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By Michael Moriarty
February 13, 2012

We had best get out, hunt and find or beg for some readable version of the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Only there can you find The Divine POV through which to ingest, digest and eventually comprehend this diabolically doomed marriage between Marxism and Islamic Jihadists. That Infernally Odd Couple now threatens to destroy the entire Free World as we know it.

But, given my own estimate of the child-aborting Free World, one must then ask, "Is the Free World worth saving?"

While the Obama Nation and its Samantha Powers "Responsibility to Protect" invests its Marxist megalomania into the hell of Islamic domestic disputes, one is reminded of the Street Level Truth to never step into an argument between a pimp and his prostitute: they will both turn on you.

As for the Biblical Truth?

The anti-Christ has been here for quite some time and he is not some Imam coming out of the Middle East.

Our main enemy is the two-headed and two-faced beast of Islamic Communism first represented by Osama bin Laden but now, more profoundly revealed in the Progressive Policies of a New World Order directed by Barack Obama in the foreground and George Soros in the background. Both joined together at the hip of their Napoleonic delusions.

We are most definitely in a climactic, Biblically "Teachable Moment."

It is, I am afraid, too late for any of the participants to change their tunes. They are "in", as they say, for way more than a penny or a pound. The "man who broke the Bank of England" will find his own banks pushed to the limit when the proverbial "bill" of a Final Judgment arrives.

What must America do to save herself?

First overturn Roe v Wade in as many states as possible so that, when Traditional America does say "No" to the likes of the New World Order, the Progressives know our America and Americans mean "No!"

Second, elect Sarah Palin and Lt. Col. Allen West to control the White House.

So far, only Nebraska has made inroads to overturn legalized abortion and the homicidal Roe v Wade Decision. Ohio is on the way to following this divinely necessary example. However, those two, pro-life states are clearly not enough to convince a worldwide Progressive Megalomania that America is serious about not joining that insanely Marxist fraternity.

This present moment is where and when the Progressives have made themselves so dependent upon homicidal Islam. Somehow, and for some sick and undoubtedly Marxist reason, the Progressives who want Israel destroyed, and traditional America destroyed along with it, expect Islam to do all the dirty work, while the Obama Nation remains as aloof as it has been over liberation efforts in Iran.


Since the White House controls any of America's decisions to intervene, what intervention the Obama Nation might make to protect American citizens from Islamic Jihadists won't be any more convincing than the Justice Department's decisions on the Black Muslim voter intimidation scandal. Eric Holder's very obvious Muslim sympathies included dropping any further action against Black Muslim voter-intimidation referred to in this link thus ignoring what amounts to a growing domestic terrorism.

The "ends" of Marxism and Islam have always justified the "means" because the ends of the International Communist Party and Islam have always been tyrannical. Tyranny is the one subject upon which these two inevitable enemies of one another can agree.

Are there any real conflicts between Communist ends and Communist means? Those who think that there are differences are "perfectly useful idiots" for a Communist agent provocateur.

Now with the entire Islamic Caliphate and its most imminent 12th Imam being invaluably helped by the Marxist sympathies within Barak Hussein Obama's White House, what must America do?

First of all, pray!

This particular horde of Red Islamic Death, its temporarily Communist Jihadists cannot be answered by anything less than a Judeo-Christian Miracle.

Yes, the Second Coming!

Who or what might that be?

The immanent disfigurement of the human race by radioactivity out of Japan does indeed hasten the need for some Judeo-Christian Savior, doesn't it?

What other answer does the Free World have aside from surrender and utter capitulation to an evil surpassing even that of the European Axis at its height? That monster, from June of 1939 to August of 1941, which emboldened Stalin to invade Finland, is now being made to look like only the first and least suicidal example of war by folie a deux.

What threat did Finland ever pose to the Soviet world?

One needn't pose a threat to be an enemy of Red Islam. One need merely exist as something other than a Communist Muslim.

Some corners of America still exist, despite that nation's Blitzkrieg "Transformations" being effected by President Barack Hussein Obama.

Mark Steyn's prophetic warnings in his book, America Alone, might need a sequel, American Suicide.

I have stated repeatedly that the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision was as homicidal/suicidal an act as its earlier Dred Scott decision that only emboldened the Southern Confederacy to challenge the North at Fort Sumpter.

That war was inspired by slavery while this present American Suicide began with the legalized, cold-blooded murder of abortion.

Roe v Wade is ultimately suicide.

Murder as a woman's right is the end of the Golden Rule and any hope of civilization.

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The homicidal hordes, yes, from Genghis Kahn to the ultimate Caliphate of a 12th Imam helping to run a New World Order are inevitable in the Judeo-Christian Civilization's utter loss of soul.

There is no soul of America anymore. Any claims to such, including "soul music", have been obliterated by virtually mass infanticide.

Half a million dead gestating infants per year. The 600,000 dead from the Civil War looks barely like a warm-up to such a, yes, 38 year-long Holocaust. Its ultimate achievement, of course, will be American Suicide.

� 2012 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent movie and TV credits include, Pale Rider, Who'll Stop the Rain, The Glass Menagerie, Courage Under Fire, The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby, Deadly Skies and many more.









Now with the entire Islamic Caliphate and its most imminent 12th Imam being invaluably helped by the Marxist sympathies within Barak Hussein Obama's White House, what must America do?