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By Dr. Stanley Monteith
March 17, 2006

In part one I discussed President Bush�s response to Congressman Murtha�s request for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Instead of addressing that issue, President Bush announced the U.S. would remain in Iraq because �our work is not done. There is more testing and sacrifice before us,� and said the recent election �is the beginning of something new: constitutional democracy at the heart of the Middle East.�

Is the U.S. fighting terrorism in Iraq, or is President Bush trying to establish �constitutional democracy at the heart of the Middle East� and restructure the world.

President Bush continued his December 18, 2005, address:

"America, our coalition, and Iraqi leaders are working toward the same goal - a democratic Iraq . . . that will serve as a model of freedom for the Middle East. . . . We're helping the Iraqi government establish the institutions of a unified and lasting democracy . . . after a number of setbacks, our coalition is moving forward with a reconstruction plan to revive Iraq's economy and infrastructure. . . . Despite the violence, Iraqis are optimistic. . . . It is . . . important for every American to understand the consequences of pulling out of Iraq before our work is done. We would abandon our Iraqi friends and signal to the world that America cannot be trusted to keep its word. We would undermine the morale of our troops by betraying the cause for which they have sacrificed. We would cause the tyrants in the Middle East to laugh at our failed resolve, and tighten their repressive grip. . . . There are only two options before our country - victory or defeat." (italics added) [1]

Who is responsible for the death and injury of over 25,000 American troops, and over 100,000 Iraqis? How many more Americans will die trying to establish "democracy in the Middle East?" During his interview on 60 Minutes, General Anthony Zinni stated:

"There has been poor strategic thinking in this, there has been poor operational planning and execution on the ground. And to think that we are going to, quote, 'stay the course,' this course is headed over Niagara Falls. I think it's time to change course . . . or at least hold somebody responsible for putting you on this course, because it's been a failure."[2]

If our intelligence agencies provided President Bush with faulty information, was anyone punished, was anyone suspended, was anyone fired? What is "the cause for which they (our soldiers) have sacrificed?" President Bush addressed that question as he concluded his December 18 address:

"My most solemn responsibility is to protect our nation. . . . I know that some of my decisions have led to terrible loss - and not one of those decisions has been taken lightly. . . . And I have never been more certain that America's actions in Iraq are essential to the security of our citizens, and will lay the foundation of peace for our children and grandchildren."[3]

How will victory in Iraq "lay the foundation of peace for our children and grandchildren?" I believe the Iraq war is part of the Spiritual Hierarchy's plan to establish "universal democracy and a cooperation of all nations in a commonwealth of States." Manly P. Hall, who was often called "Masonry's greatest philosopher," explained their goal in his book, The Secret Destiny of America:

"World democracy was the secret dream of the great classical philosophers. Toward the accomplishment of this greatest of all human ends they outlined programs of education, religion, and social conduct directed to the ultimate achievement of a practical and universal brotherhood. . . . One of the most ancient of man's constructive ideals is the dream of a universal democracy and a cooperation of all nations in a commonwealth of States. The mechanism for the accomplishment of this ideal was set in motion in the ancient temples of Greece, Egypt, and India. So brilliant was the plan and so well was it administrated that it has survived to our time. . . ."[4]

I believe President Bush, and the men who control him, are carrying out the ancient plan. They are trying to establish "world democracy," but can't reveal their agenda because most Americans want to stop the senseless killing in the Middle East, end the war, rebuild our army, stabilize our economy, and bring our soldiers home.

When President Bush addressed the National Endowment for Democracy on November 6, 2003, he discussed his covert agenda:

"As the 20th century ended, there were around 120 democracies in the world - and I can assure you more are on the way. . . . We've witnessed . . . the swiftest advance of freedom in the 2,500 year story of democracy. Historians in the future will offer their own explanations for why this happened. Yet we already know some of the reasons they will cite. It is no accident that the rise of so many democracies took place in a time when the world's most influential nation was itself a democracy."[5]

Why does President Bush refer to our country as "a democracy?" If you read the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, The Federalist Papers, and the Constitutions of the 50 states, you will not find a single reference to the U.S. being a democracy. The United States, and all 50 states, are republics, but Adepts of the secret societies want the American people to believe the U.S. is a "democracy." If you don't understand the difference between a democracy and a republic, order a copy of my pamphlet, "We Are a Republic."

Manly P. Hall explained the Hierarchy's hidden agenda:

"For more than three thousand years, secret societies have labored to create the background of knowledge necessary to the establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world."[6]

I began this letter by noting that Russia and China are building new weapons, revolutionary movements are mounting attacks on existing governments, and U.S. officials often help them. Why are those things taking place? The World Revolution began in 1776 when a group of Evangelical Christians joined forces with members of secret societies and fought the Revolutionary War.

Most of our Founding Fathers wanted to establish a sovereign nation and individual freedom, but the secret societies wanted to use the military and financial power of the United States to establish "world democracy," and confederate the world. Christian leaders controlled the United States until the advent of the twentieth century, but were gradually replaced by Adepts of the secret societies. We must never forget that Hitler and Mussolini were democratically elected, and in 2004 both U.S. presidential candidates were members of the same secret society.

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The culture and values of our nation are failing, the sovereignty of our nation is being progressively destroyed. What can we do? I will continue my analysis of the situation in Part III of The Secret Agenda. For part 1 click below.

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U.S. officials had to control the judicial process, and prevent mention of the fact that Saddam worked for the CIA in the late 1950s, was financed by the U.S. in the 1980s, and received most of the materials used to produce Iraq's WMDs from U.S. companies.