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By Michael Moriarty
July 10, 2011

Should one of two unannounced candidates for the Republican nomination — Chris Christie or Paul Ryan — be picked as the Republican candidatte, traditional America has a chance of surviving the Kissinger/Soros/Obama fundamental transformations of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, yea tragically, I suspect that Mitt Romney, the master of State-sized socialized medicine in Massachusetts, will be the New World Order's "ringer." Or, as the dictionary defines a "ringer": An athlete or horse fraudulently substituted for another in a competition. In this case a "fraudulent" representative of conservative American values.

Going back to a central ingredient within The Bipartisan Sellout of America, I refer to the revelations within an American Spectator article, The Man Who Elected Barack Obama.

The dubious gentleman of slippery slopes at least according to the article's author, Joseph Shattan, is Karl Rove.

According to anyone who cares the least bit about American sovereignty, Karl Rove has become the most shameless of American Republicans.

Henry Kissinger, America's prelude to George Soros, was never really a Republican in the first place.

Mr. Shattan simply highlights Rove's confessions, his disclosures in Rove's self-congratulatory memoir, Courage and Consequence.

The inference, from the title alone, is that, because of the two term mountains of "Courage" in the Bush Administration, the unfortunate "Consequence" was a victory for the Democrats.


The 2008 victory of the Democrats, in my estimation, was most obviously an arrangement previously agreed upon between the Bush family patriarch, George Sr., and William Clinton.

"I don't have the vision thing."

With that single, simple deception — (evasion?) — Presiesident George Bush Sr. literally handed over to William Clinton his very own "Pax Americana."

Those are President Bush Sr.'s words, his own "vision thing."

This Pax Americana has actually been revealed as the bipartisan plans for a Progressive New World Order.

Notice how Obama is now the World's Police Commissioner, the Pax Americana "Tough Cop"?

The entire parley of Bush/Clinton/Bush Presidencies was geared to include a fourth return of the "White House Volleyball" to Hillary Clinton.

Why, in God's name, would a former Presidential administration now admit to a bald-faced, disastrously damaging and tragically consequential sin of omission about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction?

Why let the falsehood rest in the public memory for Bush's entire second term?

What better way to shut out Senator McCain, whom the Bushes never really cared for, and let Hillary, wife of the Bush Family's "Pal," Bill Clinton, allow the indisputable leader in the Democratic primaries at the time, sail to victory?

Why let the Senator of Arizona swing in the winds of a "deception" about Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, that he didn't have them, when all Democratic candidates brought up the "absence of WMD" to defeat Republican candidates?

Why didn't anyone in the Republican Party let McCain know of Hussein's shipment of his WMD to Syria?

If there was one, undisclosed, purposely hidden fact that could have kept someone like Barack Hussein Obama out of the White House, it was that, indeed, Hussein's weapons of mass destruction had been shipped to Syria!

Aside from the Bush policy of draining America's Treasury for Stimulus money, with which McCain stupidly agreed, the lie that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction was indeed made a virtual truth by the entire Republican Party's silence or evasiveness about the War in Iraq.

"Oh, the success of the Surge will bring us votes," said the McCain team.

Yeah, right.

McCain was never an entirely credible member of the Bipartisan, New World Order, Progressive Movement.

One might have thought so until he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

No one could have been further from the Progressive Beltway than the Governor of Alaska and that set even Barack Obama as a preferable President for many Republicans than John McCain.


The New World Order.

Richard Nixon's Talleyrand, Dr. Henry Kissinger, had been dreaming of a New World Order arrangement before he had even left Harvard. His sycophantic behavior toward Mao Tse Tung in the preparations for the Paris Peace Treaty, had a clearly Marxist solution worked out.

The Free World/Communist conflicts, or battles between "a thesis and anti-thesis" — our anti-thesis to Mao's thesis?

Give Beijing and Moscow South Vietnam!

Just give it up!

Let the thesis just swallow up the anti-thesis.


It gets Nixon re-elected and moves America much further toward a Progressive New World Order — and guess what, the would-be Napoleon, Presidentt Barack Obama.

The Progressives are a one hundred year old movement, but the turning point only happened under Nixon with the Paris Peace Treaty and the Roe v Wade Decision, legalizing murder.

If the soul of America, its fighting spirit, was ever sucked out of it, the last few Nixon years contained the seminal decisions to let that happen, to allow the indisputable inhumanity of Communism take charge of not only South Vietnam but America as well.

Roe v Wade, the Paris Peace Treaty and Karl Rove's refusal to let America know the truth about Hussein's weapons of mass destruction made a President Obama inevitable.

Did Karl Rove do that on purpose to insure what he would have thought to be a victory for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election?

The Bush/Clinton/Bush exchanges of the White House, particularly in the face of George Bush Sr.'s disclaimer of a Pax Americana "vision" he himself had alluded to:

"I don't have the vision thing!"

That is about as convincing as his promise of "No new taxes."

How forgetful these Republican Progressives can be.

Indeed, the autobiographical announcement by Bill Clinton that he was a proud Progressive Baptist turned out to have the same meaning as Obama's claim of being a Proud, Rev. Wright, Progressive Christian.

More to the point, if you weave Dr. Henry Kissinger's very Harvard history through the Republican Party, he and his now shameless accolades for a "New World Order" wrap the entire Nixon/Kissinger/Bush eras into one big bipartisan plot to ease — in an "evolutionary" manner, of course — the entire Republican Party and therefore traditional America, into a docile membership within the "Progressive" New World Order of the United Nations.

Karl Rove's three year silence about the incontrovertible evidence for Hussein's weapons of mass destruction having been exported to Syria?

Rove possibly sat upon his Bush agreement with the Clintons that both families, in the name of Progressive Continuity, would be trading the White House back and forth to keep up the illusion of a two-party democracy when indeed it was a Progressive Boys Club all along.

That very credible possibility is beyond disgusting.

It is as shameless as Obama's all-too undeniable policies against Israel, his and Samantha Powers' deviously titled "Responsibility to Protect."

What is left of Conservative America to protect what remains of the United States?

The Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Allen West. Should they all actually start a Third Party to contest the Republican Party's New World Order Strategies?

I had previously condemned any such possibility. Given, however, the prospect of this Bipartisan, New World Order America?

The Bipartisan Progressive Authors of a New World Order may necessitate America's Second Alamo: 2012. A third party of The Tea Partiers would most likely split the entire conservative vote and end up giving the White House back to Barack Obama. If Mitt Romney is the bipartisan nail in America's coffin and her burial in the New World Order graveyard for former sovereign nations? Then Mitt Romney is this Progressive New World Order antidote to A Second American Civil War.

I say, "Then let the lie be exposed with A Second and Most Inflammatory Term for the Indisputably Marxist Obama Nation!"

Will America prove to be the very "useful idiots" that former KGB operative, Yuri Bezmenov, said that American Liberals and New World Order Optimists are?

A third American political party called The Tea Party will prove that, set clear battle lines and reveal to history and historians that America and American's are not dead yet.

The Tea Party defeat in 2012 would prove to be only Another Alamo in the history of America's efforts to define the meaning of her Declaration of Independence and its words: "All men are created equal — with thee inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The nature of the Second Alamo?

George Soros and Henry Kissinger are proving to be more than the equivalent of President General Antonio López de Santa Anna. If they succeed in giving their puppet, Barack Obama, a second term as President of the United States? That does not mean all is lost.

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With an American Third Party, lead by Sarah Palin, Allen West and the Tea Party folks, the fundamentals of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and America herself will not be lost. God will eventually bring that Third Party to victory. America will be reborn and the Free World, as we know it, will not be lost.

Oh, as for last week's overview of The Red Islamic Hall of Mirrors here is a reflection of their eternally Kamikazee strategy.

Obviously, if Kamikazees were the less urgent of two evils in World War II, perhaps the decades-long, Communist promise, "We will bury you!," presents an even greater threat than Islam.

Regardless, the Jihadists are clearly working in tandem with the neo-Soviets to destroy the United States.

Let us not under-estimate the combined cunning of both.

� 2011 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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Going back to a central ingredient within The Bipartisan Sellout of America, I refer to the revelations within an American Spectator article, The Man Who Elected Barack Obama.