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Manchurian Media Personality and the Reality of the Mind Control War










By Paul McGuire
July 14, 2014

Russia invading the Ukraine, the dangerous disintegration of Syria, Iraq, the rise of the Chinese Navy, Japan’s militarization, ISIS and nuclear weapons, the explosion of a $2 quadrillion global derivatives market, extreme weather, food shortages, riots, and chaos are just some of the geopolitical and natural events that threaten the stability of the world system. In order to survive the future Mankind is going to need to be able to analyze the Metadata on these events and be strategically proactive in order to deal with them effectively.

One of the greatest obstacles to achieving that goal is that we live in the age of specialization, where scientists, social analysts, and experts in every field focus in on a particular area of knowledge and study. But almost no one can look at the big picture and connect the dots. Very few disciplines demand the study of data from a vast spectrum of trends, scientific developments, political changes, economics, food supplies etc. Metadata is data about the data on a wide variety of topics, but it is only as good as the the kind of data it collects and its ability to analyze that data. According to Anthony Lowenstein, a writer for The Guardian, “The NSA will soon be able to collect 966 Exabyte’s a year, the total of internet traffic annually. Former Google head Eric Schmidt once argued that the entire amount of knowledge from the beginning of humankind until 2003 amount to only five Exabyte’s.”

Although 966 exabytes sounds astronomical, in reality it is only a tiny percent of all the data that exists. The data collected includes such things as monitoring in real time the moods, emotions, and mental states of users of computers, laptops, iPhones, social media, satellite television, and the media they are listening to, watching, or looking at on radio, television, or the Internet, along with monitoring of pharmacological data which would include what drugs people are using, including prescribed and over the counter, alcohol consumption, sexual proclivities, buying habits, and religious and political beliefs. When this data is analyzed by corporations and governments as individual components, the data collection could be described as “Orwellian light.” But when sophisticated algorithms are used by computers this data can predict Minority Report-outcomes through things like monitoring “emotional contagion” through social media or neurological states of consciousness. Emotional Contagion is the spreading of emotions like a virus through social media.

Although this technology of analyzing Metadata is, to the average person, something out of a science fiction movie, the ability to meaningfully analyze it is still at a primitive level. The ability to create algorithms and computer programs to analyze the data is found in men and women who have a broad spectrum level of real education vs. compartmentalized and social engineering education, and the highest level thinking skills, which includes transcendent levels of critical thinking. Since the human brain’s ability to think and process information is based on the construction of neurological pathways which are created by actual thinking, the average person, even on the higher levels of brain development, simply has a limited number of neurological pathways in both the left and right brain hemispheres. Modern education has suppressed the right brain, which is where advanced thinking occurs.

Scientists like Albert Einstein, and inventors like Thomas Edison, Leonardo di Vinci, Nicola Tesla, and others were able to access higher levels of thinking in their right brain. With few exceptions, social engineering has dumbed down the global population and the majority of people do not have the neurological pathways to access those higher levels of the mind. A case in point would be Communist China and other Communist nations which for generations have suppressed neurological development in their people so they would be compliant and think within the confines of the collectivist mindset. Nations like Communist China are having difficulty developing entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, and scientists capable of originating new ideas or technology. For decades the masses were programmed not to think or question, and this suppressed their creative ability. This is why Communist China and similar nations must borrow, copy, even steal ideas and technology, because their people cannot develop it.

However, the greatest hindrance to collecting what I term “Multi-Dimensional Broad Band Data” is cultural and ideological bias that prohibits the perception of certain kinds of information, data flows, non-traditional existential realities, and the scientific recognition of the multi-dimensional nature of reality. For example, many in the scientific community actually do not believe in Fourth Dimensional or Scalar Technologies, or at least officially pretend not to believe. Until the arrival of quantum physics and modern string theory, there was a time when scientists did not acknowledge the existence of any dimensions beyond our sense-perception reality. If your bias or ideology prevents you from acknowledging the existence 11 plus dimensions, then you cannot collect the Metadata that is available. This same scientific and ideological bias exists in many areas of life, especially in what are considered spiritual or theological areas. The spiritual world is just as real as the physical world, but most people have essentially a flat Earth mentality when it comes to acknowledging it.

We are now in a period of the most fundamental transformation in human history on a planetary level, and yet, although analysts have become good at projecting trends, almost none can give us meaningful intelligence about what is going to happen in the future because of ideological and scientific bias.

There was a time in relatively recent human history when what were called Renaissance men flourished. These were philosophers, authors, scientists, artists, and even politicians whose personal study and research in many fields allowed them to think aggressively and deal with the big picture. Today, men and women are mostly small-minded; their education has promoted compartmentalized information and social engineering instead of real knowledge and learning. We have computers and sophisticated algorithms which are designed to calculate future outcomes based on mathematical computations. For example, the people at the New England Complex Systems Institute in Cambridge believe they can predict riots worldwide using advanced complexity theory which analyzes a number of indicators that can predict when a society reaches its breaking point. One of the primary indicators is global and regionalized food prices, which can trigger global social unrest. But there is a wide spectrum of primary indicators that are not even acknowledged; as such the collection of Metadata is faulty.

Let’s take Metadata on global economics, money, natural resources, and the dollar. We are in a time period when global financial aggregates are about to move beyond $2 quadrillion. Most of these financial instruments are financial derivatives which are nothing more than speculative. A much smaller percentage of the global financial system is composed of the combined value of all the stock markets in the world and the combined debt of individuals, companies, and nations. The global economic crisis and the move towards “bail-ins” by international banks which seize the private assets of people in some nations in Europe cannot by understood by watching the media. Their purpose is to conceal economic reality.

The global economic system or what is termed the “world system” is not a real system. It is entirely manmade and arbitrary. Real economics and value is based on things like silver, gold, oil, food production, labor, science, technology, military power, productive land, natural resources, manufacturing, and access to rivers, oceans, etc. However, the concept of money and a global economic system is a complete illusion created as a global mechanism to preserve and accumulate wealth and power and preserve empires. The Federal Reserve System and the international banking system print money from nothing and artificially create an arbitrary system to control nations and people through debt, monetary values, interest rates, and economic cycles like inflation and depression. The elite know this, but the average economist, journalist, financial planner, or ordinary person does not.

Even within the present level of Metadata collection it is possible to predict outcomes such as Russia’s response to the U.S. and NATO regarding the Ukraine. On July 4, 2014, 20 Russian warships and in excess of 25 airplanes and helicopters conducted a Black Fleet Sea exercise; at the same time NATO conducted war games in the Black Sea area. All of this is predictable by military analysts on both sides. The current conflict with Israel after the launch of Operation Protective Edge where 600 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel is a predictable outcome from recent UN decisions. When GATT and NAFTA were promoted, largely by Republicans, prominent think tanks already knew what the future would bring.

In the year 2000, 114.8 million Americans born in the U.S. had jobs here. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in 2014, 58 million Americans born in the U.S. do not have jobs. This means that 34% of working-age Americans are without work, compared to 2000 when the number of out-of-work Americans born here was 26%. In addition, there has been significant outsourcing of high paying jobs, and many high paying jobs formerly held by U.S. born Americans are being given to people born outside the U.S. from places like India, China, etc. The multi-national corporations which controlled the leaders in the Republican Party who launched NAFTA and GATT were well aware of the future outcomes. It was acceptable to them for U.S. born Americans to lose their jobs, resulting in the decline of the Middle Class, as long as it expanded the global profits of these same multi-national corporations. The goal from the beginning was to merge Canada, Mexico, and the United States into a regional global government and expand the new international financial order. Most of the major think tanks, the media, and political parties on the left and right are on board with this. While a pseudo-conservative media whips up its target demographic to blame one particular president or one particular party as the problem, the reality is both sides are totally in the game. Part of that game is for one party to pretend to be outraged and pretend they are doing something while in reality they are simply providing cover for the mutually agreed upon game plan. Whether it is healthcare, immigration, economic policy, or foreign policy, for the most part both sides are in agreement at the top.

Global and national planning are based on the collection of Metadata within a certain spectrum, just like algorithms are created based on a finite list of procedures for calculations, such as predicting future outcomes. In mathematical theory and in computer science, algorithms could be called automated reasoning, which is designed to produce an output in some form. However, the output is determined by the finite list of inputs, and this is where the problem is. The statistical possibility for error is far higher than the programmers realize. Not only is extremely relevant input data rejected due to ideological and scientific bias within the finite instructions, but the far larger amount of relevant data which is “Multi-Dimensional Broad Band Data” is not included in the inputs. Thus, consistent false outcomes and “False Future Prediction” threaten social, economic, geopolitical, and military planning.

Without playing God, it is possible to substantially improve the statististical accuracy and reliability of algorithms and future outcomes. Even if one rejects this claim, improving statistically reliability by even one or two percentage points could prevent any number of catastrophic disasters. By developing algorithms and other technologies of future prediction that are not based on an arbitrary number of finite inputs and basing them on a new methodology such as “Quantum Sifting,” it is possible to enhance the integrity of both existing finite inputs and use a manageable number of inputs from “Multi-Dimensional Broad Band Data.”

The individual, corporation, organization, or nation which uses “Quantum Sifting” will be able to predict a wide spectrum of future outcomes with an increased degree of statistical accuracy. “Quantum Sifting,” thus becomes a game changer.

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”Quantum Sifting” is a methodology for improving the statistical accuracy of predicting any future outcome based on developing new algorithms and technologies of prediction, by expanding the number of inputs by collecting metadata from currently available “Multi-Dimensional Broad Band Data,” a term which is part of “Quantum Sifting” methodology. This reduces “False Future Prediction.” “Quantum Sifting” is a methodology developed by this author based on research and experimentation within a multi-dimensional universe. The sciences, technologies and histories of “Quantum Sifting” are detailed in my book A Prophecy of the Future of America, and Quantum Sifting is my latest book.

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The individual, corporation, organization, or nation which uses “Quantum Sifting” will be able to predict a wide spectrum of future outcomes with an increased degree of statistical accuracy. “Quantum Sifting,” thus becomes a game changer.