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by Tona Monroe

December 31, 2012

Shortly after the ink dried on the Constitution, power hungry statists immediately began working to expand the federal government beyond its delegated authority under the Constitution. George Washington was a good man, but he appointed Alexander Hamilton Secretary of the Treasury, leading to the creation of a national bank. John Adams became the first tyrant President, signing the Alien and Sedition Acts. Worse, Adams shoved John Marshall through as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, giving us a constitutional disaster as Jon Roland, founder of the Constitution Society, describes him. The people became fed up and elected Thomas Jefferson in 1800 ushering in the Jeffersonian era. The 2012 election was the election of 1800 of our day, and we had a Jeffersonian candidate in Ron Paul, but the people failed to usher in a new Jeffersonian era.

Instead, we got Flip vs. Dip, big government ObamaCare candidate one vs. big government ObamaCare candidate two. Many Republicans didn’t like Mitt Romney, but voted for him thinking ObamaCare would be repealed. One Republican said to me, now that the election is over, ObamaCare is upon us. I don’t know how any Republican could make this statement with a straight face. ObamaCare was upon us regardless of whether Flip Romney or Dip Obama was elected.

Excuse makers for Romney’s loss should quit now and save further embarrassment. Think about the Romney campaign for just a moment. Normally when someone runs for office, they dress up. Romney was so elitist and unappealing, that he’s the first candidate I recall where his campaign advisors told him to dress down. Romney wore jeans, to try to appear like the average Joe. It didn’t work.

This should have been an easy race to win and was the perfect opportunity to renew Jeffersonian federalism. Instead, compromising conservatives voted out of fear instead of principle. It’s time for those who profess conservatism and backed Romney to clearly identify the principles that they hold dear; otherwise, they’ll continue being fodder for the Republican Party and the New World Order.

People have been asking what went wrong and what can be done to achieve better results in the future. I will start with the simplest and perhaps most important, second only to repentance and walking in righteousness.

Open your mind. To do this, you need to turn that idiot box, called a television, off. Better yet, donate it to charity and I don’t mean so that someone else can plug his or her brain into it. The charity could raise money by letting people pay to take turns smashing it into pieces so that no one else will become a mind-controlled brainwashed idiot.

Conservatives seems to believe that Fox News is virtuous and as American as apple pie. Fox News is a holding of News Corporation. The largest stake holder is Rupert Murdock from Australia. He became a US citizen to satisfy the requirement of US citizenship to own a US TV station. His wife Wendy Deng is from China and leads the News Corporation Chinese media investments. The next biggest stake holder is Al-Waleed bin Talal the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Did it ever occur to those of you glued to Fox News that having a Saudi Prince as the 2nd biggest owner might be why Fox News beats the war drum incessantly? Fox News is part of a global media conglomerate. Remember that next time you consume a piece of that apple pie.

Over paid buffoons, called political analysts, like Karl Rove and Dick Morris, started saying the polls weren’t accurate to try to resuscitate the Romney campaign. Fox News gave these two lots of air time to paint a false picture for the election. The Fox commentators started parroting this nonsense thereby leading many conservatives to swallow this hook, line and sinker.

Thank Dick Morris for the reelection of Bill Clinton in 1996, as he was his campaign manager until he let a prostitute listen in on conversations with then President Clinton. Karl Rove’s past is filled with questionable activity and after his $300 million election debacle he should have zero credibility. Is this the best Fox can feature to analyze elections? More importantly, why trust Fox News when this is the misleading garbage they feed you?

Have you been listening to Fox News? You may have been listening to too much Fox News if:

1) You thought Mitt Romney was going to win.
2) You thought Ron Paul couldn’t win but Mitt Romney could. (Ron Paul won twelve terms as a congressman. Romney only won one term as Governor and didn’t seek reelection because his approval rating was 34% in Massachusetts.)
3) You thought Mitt Romney was conservative or moderate. (The standard should be liberty vs. tyranny not conservative, moderate or liberal.)
4) You thought Mitt Romney would repeal ObamaCare.
5) You were sad that Mitt Romney lost.
6) You thought there were substantial differences between Flip and Dip (Romney and Obama).
7) You think Iran is minutes away from destroying this country.
8) You thought the war in Iraq was a good idea.
9) You have never researched blowback and dismiss it cavalierly.
10) You believe that Paul Ryan’s budget was fiscally sound.

If you believed any of these you also may be listening to too much Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter or any other right wing propagandist.

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The liberal media isn’t any better. Chris Matthews shot his mouth off about how bad people are for not voting, but then told people they only have two choices, Republican and Democrat. Such nonsense is destroying this country.

You can learn much more if you do your own homework and stop letting the main stream media feed you what it calls news. Think for yourself. Take a break from your TV during the holidays.

The longer you go without it, the less you will miss it. Spend the time reading solutions, instead of listening to demagoguery and endless partisan chatter. You may actually enjoy not letting your mind be filled with left-right propaganda.

2012 - Tona Monroe - All Rights Reserve

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Tona Monroe is a privacy, travel and political activist. Her political blog is Blount County (BC) Public Record. She enjoys dog rescue and a holistic lifestyle. Her natural health website is Natural Treasure.





Conservatives seems to believe that Fox News is virtuous and as American as apple pie. Fox News is a holding of News Corporation. The largest stake holder is Rupert Murdock from Australia. He became a US citizen to satisfy the requirement of US citizenship to own a US TV station.