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By: Elissa Meininger
September 30, 2014

“The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the republican model of government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.” - George Washington, First Inaugural Address, 1789

In an article published earlier on by NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri, readers learned that, in a two-day Gala in Washington, DC, publisher Paul Walter received the Fount of Freedom Award for his willingness to publish as well as to gather a stable of first class columnists in many fields where liberty is under siege.

This Gala, named The Sacred Fire of Liberty, was the creation of famed constitutional law attorney, Jonathan Emord, a columnist for and officially recognized in the legal community as one of the most competent and ethical attorneys in this country. He has won a record eight First Amendment cases in the Supreme Court against the Food and Drug Administration for that agency’s consistent violation of law in its censoring of health information regarding dietary supplements and other natural products.This speaks to the high honor bestowed on Paul Walter.

Most of us in the health freedom movement know we are on the front lines in the battle to preserveliberty. What more personal liberty is there than our unalienable right to make medical and health choices for ourselves without interference from government or corporate interests. Many of the key leaders of the health freedom movement joined Jonathan in celebrating this spectacular weekend to honor not just our own heroes who were also receiving awards, but to honor Paul and other leaders in other areas where liberty is at stake receiving similar awards.

Paul Walter received the Fount of Freedom Award for his willingness to not only publish NewsWithViews.comas his personal mission to preserve liberty, but for having gathered a stable of first class columnists in many fields where liberty is under siege.

Paul founded in 2001.Early on, he realized that our American health care system was systematically closing the doors on medical choice, and taking more and more control of our very lives. Back then, no one in the mainstream press was talking about this trend. Nor are they now. Over the years, Paul has attracted an array of national and international experts in many areas of health freedom who publish regularly on

The first of this group was Jeffrey Smith, the leading spokesman on the health dangers of genetically-modified food. Hestarted writing critical articles about the “frankenfoods” now on our tables well before other publications covered the story and did so only after the issue morphed into a major political fight at the ballot box. The late Dr. James A. Howenstine, a board-certified specialist in internal medicine, was the first of an army of MDstouting the virtues of natural health products and speaking out about the many dangers in establishment medicine, especially vaccines. Imagine any other medical treatment being forced on healthy people. The mainstream press remains silent on all of these issues, even today.

By 2005, Dr. Carolyn Dean and I came on board. It was one of those chance meetings that gave birth to our column. It was a meeting between Paul Walter and Dr. Dean at a national gathering hosted by Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, a regular columnist on since its first year. Dr. Dean had just come back from a Codex meeting in Europe. Tom had asked her to provide the inside scoop on how the UN, through its Codex Alimentarius Commission, was in bed with Big Pharma and the FDA in crafting “guidelines” (aka international laws) to lower the dosage level of dietary supplements to worthless levels. Unknown to the public, until now, is that Dr. Dean and I were part of an international committee trying to figure out how to put a monkey wrench into the odd way these Codex meetings were run. They were certainly not democratic. It was the discovery of the work of Beverly Eakman, another columnist, in her book, “How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics”,that provided health freedom advocatesat Codex gatherings a way to flush out how the Delphi Technique was being used to manipulate the outcome of these meetings.

In yet another “now it can be told” story is one I can report from the days when I was head of the health issues committee of Ross Perot’s United We Stand America/Reform Party government reform group. One of my colleagues called uphigh-profile attorney Larry Becraft one day, and asked him, “Where does the FDA get its authority to carry guns?” The question related to the FDA’s gunpoint raid of Dr. Jonathan Wright’s medical clinic in the early 1990sin a dispute about what vitamins he used for his patients. That event turned out to be the shot heard ‘round the world that gave birth to the current health freedom movement, now a worldwide phenomenon.

Larry, who later became a columnist, wrote us an eight-pagelegal brief explaining how the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was passed unconstitutionally. He explained, under our Constitution, the power to regulate foods and drugs was a state power, not a federal one. The only way such power could be transferredto the federal government was by international treaty. FYI, once treaties are ratified by the US Senate and signed by the President, other laws are then passed to implementthe terms of the treaty in the US and supersede American law. In this case, Congress did it backwards. It passed the Federal law first, thenthe Senate ratified The Treaty of Brussels several months laterthat recognized the terms of the Pure Food and Drug Act.

As a policy analyst specializing in the history and politics of natural medicine, I can tell you this information from Larry iscritical in understanding how our American health care system, like a cancer,has turned into government control of every American. Our Founding Fathers would weep. They provided no federal authority to establish a national medical system, much less the costlyRube Goldberg machine we now have that serves no one well. By the powers they laid out in the U.S. Constitution, they actively denied the Federal Government the power to create a medical monopoly of any kind. Thanks to them, health freedom was available for every citizen until the turn of the 20th century. Then, after the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, came an array of other laws shutting down safe, low-cost common sense natural healing methods in favor of high-priced, ineffective and often dangerous medical products and services that only serve corporate interests. Still other unconstitutional laws came into being granting the Federal government the power to regulate and now decide what medical services are allowed and how much they cost.

I have no idea how many activists in other areas where liberty is under siege use the information provided by Paul Walter’s array of experts. What I can tell you, as one who has been in the trenches for health freedom for 25 years, is how eager I am to thank Paul for his work.

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If you understand the importance of having such an array of experts available to you, I suggest you consider what Benjamin Franklin said when he signed the Declaration of Independence:

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Then I suggest you consider making a point to buy the books/DVDs and other products in NewsWithViews store as a means of supporting this work and consider it your duty to also donate some cash on a regular basis.

And, lastly, in the days ahead, Jonathan Emord will be posting photos and videos of the Sacred Fire of Liberty Gala, including those of Paul accepting his award so you, too, can see what a spectacular event it truly was. In the meantime, the first of the videos is one with a fantasy George Washington coming back to life to speak to us about what he understood about Liberty. You can read the text and see the video on Jonathan’s page.

� 2014 - Elissa Meininger - All Rights Reserved

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Elissa Meininger became a noted health policy historian as well as a political activist after almost dying from years of mercury poisoning caused by mercury leaching from the "silver" dental amalgam fillings in her teeth. Bedridden and unable to carry on a coherent conversation, (and unable to obtain a diagnosis from any of the MDs she had consulted), she turned to a traditional naturopath who had no difficulty recognizing and explaining the source of the large array of chronic problems from which she had suffered most of her life. This diagnosis saved her life, but even today, such consultation remains illegal in many states.

Committed to reforming the medical system, Elissa embarked over 20 years ago on an array of projects geared to bringing enlightened medical treatment to the American people, including providing prepared statements for various U.S. Congressional and White House Commission hearings on health freedom legislation and policy, and testifying numerous times before the Oklahoma state legislature.

She is the former Vice President of Friends of Freedom International and co-columnist, with Carolyn Dean, MD/ND, of many articles posted on the

Currently, Elissa's health freedom political commentary can be heard on the natural health radio show SuperHealth, broadcast twice weekly on FoxSportsRadio 1340 AM in Oklahoma City and on the internet.




This Gala, named The Sacred Fire of Liberty, was the creation of famed constitutional law attorney, Jonathan Emord, a columnist for and officially recognized in the legal community as one of the most competent and ethical attorneys in this country.