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By Dr. Stanley Monteith
July 5, 2007

"The next 15 years may well be the age of superterrorism, when they gain access to weapons of mass destruction and show a new willingness to use them. . . . Terrorists in the early years of the twenty-first century will reflect the causes that excite passion and move people to violence . . . conflict will increase until a new stasis or 'world order' is established." --Futurist magazine: November-December 1994 [1]

"The war against terrorism is a war with an unlimited number of battles, none of them decisive. . . . People will have to accept longer lines before entering buildings, longer delays at airports, more intrusive searches of belongings and our persons, and higher ticket prices to pay for all of this. . . . Greater vigilance will also involve a willingness to compromise some of our civil liberties, including accepting more frequent phone taps and surveillance." --Richard Haass, Current Chairman CFR, August 4, 1996 [2]

Have the American people been told the truth about the events that took place on 9/11? Does a small group (several hundred people) control most of the media outlets, most banks, most corporations, both political parties, and the presidency of the United States? If that is true, why hasn't someone told the American people?

Part II of this series, �The True Story of 9/11� discussed the men and the organizations that control most of the wealth of our nation. Some people call them "The Invisible Government," other people call them "The Occult Hierarchy," I call them "The Brotherhood of Darkness (BOD)." How did they obtain their wealth and power? I believe they are energized by �spiritual entities that bridge the gap between the visible world and the spiritual dimension�. Why do I believe that is true? Because organizations like the Lucis Trust (which reflects the views of the spiritual entities), discusses their Plan. You can read about them at What is their goal? They want to establish a world government, destroy Christianity, and install a world leader.[3] Will they succeed? Everything is in place. The UN Secretary General is the world leader, the Security Council is his Cabinet, the General Assembly is the world parliament, they have a World Bank, a World Court, a world army (NATO), a world police force (Interpol), and without Divine intervention they will soon have a world government.

The Council on Foreign Relations, and the organizations they spawned, coordinate the current effort to unify the world. The following entry appears in the "History of CFR" section of the CFR�s web site:

"The most fruitful ground for new members turned out to be the so-called 'in-and outers' - businessmen, lawyers, and academics described by social scientists like C. Wright Mills as an influential 'power elite.' Two widely quoted critics of the Council, Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter, studied the curriculum vitae of 502 government officials in high positions from 1945 to 1972, and found that more than half of them were members of the Council on Foreign Relations." [4]

Members of the CFR have controlled U.S. Foreign Policy since 1945, but the Trilateral Commission (which was organized in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski) controls the U.S. presidency. Senator Barry Goldwater described their goal in his book, �With No Apologies.� He wrote:

"(The TC) . . . is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States." [5]

David Rockefeller, and the powerful men he recruited, set out to "seize control of the political government of the United States." Did they succeed? David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski recruited an obscure peanut farmer, inducted him into the Trilateral Commission, trained him, focused media attention on him, and got Jimmy Carter elected President of the United States in 1976. A recent article by Patrick Wood in The August Review discussed the events that followed the election:

"Out of the 54 original U.S. members of the Trilateral Commission, Jimmy Carter was fronted to win the presidential election in 1976. Once inaugurated, Carter brought no less than 18 fellow members of the Commission into top-level cabinet and government agencies." [6]

When Ronald Reagan was campaigning for the presidency in 1980, a reporter asked Reagan for his opinion of the Trilateral Commission, and he replied:

"I don't believe that the Trilateral Commission is a conspiratorial group, but I do think its interests are devoted to international banking, multinational corporations, and so forth. I don't think that any Administration of the U.S. Government should have the top nineteen positions filled by people from any one group or organization representing one viewpoint. No, I would go in a different direction." [7]

During the 1980 National Republican Convention, Ronald Reagan promised his conservative supporters he wouldn't accept George Herbert Walker Bush as his running mate because Bush was a member of Trilateral Commission and a member of the Board of Directors of the CFR, [8] but three days later Reagan chose George H.W. Bush as his running mate. [9]

President Reagan appointed 287 members of the CFR and the TC to key positions in his administration, orchestrated the largest corporate and social security tax increase in U.S. history (1986), increased federal spending, and almost tripled the national debt during the eight years of his presidency. [10] Why did that happen? Most people believe Ronald Reagan was a Christian because he consulted Christian leaders and often mentioned God, but Ronald Reagan�s administration was guided by an astrologer, and Reagan accepted an honorary 33rd Masonic degree on February 11, 1988 [11].

Joan Quigley, Nancy Reagan's astrologer claims President Reagan often asked his wife, "What does Joan say?," and Wikipedia claims Joan Quigley stated:

"Not since the days of the Roman emperors - and never in the history of the United States Presidency - has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation's affairs of State." [12]

If that is true, why hasn't anyone told the American people? [13]

The TC and the CFR supported George H. W. Bush�s bid for the presidency in 1988, and most of the key positions in the First Bush Administration were filled with members of the organizations. [14]

Bill Clinton belonged to both groups, so it didn�t matter which presidential candidate won the election in 1992. Richard Harwood, the former Editor of the Editorial Page of the Washington Post, described the influence of the CFR in the Clinton administration:

"The president is a member. So is his secretary of state, the deputy secretary of state, all five of the undersecretaries, several of the assistant secretaries and the department's legal adviser. The President's national security adviser and his deputy are members. The director of Central Intelligence (like all previous directors) and the chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board are members. The secretary of defense, three undersecretaries and at least four assistant secretaries are members. The secretaries of the departments of housing and urban development, interior, health and human services and the chief White House public relations man, David Gergen, are members, along with the speaker of the House and the majority leader of the Senate." [15]

Bill Clinton's Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, Director of the CIA George Tenet, and at least eight other members of the Clinton administration were members of the "North American Group" of the Trilateral Commission.[16]

President George W. Bush has never been a member of the CFR or the TC, but Vice President Dick Cheney belonged to both organizations, and currently the White House. Furthermore, Dick Cheney�s wife, Lynne Cheney, is currently one of the 130 members of the North American Group of the Trilateral Commission. [17]

Nine of the ten men that George W. Bush selected to advise him on foreign policy issues in 1999 when he was running for the presidency were members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the tenth man, Richard Armitage, was a member of the Trilateral Commission, and almost all the key positions in the current Bush administration are held by members of either the CFR or the TC. [18]

[Read Stanley Monteith's book: "The Brotherhood of Darkness"]

Was the BOD responsible for the tragic events that took place on 9/11? I believe the CIA (which is almost always led by a member of the CFR) created the Islamic fundamentalist movement, and played an important part in the events that took place on 9/11. How can I make that claim? Because one of the highest ranking officials in the CIA admitted what happened, and you will learn what he said later in this series of articles. [19]

Henry Kissinger is a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the CFR, a founding member of the TC, and a primary architect of the events that lie ahead, so we must heed his words. The September 13, 2006, op-ed-page article he wrote for The Washington Post discusses the implications of the coming war with Iran:

"The debate sparked by the Iraq war over American rashness versus European escapism is dwarfed by what the world now faces . . . the common danger of a wider war merging into a war of civilizations against the background of a nuclear-armed Middle East. . . . We now know that we face the imperative of building a new world order or potential global catastrophe." [20]

According to Henry Kissinger, the U.S. has only two choices. We can either abandon national sovereignty and build �a new world order� or �face a potential global catastrophe.�

Are there other alternatives? Yes, but Henry Kissinger and the powerful spiritual forces he represents, don�t want them considered because they want to establish a new world order, a new world religion, and they want to enthrone a new world leader.

Where does the current story begin? It began in 1953 when John Foster Dulles (CFR) was Secretary of State, and Allen Dulles (CFR), was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. [21] Under their direction, the CIA deposed the democratically elected government of Iran and installed the Shah because John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles claimed the Shah would be a bulwark against communism. [22]

Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR-TC) controlled U.S. Foreign Policy in 1979, and installed the radical Islamic regime that rules Iran today. [23] Why did Zbigniew Brzezinski depose the Shah who was our ally, and install a radical Islamic regime that was aligned with the Soviet Union? CFR and TC apologists claim Brzezinski made a mistake, but I don't believe that's true. I believe Zbigniew Brzezinski installed the radical Islamic government that rules Iran today because he wanted to create the Islamic fundamentalist movement, and lay the foundation for the coming war with Iran. Zbigniew Brzezinski discussed implications of the radical Islamic fundamentalist movement he created in his 1997 book, �The Grand Chessboard.�

"A possible challenge to American primacy from Islamic fundamentalism could be part of the problem in this unstable region. . . . However, without political cohesion and in the absence of a single genuinely powerful Islamic state, a challenge from Islamic fundamentalism would lack a geopolitical core and would thus be more likely to express itself through diffuse violence."[24]

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Zbigniew Brzezinski believed the Islamic fundamentalist movement would not be a major problem because it wouldn�t have the backing of a major Islamic government. You will learn more about the TC�s Plan in Part IV of this series.

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Dr. Stanley Monteith has been studying the movement to create a world government for almost 40 years. During his 35-year career as an orthopedic surgeon he traveled to Europe, lived in South Africa, and researched the records of the men and the organizations that are working to bring our nation under the control of a corporate elite.

Dr. Monteith currently spends five hours daily on talk radio across the nation. He writes extensively, and lectures on geopolitics. He is the author of AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic and his most recent book Brotherhood of Darkness is in its 8th printing.

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The Council on Foreign Relations, and the organizations they spawned, coordinate the current effort to unify the world. The following entry appears in the "History of CFR" section of the CFR�s web site...