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By Michael Moriarty
July 14, 2010

The Obama Disgust With America, the possible title of an entire book, or volume of books, coming out of a religious sect that has publicly proclaimed, “God damn America!”, is revealed as an actual but decreasingly hidden war on his contempt for the American military.

The Musical-Chairman’s game he is playing in Afghanistan is not merely backfiring on him. That war could, indeed, like LBJ’s Vietnam, prove to be his undoing. He only created the Obama War Cry during his campaign in order to get elected. Now he’s trying to look like a War President but even his once-favorite General McChrystal saw through the Obama/Alinsky strategy. Afghanistan is a pure distraction for America to concentrate on while he — coincidentallly — can “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

While avoiding any full confrontation with the greatest threat in the Islamic world, which is Iran, he holds up his spasmodic efforts in Afghanistan as proof that he is against what he calls “man made disasters” and what we all know of as Islamic terrorism. There is no major threat to American security coming out of Afghanistan but there is, indeed, an ominous, possibly cataclysmic challenge to the entire, five-thousand-year-old, Judeo-Christian Civilization erupting in Iran. The President is allowing Red China and neo-Soviet Russia to dictate what not only the United Nations will say and do but how America will actually respond to the threat of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran.

The President’s response, like his reaction to the BP oil spill, has been a smoke-and-mirrors evasion that even his Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, is finding progressively impossible to explain.

The President’s disgust with America, but actually homicidal contempt for Israel, is the Obama Nation’s shamelessly clear but furtively hidden domestic and foreign policy. Our President is even beyond contempt for traditional America.

As the New World Order’s Great Black Hope, President Barack Hussein Obama, apparently believing he is the reincarnation of Mao Zedong, will “fundamentally transform” the entire balance of power on earth.

Throwing in with the two, Communist and neo-Communist superpowers Red China and neo-Soviet Russia, our First American Chairman intends to create the Unholy Trinity of Marxism, ObamaCare Eugenics and an omnipresent, ever-threatening Jihadism — the three-legged table upon which his entire Progressivve New World Order Agenda depends.

He had and still has Bill Clinton’s Third Way as the main Progressive springboard from which to justify his insane and utterly treasonous reach for imperial power as Chairman of the New World Order. It amounts actually to a reign of terror, the premonitions of which have been repeatedly exposed by voter intimidation out of Black Panthers, the Gestapo-like actions of some Union members and the power proclamations by one of the President’s closest sidekicks, Andy Stern of SEIU.

If the dangers weren’t so palpably real, this conglomeration of Chicago Thugs would be a clown act, a parody of the Communist playwright Bertolt Brecht’s grandest fantasies.

Mack The Knife of Brecht’s Three Penny Opera is what B’rack The Maobama should be singing.

“Oh the shark has

Pretty teeth, dear!

And he keeps them

Pearly white!!”

Throw in the Ivy League Mobster, Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone of the Harvard graduate’s favorite movie, Godfather, and we have the increasingly predictable plot-line of the as-yet-to-be-written: Maobama’s Fourth Reich. Like a former Fuhrer, Obama was indeed put into power by entirely democratic and legal means.


The virtual Second Holocaust of worldwide, legalized abortion was completed with the corrupt and demonically Progressive Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. The Roe v. Wade killing machine had already been put into place by an entirely bipartisan and profoundly “Progressive” effort under Nixon/Kissinger, thirty seven years ago.

On the back of legalized abortion, the Clintons rode into their own warm-up for Maobama’s Fourth Reich. Now the Clinton Progressives are showing their Johnny-come-lately scruples — or is it their Comeback Song?? Seeing Obama’s brazenly tasteless version of the Progressive Movement, the always worldly and sophisticated Clintons are envisioning their possibilities for a 2012 challenge to Obama. Their recent frictions with Maobama are laying the groundwork.

It is as if the American Fuhrer with the likes of George Soros and Oprah Winfrey behind him couldn’t repeat the devastating embarrassment that the President handed both Bill and Hillary in 2008.

America, however, as spiritually bruised and battered by its listless surrender to Roe v Wade, is not Post World War I Germany!

Yes, we have a looming depression as in 1929, but America’s defeat in Vietnam is not Germany’s defeat in World War I, and this decidedly Red, Progressive, New World Order is transparently Marxist and not the bumbling creation of the Versailles Treaty’s League of Nations.

We, however and without any doubt, have the American Fuhrer.

President Maobama.

America’s Fuhrer, however, does not rule a Post-War Europe. He thinks he does and that America, since the Paris Peace Treaty, has been the equivalent of Hindenburg’s Germany following Versailles.

He is undoubtedly a great, sharp-practice lawyer but whatever history courses he took left him decidedly blind in both eyes. Yes, America’s Blind Fuhrer.

However, not only is America not 1930’s Europe, it is not 1950’s Red China either.

With his ObamaCare taxing the prosthetics of American veterans of war?

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The President must think he can whip up a private army out of Black Panthers, Andy Stern’s union sycophants and the Mexican illegals he’s planning to give an American right to vote to. He’d better hurry up.

As I’ve said and will say again, America is not 1930’s Europe nor 1950’s Red China.

Perhaps The One, the American Chairman and Fuhrer can wave his magic wand and make it so.

We’ll see.

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It is as if the American Fuhrer with the likes of George Soros and Oprah Winfrey behind him couldn’t repeat the devastating embarrassment that the President handed both Bill and Hillary in 2008.