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Manchurian Media Personality and the Reality of the Mind Control War










By Paul McGuire
August 11, 2014

Ever since Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was proposed, radical environmental factors have been theorized to explain why the Dinosaurs and other species became extinct . Among the reasons proposed for the extinction of the Dinosaurs has been radical climate change created by such things as a massive asteroid impact, a global flood of Biblical proportions, planetary temperature changes, and other factors.

Modern evolutionists also consider what factors or convergence of factors could potentially make Mankind extinct, including climate change, disease pandemics (including bioweapons), global thermonuclear war, asteroid impact, a change in the magnetic poles of the Earth, and even an event like the Singularity which could destroy Mankind when computers and robots achieve artificial Intelligence and, through the Darwinian process of “only the fittest survive,” subjugate the Human Race into slavery and forever alter human DNA so people are no longer human in the truest sense of the word.

As an author of over 23 books and a former science fiction feature film producer it used to be challenging for me to get audiences to buy into science and technologies that were already operational, but that the masses did not know existed. I used to say at conferences that I spoke at across the world that “Our technology is approximately 100-200 years ahead into the future; it’s just that most people do not know it exists yet.” I could sense the audience pausing to ponder the statement, but then after giving them a little proof I would see that they would buy into that reality. After all, the iPhones that so many people have in their pockets would have been considered science fiction just 10 years ago, and the same with things like Google Glasses.

Due to an increasing flow of new technology and popular science fiction movies and books which deal with highly futuristic themes and technology the audience is already prepared to accept a science fiction future as happening now! For example, in the movie Her, it is perfectly plausible to conceive of a man or woman carrying on a deep and intimate relationship with a computer via a cell phone. Just think of Apple’s “Siri,” which is an intelligent personal assistant and navigator that you can question, and Siri will give you answers. Microsoft developed Cortana as a competition to Siri. Cortana is visually far more sensuous than Siri and Microsoft claims it is more helpful.

But, with big budget movies like The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games books placed inside every public school classroom we have an Orwellian blitzkrieg on the mind of a generation. The first huge clue that The Hunger Games is not just about books and sci-fi films is that it is produced and published by Scholastic. According to researcher Berit Kjos in her article “Hunger Games – The Orwellian Theme Behind the Second Movie,” March 26, 2012, Kjos writes:

“The book behind the movie was published by the prominent Scholastic. It brought us the Harry Potter series and countless other books promoting witchcraft and the occult. By marketing its books through our education system, Scholastic may have done more to distort history, mythologize truth and promote moral and spiritual corruption among children than any other publisher.

“If you have children in public schools, they probably read the Weekly Reader, which offers news and current events from a strictly non-Christian perspective. Its publisher, the Weekly Reader Corporation, is owned by Scholastic. This 1990 message illustrates its earth-centered propaganda and twisted view of history:

‘Give Thanks to the Earth: The first Thanksgiving feasts were harvest festivals. People gathered to celebrate successful harvests and to thank the Earth for its fruits. You can celebrate the earth every day by always taking care of the environment.’ Scholastic News”

The movie and book series called Hunger Games cleverly hides behind the facade of rebelling and exposing brainwashing, scientific mind control, propaganda, and an Orwellian dictatorship. But that is its genius! The reality is that Hunger Games is actually persuading our children to surrender to mind control and an Orwellian dictatorship!

Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World, publicly promoted the “Scientific Dictatorship where men will learn to love their servitude of slavery.” The best scientific mind control creates an environment where you learn to love your mental concentration camp! It is not an accident that Aldous Huxley was the brother of Julian Huxley, who became the first Secretary General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). UNESCO controls all global education by the elite through the United Nations. According to their own documented quotes which I outline in my book A Prophecy of the Future of America, their stated goal is the implementation of a Scientific Dictatorship and things like “absolute behavior control,” ”the total transformation of our society,” and “the total restructuring of our society.”

The feature films and books that are coming out with a stroboscopic intensity and are pouring into the consciousness of younger generations have fascist themes with the young people dressing in Hitler youth style military outfits and behaving and acting as if they were Hitler youth. There are some films and books which clearly have a different message, such as the movie Divergent, where the heroes of the movie discover that they have a non-compliant DNA and they must resist and overcome this Orwellian society. When you listen to the authority figures who run the ruling society in Divergent, it is terrifying because they sound like graduates of a Saul Alinsky class on manufactured crisis or some private army financed by a non-governmental organization to do its dirty work.

I would suggest to you that right now there is an all-out war in the film business and book publishing business between those writers and producers who love freedom and a free society and those who have become the agents of the emerging totalitarian states and that these people on both side know exactly who they are. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have sold out completely to the dark side and they have allowed themselves to be infected with an ideological virus and are using their talents in writing, acting, producing, and directing to create an Orwellian world of mind control just so that they can have a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu.

These people know exactly what they are…they are not stupid. They are highly intelligent and perceptive individuals. But they have allowed themselves to be overcome by an ideological virus which acts as a neurological parasite as it consumes all of human consciousness and devours its victims in orgiastic pleasure.

The other group of writers, actors, producers, film executives, agents, and directors are men and women of conscience and principle and they are very aware of this battle for the hearts and souls of Mankind, especially the youth, and they are not selling their souls for wealth and fame. These artists are choosing to act, write, direct, and produce films, books, and television programs which dismantle the Orwellian State… they are the resistance even though they have no flag and they are not part of any one political party either on the left, right, or independent. The battle they fight transcends all the old distinctions such as left, right, moderate, liberal, libertarian, etc. These artists recognize that the war for truth, and it is a war, transcends all propaganda and it is not owned by any one political group or party!

The movie Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp, and with Christopher Nolan as Executive Producer, depicts Depp as dying, but his consciousness undergoes a Singularity and he morphs into a world beyond his physical body. The idea is not far-fetched; the Singularity is an idea conceived of by super-futurist and Google–guru Ray Kurzweil. But Transcendence is about the extinction of the Human Race by a superior “species”…the computers, machines, robots, and clones which have achieved Super Artificial Intelligence and conquer Man.

The Singularity is a fearful threat in our world today. But the greatest existential threat to Mankind is not even on the radar screen of biologists and scientists. The greatest threat, which has the highest statistical possibility of making the Human Race extinct, cannot be determined by current computerized algorithms because it is not contained in the input of the computer systems. An all-comprehensive algorithm I call “Quantum Sifting,” documented in an earlier article I originally wrote for the “NewsWithViews” site, is based on accumulating multi-dimensional metadata and projected Potential Future Outcomes vs. False Future Outcomes due to unacknowledged bias in the algorithms. Quantum Sifting involves Quantum Physics, String Theory, and the experiments conducted with the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Going back to March 30, 2010 the LHC smashed two proton particle beams travelling at 3.5 TeV (trillion electron volts) resulting in a seven TeV event. This opened the door to the discovery of the Higgs boson, a sub-atomic particle which existed in theory, but could not be proved until the technology was developed.

In the paper I developed on Quantum Sifting, along with the precursor research on the nature of multi-dimensional realities in A Prophecy of the Future of America, I propose that the nature of reality including sub-atomic particles and the 13 proposed dimensions in String Theory is personal in nature. In other words, in order to measure the multi-dimensional universe, one must start with the truth that the universe is ultimately personal. In other words, it is futile to attempt to create a Theory of Everything based on the mythology that the universe is non-personal and composed only of matter and energy.

There are sub-atomic particles that String Theory is correct in describing like vibrating strings. But this is just the beginning because an examination of those strings reveals that each String is vibrating at a specific musical frequency and that musical frequency is not non-personal. The vibrating strings are on one level much like the musicians gathered in a great symphony. These musicians are gathered in groups of certain kinds of stringed instruments, drums, flutes, horns, and so on. Each of these collections represents a frequency range of vibrating strings, but the frequency range is not measurable with instruments that are capable of measuring current EMF and other ranges. These Vibrating Strings are vibrating on a frequency spectrum not yet measurable by Man’s technology.

However, the platform upon which the universe is structured is not in two or three dimensions: it exists in 13-plus dimensions outside of time and space. But the most important thing is that on a sub-atomic level it is personal, in that it has consciousness. Consciousness ultimately is composed of dimensions and consciousness is not merely a matter of certain frequencies. Consciousness is living; consciousness is the life force of the universe itself. Science has just begun to measure the energy of biophotons, bioelectrical fields, auras, and so forth. But whether we are talking about sub-atomic particles, consciousness, or living energy, all of it is measurable!

For centuries scientists have attempted to quantify this energy using terms like the Orgone, Tesla’s fourth dimensions, Prana, the Vril Force, the power of the Holy Spirit, power from on High, life force, bioelectrical fields, biophotons, and so forth. But the point is that on the sub-atomic DNA level, DNA is energized by a life force!

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The current scientific establishment cannot perceive the multi-dimensional nature of reality without rejecting bias. Bias is the enemy of the scientific method. The greatest threat, which could exterminate Mankind, is an ideological virus. An ideological virus is a program, or on a lower level, a philosophy or belief system which has the capacity to suck the life out of the host system, or the human being. The ideological virus hides behind the intellectual facade of a visionary idea, but on the DNA and sub-atomic level, the ideological virus is a hybrid DNA form which is a kind of black hole of the DNA code. As the black hole of the DNA code, it has the power to remove the bioenergetics field from a human being and transport it into another dimension, thus activating a law of biophysics known as the death force. Be sure to read my book A Prophecy of the Future of America.

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© 2014 Paul McGuire - All Rights Reserved

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Paul McGuire: radio talk show host, author, feature film producer and television commentator.

Paul McGuire is the author of 22 books, such as the best-selling, The Day the Dollar Died and Are You Ready for the Microchip? Paul is the host of the syndicated television show, The Paul McGuire Report. Paul McGuire hosted the nationally syndicated talk radio show, "The Paul McGuire Show" for 10 years. Paul McGuire is a television commentator and has been a frequent guest on the Fox News Network and CNN.

Paul is the producer of two science fiction films in Hollywood. The History Channel did a 2-hour special with Paul McGuire entitled Seven Signs of the Apocalypse. Paul has interviewed numerous world leaders, Presidents and Prime Ministers. Paul lives in Los Angeles, California.

At fifteen years old, Paul was demonstrating with radical activist Abbie Hoffman and made an honorary member of the Black Panther Party. However, while studying Altered States of Consciousness at the University of Missouri, Paul had a miraculous experience hitchhiking in a remote area similar to the movie Field of Dreams. Paul re-thought his socialist and humanist world view and rejected it as completely false. Paul has devoted his life to communicating truth to people.





Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World, publicly promoted the “Scientific Dictatorship where men will learn to love their servitude of slavery.” The best scientific mind control creates an environment where you learn to love your mental concentration camp!