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By Michael Moriarty
May 22, 2009

Animal Spirits

The authors of a new best seller, Animal Spirits, appeared briefly on The Glenn Beck Show and, despite Beck's apparent enthusiasm for the work, I saw a surprising defense by the authors of the Obama administration and its government's draconian intervention within the admittedly ferocious jungles and "animal spirits" of a free market economy. Simply put, they were applauding what Glenn Beck has spent months revealing as economic suicide. A national debt this big is not deep waters but quicksand. Hold the hand of a CEO who is "too big to fail" and you'll drown with him!

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, third in line to be the keeper of this zoo, reached an all-time high — or low, depending upon your feelings about evassion, cover-ups and indefensible certainties, in which Ms Pelosi is still drowning.

If this major voice in Congress, third in line for the Presidency after Joe Biden, wishes to say that waterboarding is "torture" and treasonous to American values, well, then I just must declare that abortion, which Ms. Pelosi supports as a pro-choice Catholic -- a profoundly complicated point-of-view to defend -- then I have every right to declare that abortion is murder.

"It's possibly murder," the Speaker might admit if she's wise, "but it's not torture! Murder in self-defense is a right, but not torture!!"

Hmmm, indeed — but what about the infants that survive an aborttion? Newborns left to die in a closet, on a nearby table or in a wastebasket? That's not torture?

Our own president, when he was in the Illinois congress, defended an abortion clinic's right to do that by voting against a bill to end that inhumanity?!

Congressman Obama said he didn't vote for inhumanity but against any efforts to end legalized abortion.

Speaker Pelosi, in the same spirit, obviously believes that torture, even in time of war, is not American but that abortion is -- even a torturous abortion.

Pelosi defends positions like that with a smile.

I guess that smile is part of Nancy Pelosi's "animal spirits", and she used that smile to put a period on "what she did or did not know" about waterboarding. This smile, which she seemed to be shoving into our faces, is the same smile she wore before Pope Benedict XVI when he made it very clear to her that the Catholic Church, her Church, considers abortion a form of murder, ergo, a cardinal sin that could send your soul to hell.

Waterboarding is torture but abortion is not murder because abortion is a "woman's right" — a kind of right of self-defense — againsinst those "animal spirits" that get you pregnant. That lifts the main distinction between animals and humans up -- or down -- to Man's singular capacity for cold-blooded murder.


I'm sure the authors of Animal Spirits would have to agree, and in the same way they have certainly agreed to Obama's intervention and increasingly authoritative control of all major American businesses—or—uh—animal reserves.

This President is the keeper of the zoo, the American wilderness that actually houses all these animal spirits.

Ms. Pelosi's own animal spirits now have her crawling, with many hand gestures, all over her own past statements, sort of a liar's St. Vitus dance. If body language is any indication of animal truth she is justifiably terrified of herself. Some of her fellow animals, including her own breed of politician, are either coming in for, or now stepping back from, the press' shark feed.

Will President Obama ever wake-up to a similar encounter with his own animal spirits? Will the deepening hole of American debt ever disturb him?


He's a Marxist.

Joe Stalin's middle name was debt-to-America.

Obama's middle name now is debt-to-China. His debt, within a mere 100 days, is four times the Bush administration's debt.

The "change" which the president has promised us is one that will most certainly ingratiate us into the heart of a Marxist Empire, now more euphemistically known as the Progressive New World Order.

Until his calm and increasingly cold certainty, and more noticeably his thin exterior, crumbles into a display of not only animal spirits but animal honesty, America is on the losing end of the barrels and bombs of both our oldest and newest enemies: Communism and Islamic extremism.

Obama personally feels that the Communists of the world are his friends and they will help him quell Islamic extremism. In the president's mind, Communists are the best of all zookeepers.

Just examine Obama's wealthiest and most influential adviser, George Soros whose close affiliation with Vladimir Putin is all recorded in the book, Death of a Dissident.

Since I believe that Obama is a fully committed Marxist and that his sympathies have always leaned toward a big fisted government over the liberties of a free market, that forest of "animal spirits", we're facing an immediate future of increasingly Marxist tyranny, an actual throw-back replay of the ancient Roman, slave-holding triumvirate of Mark Antony, Pompey and Octavius Caesar. In this case, the drama will unfold upon a global stage that has shrunk to something even smaller than the ancient Roman Empire. This Third Millennium Triumvirate will be entirely Marxist and governed by the leaderships of Red China, neo-soviet Russia and the Pen-ultimately Progressive, United States of America.

This Marxist Triumvirate will prove to be a philosophically and economically harmonious trio of variably benign and unpredictably rabid dictators. They are secretly the most cold-blooded wildlife in this zoo they are now running.

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That they are looking down on their fellow animals is a privilege they have earned because, well, they seem to keep their animal spirits under control. Just look at both Obama and Pelosi. They can even display self-control with a smile!

Shakespeare had something to say about people who smile and do the things they do; and next week the Bard plays a large role in my examination of the American Marxist zoo and Communism's New World Triumvirate.

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Speaker Pelosi, in the same spirit, obviously believes that torture, even in time of war, is not American but that abortion is -- even a torturous abortion.