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Manchurian Media Personality and the Reality of the Mind Control War










By Paul McGuire
September 22, 2014

The average person today is literally overwhelmed with a continual stream of sensory overload, including televised images of ISIS beheadings, tsunamis, riots, sexual shock videos, and a stroboscopic dismantling of cultural values. In the aftermath of this psychic shock, the core identity is beaten into submission and a learned helplessness arises. People whine, complain, and advocate various conspiracy theories, but never do anything to overcome the slave mentality.

The reality is that most people since the time of the Pharaohs have had the level of their intelligence, perception and awareness programmed from before birth and are not even aware of it. It is the all pervasive and somewhat illusory slave mentality which is evidence of programming or conditioning. But you do not have to remain a slave; you can overcome this conditioning. Whatever level of intelligence you are currently operating your mind with can be transcended, but not through the traditional means. You have within you the God-given ability to enter a state of Superintelligence, if you choose to access it. Superintelligence gives you the ability to transcend the level of awareness and perception of the masses of society and understand things that many people do not even believe exist. In this transcendence, you will be given the power to transform your life and the life of others. You will break free from your conditioning of learned helplessness and learn how to overcome.

The above words may appear foreign, strange, and even incomprehensible to you. They may elicit thoughts of outright rejection, a sense of uneasiness, and an unidentifiable sense of anxiety. In fact, the words above may actually be perceived as a threat to your current homeostasis; they may be perceived as a kind of germ which must be attacked.

Why is it that ideas or words that could actually liberate your mind would be perceived as threat? The answer is conditioning. Is it too farfetched or paranoid to think that your present state of consciousness and intelligence is a product of conditioning? Why would anyone or any group want to condition you in the first place?

Let’s go beyond the micro view of your life into the macro view. You as an individual are part of a greater society, nation and world. In addition, in order to survive you must perform a particular function and produce. Your production is not meant just for your survival; it directly benefits classes of people above you, who most likely have a different view of your world than you do.

Essentially, what we are talking about is the “world system,” which began shortly after Mankind’s creation, when the earthly Paradise ended. In this world system, some men and women organized their resources and power in order to control and exploit others to be their slaves. Therefore the creation of a slave class was necessary in order for a smaller, elite group to prosper. There were a number of mechanisms used by the elite class to control the slave class. First, there was and is the use of force… weapons and armies. Second, the elite class learned that they could control the minds of the slave class through psychological conditioning, making the slave class believe that they were gods or kings, and, in time, the elite class began to believe that about themselves.

When we go back into history to the antedeluvian civilizations like Atlantis we have what are called the god-kings ruling the masses. In ancient Egypt, we have what is called the Pharaoh-god-king system, where the Pharaoh, acting as a god-king, controlled the Hebrew slaves through a perverted religion and through sexual orgies and fear. In effect, what was really controlling the Hebrew slaves was a kind of magical power or sorcery. The Hebrew slaves’ minds were under a mental spell and they believed that they were better off living as slaves under Pharaoh than facing the risks of living free.

The irony here is that before the Hebrews became slaves, there was a time when they believed in their God who promised them freedom and prosperity in a promised land, if they followed His teachings. However, they rejected His teachings and became slaves under Pharaoh, until the coming of a deliverer named Moses, who led the people from captivity to freedom. In this account we learn about two opposing supernatural forces: the force the Pharaoh used to control the slaves and the force that set the slaves free. Throughout history we see a constant cycle of the struggle between these forces.

As we move forward thousands of years in human history, we see a repetition of this age-old conflict. However, the foundation of the modern slave system under the current Pharaoh god-king system has morphed into a different external appearance, beginning with the publication of the Origin of Species, in 1859, by Charles Darwin (the full title was On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life). Clearly, there is a racial component to the Theory of Evolution. One of the early champions of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was T.H. Huxley, who apparently did not necessarily believe in all its tenets, but saw it as a vehicle to attack Christianity, which he hated.

T.H. Huxley was highly influential and became President of the Royal Society. The grandsons of T.H. Huxley, Sir Julian Huxley and Aldous Huxley, continued to be aggressive promoters of Darwinian Evolution. Julian Huxley, a prominent figure in world government, was the first Director-General of UNESCO, and Aldous Huxley became a famous science fiction author of such books as Brave New World (1932) and advocated a Scientific Dictatorship through drugs and scientific mind control.

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is all about the scientific breeding of a slave class and drug-induced scientific mind control. From birth, people are genetically bred into one of five castes or classes. The Alpha and Beta classes are given biological enhancements to allow them to become members of the elite ruling class. In contrast, other babies are selected to become members of the slave castes or classes, such as “Gamma” and “Delta.” They are given chemicals that block the development of their intelligence. These slave classes are programmed to be limited in their cognitive abilities and ambitions so they are easier to control. All these children are indoctrinated with subconscious messages to limit their self-image and program them to be happy with their slave state. If you think the book was just theoretical, think again.

In 1934 Adolph Hitler became head of Nazi, Germany which was a genetic and occult dictatorship. According to Edwin Black, who wrote, “The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics,” (2003) The Rockefeller Foundation, beginning in the 1920s, financed eugenics experiments and allegedly funded German eugenics programs, such as the laboratory Otmar Freiherr con Verschuer, where Josef Mengele worked before he went to Auschwitz. According to this same source, the Foundation helped to fund the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research.

The Huxleys and other members of the British elites apparently designed the 1960s American counter culture based on the Egyptian Isis priesthood of the Third Millennium. During the rite of Isis there would be the beating of drums, rhythmic music, and mind-altering drugs which promise the expansion of consciousness, but actually reduce it. Aldous Huxley worked with H.G. Wells, who envisioned a future with a one world brain and a “police of the mind.”

The central theme of all conditioning is the inner denial that other realms of possibilities exist and can be accessed. This is your primary prison wall. Even if it takes a bold act of imagination, you must conceive that there is a doorway out. The walls of the prison are built on illusions and lies and it is possible to move through or over the prison walls. Another primary theme of conditioning is that things such as Biblical beliefs restrict or control human happiness. Without question, some religions, including the Christian religion, have been used to restrict or control human happiness. But freedom requires accurate perception and there is a difference between what is called Christianity by many today and the teachings of Jesus, who said “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set your free.” Christ also said “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” In another passage He speaks of Himself as standing at the door and knocking. What does this mean? It means He is knocking on the door of a prison and showing you where the doorway out is.

Unfortunately, religion degrades the power of truth so that it becomes practically meaningless. For example, the Bible is taught as if it were a set of archaic myths. For example, when the Apostle Paul talks about the “Full Armor of God,” 99% of all Christians picture the Roman armor worn by the Roman soldiers in the First Century. This is absurd. Paul is talking about spiritual armor and when he explained it, he was using the vocabulary of the times. This was the kind of armor that people understood.

The Bible is a not an archaic book. The Bible, when taught properly, deals with things like genetics, multi-dimensional reality, DNA, digital reality, holographic reality, interdimensional beings, and the technology of God. For example, the Bible teaches us about what is called “the mind of Christ.” But most teaching about the “mind of Christ” are distorted and degraded. Certainly, the mind of Christ is the mind of God. But is that simply a “spiritual mind?” Nowhere in the Bible does it even remotely suggest that it is purely a spiritual mind. If Jesus Christ is Lord of all of life, which is what the Bible teaches, than mind of Christ would be able to fully comprehend and know the full spectrum of life, such as art, culture, spirituality, economics, geopolitics, science, physics, etc.

Therefore if a person were to access the “mind of Christ,” they would be able to perceive and affect reality in every dimension of life and not just the so-called spiritual world.

The Hebrews became slaves because they cut themselves off from the life force in the Garden of Eden and activated the death force. Today, people in America and around the world have become slaves because they have rejected truth…not just spiritual truth, but truth in every area of life. When you stop rejecting truth and make the decision to accept it, a life force which some call the Spirit of God enters your mind and renews it, or activates the innate Superintelligence that was originally encoded in your DNA, because you have the DNA of God. When it says, “Man was made in the image of God,” the implication is that men and women have the DNA of God in them.

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Deep inside the coding the knowledge of God and the law of God is in every man or woman. Whenever you choose to, you can activate that DNA, beginning with the neurological pathways. When you choose to activate, a life force from another dimension which is called Truth brings alive or regenerates your inner man or woman. This is what the Bible says, that we must be renewed in the spirit of our minds. What does that mean? It means that the brain and consciousness are not simply run on a set of biochemical responses. A living conscious energy runs the brain. The fact that a living conscious energy runs the brain must be kept secret from the masses at all costs, because once a person understands that they have been given an extradimensional key to open the prison door they will use it to become free. The knocking you hear on the door of your mind is not psychosis; it is something both Infinite and Personal that has come to set you free.

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Unfortunately, religion degrades the power of truth so that it becomes practically meaningless. For example, the Bible is taught as if it were a set of archaic myths.