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Manchurian Media Personality and the Reality of the Mind Control War









By Paul McGuire
April 7, 2015

The science of Transhumanism has entered into the mainstream through Hollywood movies like Transcendence, Divergent, Avatar, Captain America, Interstellar, and countless other films. Ray Kurzweil of Google, whom many call the father of the modern Transhumanist movement, has introduced the concept that death, disease, and aging can be overcome through new scientific breakthroughs. Transhumanism is the new religion of The Singularity, which offers Man a technological resurrection from death and entrance into an artificial heaven called the World Brain or the Hive Mind.

Transhumanism, which does offer on varying levels real potential benefits to Mankind, in the end becomes a technological alternative to Jesus Christ’s offer to Mankind of a real resurrection from death and true eternal life. The question is, can Transhumanism truly offer a viable resurrection from death and real eternal life, and not just a virtual one?

New generations of men and women do not want their bodies and minds to grow old like their parents and grandparents and are looking to the science of Transhumanism to grant them a Transhumanist immortality. Growing numbers of people around the world are demanding that their governments start massive funding for anti-aging research. Who would not want the governments of the world to stop spending money on bloated bureaucracies and wars and start funding anti-aging technologies?

Anti-aging sciences and technologies which would include nutrition, exercise, vitamins, herbs, hormonal therapies, meditation, brain wave research, genetics, DNA, drugs, computers, computer-brain interfaces, uploading human consciousness from a dying body into a new cloned body, and interspecies breeding of animal/human and some believe Nephilim DNA in order to create super human beings is just the tip of the Transhumanist revolution. A great deal of this research is good and there is no reason that any of us should age, get sick, and die prematurely. But in addition to the moral and ethical problems of some areas of research, the idea that an artificial immortality can be achieved through Transhumanist science and technology enters into a theological domain that the proponents of Transhumanism do not fully understand.

Ideally, when we deal with science we should be dealing with empirical evidence and scientific fact. The question has to be asked, “Why is it that men and women age get sick and die?“ On one level it could be said that the problem exists in their DNA coding and with things like nutrition.

A recent Transhumanism conference featured both new and seasoned experts. The conference was sponsored by the nonprofit organization Brighter Brains Institute, which held the first major US transhumanism conference of the year, located in San Jose, California, entitled Transhuman Strategies.

Again, although many of the goals of Transhumanism may be admirable, Transhumanism is looked upon as the way Man can achieve immortality and a kind of resurrection from death through science and technology. The problem with this approach is that Transhumanism denies fundamental scientific realities, including the primary reason why men and women age, get sick, and die. Although there are powerful genetic, nutritional, and other factors which cause death, disease, and dying, the primary reason is spiritual. If we view the Bible not as a manmade myth, parable, or fairy tale, but as an accurate scientific, holographic, genetic, multi-dimensional, biological, and historical record, we discover that the Bible gives us the real scientific reason for disease, aging, and death.

First, our genetic ancestors were a man and a woman named Adam and Eve who were created by the Infinite, Personal, Living God of the Universe, with the DNA of God. They were created as immortal beings who had perfect biological bodies and lived in a perfect environment, which was the Garden of Eden…Paradise. Adam and Eve functioned at a far higher level of consciousness and biology than contemporary Man. First, they possessed a vast spectrum of powers that modern Man has lost, powers from another dimension in order to rule over and control their environment called Earth. On a personal level they had the power to communicate with one another and with God on a telepathic level and they lived in an environment with a vastly larger color, sound, and even taste spectrum. They had no psychological problems, and all of their relationships were in perfect harmony. The source of their existence was a multi-dimensional and supernatural life force, which flowed from the Word of God. It must be remembered that the Word of God was not just verbal expression, sound, and syntax; the Word of God was God Himself. That is why it says in Genesis “And God said let there be light and light was.” In addition, the Word of God was part of the Triune nature of God. Jesus Christ was the “Word become flesh.”

The reality of a multi-dimensional Infinite Personal Living God of the Universe who exists outside the dimensions of time and space and who chose to create Mankind and all of creation as an expression of His divine love is so far beyond the “flatland” thinking of modern Man that Man in his ignorance attempts to censor this reality, twisting this cosmic truth to label it a myth, fable, or fairy tale. However, the reality is that the enormity, wonder, transcendence, complexity, and multi-dimensional nature of reality that this truth implies is so threatening to fallen Man that Man attempts to smash it into pieces as a little child would break a toy in a temper tantrum.

William Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, famously countered Kurzweil’s predictions in his article “Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us.” He opens his article discussing his meeting with Kurzweil:

“Neither should we pursue near immortality without considering the costs… A technological approach to Eternity – near immortality through robotics – may not be the most desirable utopia, and its pursuit brings clear dangers. Maybe we should rethink our utopian choices.”

Ray Kurzweil, in his article “Reinventing Humanity: The Future of Machine-Human Intelligence” for Futurist Magazine, explains what is called The Singularity, predicting that within the next several decades artificial intelligence will exceed human intelligence, a scenario depicted in the movie Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp. Transhumanists believe that technologies like genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and computer technology will transform human life and merge human brains and bodies with machines, creating super-beings enhanced with artificial intelligence. In this Transhumanist future men and women will be Cyborgs, part robot and part human, enabling them to overcome death and achieve artificial immortality.

What Transhumanism is really about is Man attempting to create through technology a holographic resurrection from death where men and women will be able to enter a synthetic heaven where people will live in a technocratic paradise, which will be a kind of multi-dimensional matrix. Transhumanists believe that men will become gods, which is the very temptation that Lucifer used with Adam and Eve as he seduced them to reject God’s Word in Eden.

When dying men and women upload their consciousness into computers they will merge their human consciousness with Super Artificial Intelligence surpassing that of ordinary human beings. This tipping point where computers will become more intelligent than people is called The Singularity. But the great danger in the Singularity is that there is a high probability that the computers and all technology utilizing Artificial Intelligence will rule over the human race and make human beings their slaves because they will be vastly more intelligent and powerful than Man. Transhumanists believe that the Singularity will happen around 2045 A.D.

In his article in Futurist Magazine Ray Kurzweil raises some juicy points to consider from the perspective of ethics and technology. He explains the Singularity, in his own words:

“We stand on the threshold of the most profound and transformative event in the history of humanity, “The Singularity.’ What is the Singularity? From my perspective, the Singularity is a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so fast and far-reaching that human existence on this planet will be irreversibly altered. We will combine our brain power—the knowledge, skills, and personality quirks that make us human—with our computer power in order to think, reason, communicate, and create in ways we can scarcely even contemplate today.”

Kurzweil and his fellow Transhumanists believe that technology will replace biology and in the process disease, aging, and death will be conquered. Human beings will transcend their humanity by becoming one with machines through nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. The new human beings will be more like Cyborgs than biological humans. In this “post-human future” men and women will experience an artificial resurrection by uploading their consciousness to computers and will live forever as “stored information.”

However, there are several problems with this “post-human future.” First, there is a very real technocratic elite who are already ruling the world and whose existence is concealed from the dumbed down masses who are being brainwashed by scientific mind control. This technocratic elite has no intention of allowing the masses to share with them the alleged joys of their artificial Paradise. As Aldous Huxley wrote in his novel Brave New World, the masses are already being genetically bred and programmed through scientific mind control to serve as a slave race for the elite. This is the purpose of GMO foods, which neurologically rewire human consciousness by making the masses fat and stupid, and shorten their lifespans. Even as you read this article billions of people are being subtly killed off through wars, food shortages, vaccinations, drugs, and GMO foods. I deal with this theme extensively in my book Mass Event.

Secondly, the entire Transhumanist revolution is built on the premise that Mankind has randomly evolved over billions of years through the evolutionary process and that there is no Creator, no right or wrong, only pure Darwinian “might makes right” and “survival of the fittest.” In this worldview, the elite believe they are free to do absolutely anything they choose because all forms of moral beliefs are completely illusory. Therefore they have the perfect right to treat men and women in any way they choose because they have the power to do so. So behind the MK Ultra-mind control global American matrix they are “culling the herd” and killing off millions of “useless eaters” through war, engineered plagues, weapons which cause earthquakes, tsunamis, freak weather which destroys the food supply, and drugs and GMO foods which shorten the lifespan of millions of people in places like America and Europe through the promotion of artificially induced diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart failure, Alzheimer’s, etc.

The great masses of middle class Americans and Europeans as well as citizens of other nations have been scientifically dumbed down through educational programs like Common Core and mass media psychological “depatterning,” which was developed by Dr. Cameron, a scientific mind control pioneer who literally erased people’s memories and ability to think coherently through drugs, hypnosis, electroshock therapy, and pain. Drugs and systematic shocks to the central nervous system of the global collective mass mind with regular exposure to mass media narratives of terroristic attack, jet pilots driving jets into mountains, serial killers, mass murderers, rapes, accounts of abducted sex slaves, etc. are all part of the MK Ultra formula for mind control based on pain, drugs, and hypnosis.

The philosophical premise of the technocratic elite and the conditioned masses is that there is no Personal Living God of the Universe and no moral absolutes. If that premise is correct, then the Technocratic Elite are free to do whatever they choose, which is another way of stating the Luciferian doctrine espoused by the great Satanist Aleister Crowley when he said “Do what thou wilt.” Concepts such as right and wrong along with morality become completely non-existent and the Technocratic Elite along with the vanguard of Transhumanists are free to re-invent Man and the very nature of reality on any terms they choose because if their worldview is correct and Man is God, then Man is free to do whatever he chooses.

However, if Mankind and all of reality have been created by a Personal Living God of the Universe who has chosen to reveal Himself both through the Bible and all of creation, then the laws of God apply to Man whether Man likes it or not. Mankind may choose to rebel from God and His laws and follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God, but when the day is done every man and woman who ever lived including Lucifer and the fallen angels are accountable to God and will, according to God’s Word, stand before God at the Great White Throne of Judgment and give a full account for what they have done on Earth and in the heavens. If the Biblical worldview is the truly scientific worldview, than it does not matter whether or not men and women believe in God or His laws, or that they may dislike His laws. Apart from what they believe exists, in the higher reality they will face Him not only as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but also as the Supreme Judge of the Universe. Although they may choose to deny it, the law of God is written upon the heart of every person who ever lived and every man or woman will be judged according to the law of God at the resurrection of the dead, which is not a virtual resurrection but an actual one.

When every man or woman who has chosen to reject the unmerited favor and forgiveness of God offered by Jesus Christ who was slain on a cross to take away each of our sins as the Lamb of God, they will give a full account of every action and thought they have committed, and, according to the law of God, they will receive the full penalty for their rebellion against the truth and that penalty is being sentenced eternally to a cosmic prison the Bible calls Hell. For those who ask the age-old philosophical question “How can a loving God send someone to Hell?” The answer is found by simply turning the question around. It is not God who is sending them to Hell; they are choosing to send themselves to Hell by refusing to accept the only viable antidote to the law of sin and death, which is the power of salvation in Jesus Christ.

What the Transhumanists and the Technocratic Elite do not understand is that the universe is not simply materialistic. Although modern physics gives lip service to a universe composed of 11-23 dimensions, it does not actually integrate multi-dimensional reality with the nature of existence. For example, the life force which causes each human being to live and the death force which causes aging, disease, and death are more than energy, genetics, and biological machines. Man is more than a biological machine; every man or woman has a soul, not just an energy force, but an actual soul. The reason modern science has difficulty accepting this is simply because it has not yet developed the technology or the equation to quantify it. That does not mean the soul does not exist; it means that science has not invented the technology to measure the existence of a soul, which has an origination point beyond time and space.

The defining moment in all of human history was the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead over 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ was murdered upon a cross and His body physically died in front of numerous witnesses.

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After the body of Jesus Christ was placed inside of a tomb and guarded by the highly trained and elite Roman soldiers, Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead and His body was no longer in the tomb. Jesus Christ had a new body and appeared to His disciples and communicated with them. This was not a virtual or technological resurrection but a true resurrection of a dead physical body, which became the new resurrected body of Jesus Christ. The event was predicted in detail thousands of years before it happened, by the Old Testament prophets.

The science and theology concerning the resurrection could be debated endlessly. But the final reality is that Jesus Christ did resurrect from the dead in real-space-time-history. Many have attempted to say that the resurrection is a fable, conspiracy, myth, or allegory. But the actual historical account disproves all of this. The fact of the matter is that Jesus Christ did resurrect from the dead and all of human history including Transhumanism is turned upside down by this one single event.

I deal with the dynamics of this process in my new book, “Mass Awakening.”

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© 2014 Paul McGuire - All Rights Reserved

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What the Transhumanists and the Technocratic Elite do not understand is that the universe is not simply materialistic. Although modern physics gives lip service to a universe composed of 11-23 dimensions, it does not actually integrate multi-dimensional reality with the nature of existence.