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Manchurian Media Personality and the Reality of the Mind Control War










By Paul McGuire
June 30, 2014

Over the last several decades intelligence agencies have spent millions of dollar on trying to develop psychic abilities in people so that they can predict the future. The U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) sponsored a 4-year long “Good Judgment Project” to discover alternative approaches to political forecasting. Philip Tetlock at the University of Pennsylvania was hired by IARPA to search for people who have innate abilities as “forecasters” and he has published some of his results in the Journal of Psychological Science. The study maintains that a small percentage of people have a gift for predicting the course of world events.

Our global society is built upon a hierarchal system of knowledge and power, its true nature illustrated by the Illuminati pyramid on the back of the dollar. There currently exists a caste system composed of various classes of people who are programmed both genetically and through social engineering to maintain their consciousness at specified levels. The great writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke was fully aware of this secret priesthood and wrote about it in an essay “Hazards of Prophecy: Failure of Imagination,” in Profiles of the Future in 1962. He wrote about the “Three Laws of Prediction” of the future and in the Third Law Clarke stated: ”Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The depth of Clarke’s perception flies over the head of the majority of people in the scientific, educational, political, religious, and military communities because they have been carefully programmed to exist in a state of consciousness which cannot understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality. Despite their “high offices” in the world system, they simply belong to the managerial class of a hidden in plain sight caste system. Clarke apparently was repeating a statement from a story written by Leigh Brackett, “Witchcraft to the ignorant…simple science to the learned.” What the writer was saying was that true science is magic like witchcraft, but to the uninitiated it appears to be foolish superstition. The highly advanced civilizations that rose before the Flood of Noah received highly advanced science and technology from the fallen angels that descended upon Mount Hermon. Civilizations like Thule, Atlantis, Egypt, and Rome were built on science-magic, which is an area of knowledge that most in the elite managerial class cannot grasp. Arthur C. Clarke alluded to this in his books like 2001: A Space Odyssey, describing ultra-advanced technologies based on magic. The truly elite class above the scientific, educational, and political “managerial class” understand this dynamic. This is why Aldous Huxley and others belonged to the cult of Dionysus and others of the elite class involved themselves in other magical rituals.

Dr. John C. Lilly an American scientist who participated in MK ULTRA experiments and was most famous for his experiments with dolphins (his life was depicted in the movie The Day of the Dolphin and fictionalized in the movie Altered States of Consciousness) experimented with sensory deprivation chambers where he ingested the psychedelic drug Ketamine. Lilly had out of the body experiences where he communicated with entities who gave scientific knowledge to him. Lilly also developed a specific EMF frequency called the “Lilly Wave,” an electrical impulse that could stimulate the brain, for research into the neuroscience of electronic brain stimulation.

Lilly claimed to have detected his “Lilly Wave” coming from power lines and believed that while on a psychedelic drug he could see visually in his head the messages he said that were being generated from EMF waves coming from television and radio. While working at the National Institute of Health and NIMH his personal experimentation led him to publish “Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human BioComputer,” parts of which NASA used. Dr. Lilly’s most famous statement is quoted below. It appears he learned how to transcend his programming.

"In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind, there are no limits."

This search for psychic, supernatural and prophetic means to predict the future is not new. Numerous modern nations like Russia launched various psychic spying programs, along with Germany and Great Britain. Many of history’s greatest generals and leaders used supernatural means in an attempt to predict the future. Alexander the Great, one of the greatest generals in human history, who conquered the entire known world while still in his youth, participated in occult rituals and took psychedelic drugs in order to get supernatural information. Going back to ancient Babylon, where the Tower of Babel was a technological Stargate, the founder of Babylon, Nimrod, used occult practices and astrology to predict the future.

In fact, ancient Babylon was one of the most powerful empires in human history and its kings regularly consulted scientist-magicians, sorcerers, astrologers, prophets, soothsayers, mediums, wizards, and clairvoyants for military, political, and economic plans. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had a literal army of these magicians whom he consulted with before embarking on any important undertaking. King Nebuchadnezzar had a series of prophetic dreams where he saw a great image of a human figure with a head of gold, breast and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, feet partly of iron and clay, and a giant stone cut without human hands. The dream greatly troubled him and he ordered his magicians to interpret the dreams and night-visions. Under threat of death they could not interpret the dream, but they told the king to consult with a young Hebrew prophet, who had an amazing track record of interpreting dreams, whose name was Daniel. Daniel, unlike the magicians, told the King that the source of his supernatural ability and power was God and that God would give him the interpretation. Daniel explained to Nebuchadnezzar the meaning of the vision or dream in what proved to be a 100% accurate geopolitical vision of the future including the names of the four great Gentile world empires that would arise in human history. Daniel explained that the head of gold represented Babylon of which Nebuchadnezzar was king. The “breast and arms of silver” represented the Medo-Persian Empire, the “belly and thighs of bronze” represented the Empire of Greece, and the “legs of iron” represented the Roman Empire and the “feet partly of iron and partly of clay” represented the Revived Roman Empire. The “giant stone cut without human hands” represented the Kingdom of God and the coming of the Messiah who would conquer the earthly empires to set up the Kingdom of God. Daniel’s prophecy came true along with the other prophecies he gave, including the prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9 known as the “Seventy Weeks of Daniel,” which is a precise chronological prophecy which predicts the coming of Jesus Christ, the history of Israel, the Tribulation Period, the coming of the Antichrist and the coming of the Messiah Jesus Christ.

Joseph was given the supernatural ability to interpret prophetic dreams and visions regarding the future of Egypt, a land ruled under the Pharaoh-god-king system which came from ancient Babylon. The Pharaoh was considered a god and he employed many magicians, sorcerers, astrologers, soothsayers, and wizards with supernatural abilities. In the case of Babylon, Egypt, and many other kingdoms and governments it is a great mistake to think that these magicians were simply frauds. They had access to very real supernatural power which was measurable with very specific geopolitical, scientific, and historical data. For example, Joseph knew in advance the specific weather conditions and the specific time period of seven years that would destroy all the grain in Egypt. Joseph also knew the exact amount of time, seven years, it would take to produce and warehouse the precise amount of grain for Egypt to survive and prosper. Joseph gave the Pharaoh a very specific economic game plan that allowed Egypt to use its food assets to expand the empire.

It is important to note that all of the Biblical prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Jeremiah, etc., were held to a standard of 100% accuracy, or the Law of Moses called for them to be stoned to death. No such accuracy was ever achieved by the pagan magicians, astrologers, and prophets. In the New Testament, the Apostles gave prophecies which also proved to be true with 100% accuracy. Apostles like Paul gave predictions of the last days and the future and the Apostle John received a supernatural revelation from God about the future which he wrote as the Book of Revelation.

There are many prophets and people with the ability to predict the future such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and many others. However, none of them are 100% accurate. The Bible talks about prophetic gifts and the ability to predict the future, but none of the people who have prophetic gifts and ministries after the Apostles are even close to being 100% accurate. This does not negate prophetic gifting; it simply means that the ratio of accuracy is not at the same level as the Old Testament prophets and the Apostles.

In Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler and his followers were heavily involved in secret occult societies like Vril and Thule, and he and his generals took psychedelic drugs like peyote and mescaline to predict the future. Hitler and the German rocket, genetic, and mind control scientists were not “crack pot lunatics. The famous German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun conducted secret rocket experiments and mind control experiments while at the Nazi research facility on the island of Peenemunde.

Wernher von Braun was secretly building UFO-type flying machines which were designed from engineering blue prints received by the clairvoyant Vril-Ya maidens in 1926. The Nazis and other occultists believed the mysterious Vril force came from an advanced civilization that landed on planet Earth from another Galaxy in a starship around the time of Atlantis. The god-men who used this technology impregnated human women and genetically created a hybrid master race of blonde haired and blue eyed Nordic people on which the Nordic legends were based. A great apocalyptic disaster which many believed was the Flood of Noah destroyed Atlantis and the Island of Thule. This master race retreated to the far north (or to some extra-dimensional realm beyond north) and re-established an advanced civilization called Hyperborea where there was supposedly a massive underground sun, called the Black Sun, which emitted the Vril force. According to Peter Moon in his book The Black Sun, The Vril Society was born at the same time as the Thule Society and the occult group “Brothers of Light,” also known as the Luminous Lodge, which was renamed the Vril-Gesellschaft which united all three occult societies and which became the elite of Hitler’s henchman Heinrich Himmler, who founded the Nazi SS.

A medium named Maria Orisic began to receive messages supposedly from a being from the star Aldeberan, which has two planets which had two classes of people: the Aryan, or Master race, and an inferior slave race. The Aryan race, known as the Elohim, began to colonize our Solar System. They first colonized Mars and then came to Earth in Sumeria. The location of Sumeria where the Aryans came to Earth was near ancient Phoenicia were the fallen angels descended down to Mount Herman and impregnated human women and gave Mankind highly advanced technology.

The Nazis utilized occult or magical information to produce advanced rocket technology and build an economic empire. Hitler knew in advance when the Third Reich would fall and began making plans for Martin Bormann to secretly export the Nazi financial assets out of Germany, to prepare for the establishment of a Fourth Reich. After the Third Reich fell, Bormann controlled a global financial empire consisting of over 500 corporations.

The central focus of the Nazi occult belief system centered on Hyperborea and the Black Sun, which is the primary tenet of Thule, which according to the myth was the capital city of Hyperborea, which literally means “beyond the poles,” a city which is outside this dimension. According to Greek mythology, Pythagoras was taught sacred geometry of Apollo. According to Pythagorean geometry, the Earth unfolds from a void or another dimension at the Earth’s center. The teachings and beliefs of Vril, Thule, Hyperborea, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, and the Sumerians are all connected to the Mystery religions of ancient Babylon.

In the Book of Revelation ancient Pergamum was once known as the “place where Satan dwells.” Pergamum had a strategic location in Asia Minor, and was one of the world’s greatest cities, known for its advanced science and medical treatments.

Pergamum is also known as the place of “Satan’s Throne,” described by the prophet John on the island of Patmos. (Revelation 2:12-13) Many scholars interpret this as referring to the Great Altar of Pergamon where the acropolis of Pergamon was. Scholars believed that this was the Temple of Zeus and it was moved to Berlin, Germany and reassembled around 1930. The satanic altar was observed by Albert Speer, the architect for the Nazi party. Speer used the Pergamon Altar as the place for Hitler’s podium in order to create mass mystical experiences with 150 searchlights for the Nuremberg rallies. Hitler’s open reliance on satanic power makes one wonder if the fact that “Satan’s Throne” was transported there provided some kind of portal into another dimension. The Greek and Roman gods, along with the Temple of Zeus, all originated in ancient Babylon. History shows us that many nations and empires harnessed occult powers, and although the United States is not Nazi Germany it should not surprise us that great sums of money are spent on scientific/occult research into things like predicting the future.

After World War II and the occupation of Germany, Allied military commanders were stunned to discover the highly futuristic science developed by the Nazi scientists. The Nazis built up the world’s most sophisticated intelligence organization along with secret underground rocket and flying saucer facilities and Tesla-type technology that most people still believe is in the realm of science fiction.

Starting in the 1800s, there were a variety of secret /occult societies in Germany, such The Bavarian Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Rosicrucians, The Thule Society, and The Vril Society. After World War II America and Russia competed to get the Nazi rocket, mind control, and genetic scientists. Under Operation Paperclip the U.S. government brought in over 10,000 Nazi scientists to head up think tanks, laboratories, and secret government projects. Among these projects were classified programs in psychic spying, time travel, ESP, remote viewing, and predicting the future. In 1970, a scientific researcher name McMoneagle, stationed in Germany, wrote about CIA experiments in remote viewing. SRI (the Stanford Research Institute) assembled a team of scientists who were working on experiments to predict the future, telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, and time travel.

Dr. Hal Puthoff , who claimed to have been an OT (Operating Thetan) Level III with the Church of Scientology, headed up SRI and conducted experiments in zero-point-energy, which is connected to Scalar Technology and the Fourth Dimension, and various forms of psychic spying. Ingo Swann contacted Hal Puthoff about researching psychic abilities. Swann was involved in remote viewing and psychic spying. Swann was also a Scientologist at OT Level III and reportedly helped create Scientology’s “Celebrity Center” in Los Angeles. Swann stated that the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology enabled him to produce outstanding results in psychic spying. Both Swann and Putoff attended the First International Congress on Psychotronic Research in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Then they published their research in an article titled "Scientological Techniques: A Modern Paradigm for the Exploration of Consciousness and Psychic Integration" in Proceedings of the First International Congress on Psychotronic Research (Virginia: U.S. Joint Publications Research Service, 9/6/74, Document No. JPRS L/5022-1)

I am not suggesting that L. Ron Hubbard had Nazi roots, but L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology appear to have had certain principles of its theology borrowed from Aliester Crowley, who was a leader in O.T.O and the Golden Dawn, which influenced Hitler and the Nazi occult scientists. In a sense, Nazi occult technologies provide some of the basis into the scientific research of things like predicting the future and psychic spying. At the very least, the discoveries of Nicola Tesla regarding Scalar Technologies and the Fourth Dimension were used by the Nazi rocket scientists. Hubbard and his sometime friend Jack Parsons, the rocket scientist, were both disciples of Aleister Crowley.

In the final analysis, the question is which form of supernatural power is the most accurate in predicting the future? In reality, the percentage of accuracy is the only important question in predicting the future. Whether it is the military-industrial complex, government, or industry of any nation seeking to predict the future, the bottom line is, what works?

Historically and in contemporary history a significant percentage of the most accurate supernatural abilities to predict the future come from within the community of Judeo Christian beliefs and Christians who have prophetic gifts. This does not mean that everyone who is a Christian possesses accuracy or integrity in predicting the future.

There are large numbers of Christians who claim to be prophets or have prophetic gifts who not only are not accurate, but could be accurately described as “wackos” and “nut jobs.” Thus, the term “Christian” is basically meaningless in defining accuracy. However, within the community of people who maintain a supernatural relationship with Jesus Christ, there exists a significant percentage who have amazing accuracy in predicting the future.

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However a problem exists and that is one of non-scientific bias and prejudice against Christian prophecy. This bias is ultimately a rejection of pure science and the scientific method. The scientific method demands a rejection of personal bias in favor of accurate data, wherever it comes from. The military-industrial complex in King Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon and Pharaoh’s Egypt had tremendous bias against Hebrew prophets. Both the elite and the magicians, sorcerers, astrologers, and soothsayers of Egypt and Babylon despised the Hebrew prophets and even after they were successful conspired to kill them off. But in both cases when Babylon and Egypt were in a state of crisis they turned to prophets like Daniel and Joseph who predicted the future accurately. The elite rulers and heads of government like the King of Babylon and the Pharaoh of Egypt rejected their bias in search for prophetic accuracy regarding the future. Their courage was rewarded because they receive geopolitical data regarding the future and they were able to be pro-active.

Their exists in the United States and around the world today a tiny percentage of individuals who possess accurate prophetic gifts and have the ability to predict the future. The governmental leaders and elite in the military-industrial complexes in the world who have the courage to reject bias and discover who these people are will be rewarded by accurate intelligence about the future which can save nations and provide answers which can solve the unsolvable problems. Why? Because what they have works.

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© 2014 Paul McGuire - All Rights Reserved

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A medium named Maria Orisic began to receive messages supposedly from a being from the star Aldeberan, which has two planets which had two classes of people: the Aryan, or Master race, and an inferior slave race.