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By Chip McLean

July 22, 2014

Nearly eight years ago, I wrote The Third World Cometh...and Soon. The third world has now arrived, and America - as you and I know it - is all but gone.

The Obama-engineered “humanitarian” border crisis is the latest shameful example of just how far the government that is supposed to protect its own citizens will go, in order to further the total destruction of a once great nation. Once again the politically correct havepulled out a well-worn page from their playbook to implore that it is “for the children”- children who are “undocumented.” Many of these so-called “undocumented children” are diseaseridden with scabies, lice and worse. In addition, it has been reported that a number of them are teenagers who are members of criminal gangs such as MS13 or members of jihadist terrorist groups.

In fact, former US Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ronald Coburn has stated that 1 in 5 illegal aliens crossing our border has a criminal record:

“One in ten of every adult male crosser[s] in this day and age more than likely already has a violent criminal record here in the United States, has been removed, and is returning. Another one in ten, making it one in five, is bringing with him or her their violent criminal tendencies and records from their own countries of which we don't know yet” Coburn said.

The Obama administration and their open borders sycophants in the mainstream press want us to believe that these Central American “children” are refugees, when in reality the majority are 14 to 17 years of age and were sent by their parents who paid coyotes to bring them. Despite this suddenly being “news”, the so-called “crisis” actually began at least a year ago when the influx at the border increased five-fold.

Obama created this “crisis” by signaling to those living in Central America that the US government would allow those who crossed the border to remain, when heunilaterally enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2012 – and remain they have. With the aid of the administration, illegal aliens are being dumped into facilities in towns across the country without notification to those towns’ respective state governments. To add insult to injury, the liar-in-chief wants to spend $3.7 billion in taxpayer money to fund this operation, of which less than ten percent would go to customs and border protection. Thus far at least, the measure has not passed congress.

While Obama has been instrumental with his endorsement of this defacto amnesty, along with his encouragement of illegal aliens to come en masse, he is by no means alone in this destruction of our nation’s very foundation. In addition to the Obama-Reid-Pelosi axis, there have been plenty of so-called “conservatives” who have aided and abetted this agenda. George W. Bush was very pro open borders as is his brother Jeb. Add to that the usual establishment RINOs such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others – not to mention the US Chamber of Commerce, who have furthered the cause of national self-annihilation, and you have a veritable smorgasbord of globalists who would like nothing better than to erase the last vestiges of national and state sovereignty, and the common culture that was once the glue that didmake us one people.

An excellent recent column from Pat Buchanan, “Balkanization Beckons” speaks to the coming breakup of this nation if current trends continue:

We were not a nation of immigrants in 1789.

They came later. From 1845-1849, the Irish fleeing the famine.From 1890-1920, the Germans.Then the Italians, Poles, Jews and other Eastern Europeans. Then, immigration was suspended in 1924.

From 1925 to 1965, the children and grandchildren of those immigrants were assimilated, Americanized. In strong public schools, they were taught our language, literature and history, and celebrated our holidays and heroes.

We endured together through the Depression and sacrificed together in World War II and the Cold War.

By 1960, we had become truly one nation and one people…

…But we are no longer that “band of brethren.” We are no longer one unique people “descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion.”

We are from every continent and country. Nearly 4 in 10 Americans trace their ancestry to Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are a multiracial, multilingual, multicultural society in a world where countless countries are being torn apart over race, religion and roots.

We no longer speak the same language, worship the same God, honor the same heroes or share the same holidays. Christmas and Easter have been privatized. Columbus is reviled. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are out of the pantheon. Cesar Chavez is in.

Our politics have become poisonous. Our political parties are at each other’s throats.

Christianity is in decline. Traditional churches are sundering over moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Islam is surging.

Buchanan sums it up thusly:

“If a country is a land of defined and defended borders, within which resides a people of a common ancestry, history, language, faith, culture and traditions, in what sense are we Americans one nation and one people today?”

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The answer of course is that we no longer are one people. E pluribus unum is dead. The melting pot has been replaced with a toxic brew of “diversity”, of which our open borders policy - endorsed by members of both name brand parties – is one component that leads down the same path. The third world has arrived and it will be this nation’s future…unless Americans will get off their collective duffs and fight back. Some, in places such as Westminster, Maryland; Oracle, Arizona; Vassar, Michigan; Greece, New York are doing just that.

Is the concept of our nation, as our founders envisioned in their writings and the constitution worth standing up for? Will you do something about it, such as joining groups like ALIPAC and others who are trying to make a difference? If America as we know it has any chance of survival, then millions of Americans must act. Will you?

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Chip McLean is the editor/publisher for Capitol Hill Coffee House. Chip is a former broadcaster.

His interest in politics began at the age of eight, when his parents took him to a Barry Goldwater rally during the 1964 presidential election. In addition to his work at CHCH, Chip's columns have appeared in a number of online conservative publications.

Website: CapitalHillCoffeHouse





The answer of course is that we no longer are one people. E pluribus unum is dead. The melting pot has been replaced with a toxic brew of “diversity”, of which our open borders policy - endorsed by members of both name brand parties – is one component that leads down the same path.