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by Tona Monroe

January 26, 2013

As I reflected upon 2011, I dubbed it the year of wasted Republican opportunity. It truly was. Despite ample opportunity for fiscal sanity, the Republican controlled House added $2 Trillion to the debt ceiling and ultimately the debt. As I reflect back upon 2012, I have to dub it the year Americans wasted their opportunity.

How many politicians’ feet did you hold to the fire? The answer is probably none, but I bet you complained to your neighbors, your barber or hair dresser, the mailman, the delivery man, your friends, people standing in line at the grocery store and anyone who would listen to you complain about how bad politics is. You may have fallen into the trap of it’s the Republicans fault, or it’s the Democrats fault and justified that your unwillingness to stand for freedom was OK because you voted for the lesser of two evils. How much is voting for the lesser of two evils really accomplishing?

How many solutions did you present elected officials with? If you are like most people you probably forwarded some emails, which had some good ideas, to the people you complain to. You might have even filled out a form letter online that gets sent to a politician’s staffer so that you can get a canned response that you can forward to the same people you’ve been complaining to. How much do you expect to accomplish with your form letter patriotism?

Maybe you are feeling good because you attended a rally opposing ObamaCare and have held a sign saying Obama is a socialist, but how much did that sign waving accomplish? When is the last time that you put your elected officials’ feet to the fire over anything besides ObamaCare?

Reflect back on what you did to stop tyranny in 2012. You may have wasted your opportunity if you:

1- Voted for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.
2- Still believe in the Democratic or Republican Parties.
3- The only issues you talked about are ObamaCare and the fiscal cliff. (Every day is a fiscal cliff for the federal government.)
4- Don’t know the dangers of the past two National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA) 2012 and 2013.
5- Can name the starting lineup of a sports team, but not your local and State public officials.
6- Voted for Flip or Dip (Romney and Obama), but didn’t vote for State and local public officials.
7- Voted to reelect a career politician back to office.
8- Watch the main stream media, believing you are getting through news coverage about your government.
9- Filled your neighbors’ and friends’ email boxes with political jokes and discussions, but didn’t fill your congressman’s head with solutions to serious problems.
10- Said you won’t waste your vote on Ron Paul because he can’t win, but voted for someone you don’t like because you thought he/she could win.

You don’t have to waste your opportunity in 2013. Instead of complaining to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, complete strangers you run into and anyone else who will listen about how bad government has become and forwarding political emails to people who already agree with you, start working to clean your own local government. I could write full time about the problems that exist with my local government.

Start attending your local government meetings. You can stop some of the terrible federal agenda at the local level by telling your local elected officials to stop taking federal grant money that comes with strings attached. You will quickly see at these meetings, how complicit your local government is with the federal government in expanding the police state and numerous unconstitutional federal programs.

Start a blog with weekly or monthly write-ups of what your local elected officials are doing. Write letters to the editor. Voice your concerns during the public comment time during your local government meetings. If you terrified of public speaking, start with something very simple and write your speech out ahead of time. The more you speak, the easier it will become.

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Start working to clean up your State government. You will see how the States have chosen to be vassals to the federal government for Federal Reserve Notes.

You’ll never run out of issues to keep you busy, so don’t overdo it or you may suffer burnout. Pick a few issues that are important to you and start there.

Make the next email that you write, or the next phone call you make, to someone that you’ve been complaining to. Tell them you need their help and get busy working to reform your priorities.

If a woman with a cane can stand for freedom, why can’t you? Make 2013, the year you rise and stand for freedom.

2013 - Tona Monroe - All Rights Reserve

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Tona Monroe is a privacy, travel and political activist. Her political blog is Blount County (BC) Public Record. She enjoys dog rescue and a holistic lifestyle. Her natural health website is Natural Treasure.





Start attending your local government meetings. You can stop some of the terrible federal agenda at the local level by telling your local elected officials to stop taking federal grant money that comes with strings attached.