaking barometric pressure!!

It’s almost Hitlerian in its charismatic weight.

Woody Allen once wanted me for a film but I said, “Let me see the script, please.”


Not allowed.

Apparently you must trust the genius of Woody Allen entirely!!!

I declined the offer, only to see what happened to Christopher Walken in Annie Hall.

If Woody Allen says you’re “creepy”?!

You’re creepy!!

I don’t recall the highly gifted character actor, Christopher Walken, ever working for Woody Allen again.

Ah, the explosively temperamental geniuses of art!!

Men like Pablo Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, Woody Allen an and his call for Barack Obama to be a dictator and yes, Stanley Kubrick.

Who or what “nation” or “large creation” knows how to deal best with artists?

The International Communist Party.

The British Communists so surrounded the genius of Paul Schofield that you could hardly tell the flies from the honey.

As for Stanley Kubrick, the Communist Party tried but failed.

“The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes.”

Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999), U.S. filmmaker. Guardian (London, June 5, 1963). Hmmm so the issues of villainy, in Kubrick’s eyes, depend upon a nation’s relative “great”-ness.

“Anything less than the gangster-like necessities of patriotic, self-inflated greatness leads, of course, to inevitable prostitution” something like that.

No wonder you’d have to be a narcissistic space cadet like Kubrick or Allen in order to escape such whoredom.

No, those two are not exactly Communists, but the author of such thoughts does appear to be looking down at all of us from another planet.

“You’re an idealist, and I pity you as I would the village idiot.”

General Broulard (Adolph Menjou), in Paths of Glory (1957), learning a subordinate has acted out of principle, rather than to earn a promotion.

Was Stanley Kubrick “The Idealist”?

Or was he simply an embittered American exile with genius?

Or was he Orson Welles as a self-exiled long-distance runner?

Wikipedia begins its rather exceptional analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s political and religious beliefs with this sentence:

“Film director Stanley Kubrick‘s political and religious views do not neatly fit into any given pigeonhole.

While earlier films like Paths of Glory seem to reflect an overtly progressive ideology, (“Progressive” is the worldwide and now Wikipedia euphemism for “Marxist.”) later films such as A Cloockwork Orange can be construed to be equally critical of the political Left and Right.

Fascinated by the possibilities of a supernatural reality, as reflected in films like 2001: A Space Odyssey or The Shining, Kubrick was committed to no particular world view.”

“No particular world view” except his own.

Nothing wrong with that.

Who am I to criticize an expatriate such as myself?

Perhaps I’m merely examining the reasons for Kubrick’s exile from America and the core of his alienation.

I can certainly sympathize, having fled the United States 15 years ago.

Michael Herr, co-author with Kubrick of Full Metal Jacket, writes:

He (Kubrick) thought the best system might be under a benign despot, though he had little belief that such a man could be found.

He wasn’t a cynic, but he could have easily passed for one.

He was certainly a capitalist.

He believed himself to be a realist.

A benign despot?!

The power and duty to change laws regarding freedom of speech in America lay with the legislative branches and are not and never will be the right of law enforcement.

Without Attorney General Janet Reno, there could not have possibly been the likes of an Attorney General Eric Holder.

Without Holder, there would have been no major and patently unconscionable hanky-panky or what I consider to be un-Constitutional arrogance inflicted by President Barack Hussein Obama on the American people and on the State of Arizona in particular.

The men in the White House, apparently according to Bill Whittle, are now all “poor bastards.”


These “poor bastards” think Americans are too stupid to realize that the Obama Nation’s real plans are to bully and tyrannize North Americans into a Progressively Marxist New World Order.

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If you think Americans have been tough on tyrants and domestic tyranny, you should try Canadians.

Once Pierre Trudeau tried martial law on Canadians.

The Hard Left days of Canada were numbered.


Canada knew then that Communism had grown out of the control of even Hard Left Canadians like Trudeau.

Eventually it proved to be Canada’s time to move onto Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Canadians are a lot tougher than their “kind and gentle” profile might paint them out to be.

It’s my honor to be here!

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Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent movie and TV credits include, Pale Rider, Who'll Stop the Rain, The Glass Menagerie, Courage Under Fire, The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby, Deadly Skies and many more.











And now there’s well Woody Allen and Roman Polanski but there are extenuating circumstances involved in their careers and uh, well it’s all quite heartbreaking for their fans.